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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Bloody Monday - Chapter 96 [END]

I liked this last chapter. It wasn't one of those WTF types and had a conclusion on most of, if not all, the necessary things. I knew it, every single chapter had been impressive for me~

Yeah, it's the typical main-character-saving-the-world kind of thing. I'm not even sure if what he did is something realistic. But he got help from Third-i's IT department, so he didn't exactly do everything alone. I find it cool though, that for a skill that is commonly seen as something negative, which is hacking, had been used to save the city. The first season saves a city . . . I wonder if the next season would have a wider scale . . . or maybe go international. Hehe.
Anyway, for all that Anko did, I find it amazing that Fujimaru still didn't detest her. It seems that he still sees her as a friend . . . but a friend who lost her way. Seriously, this guy's love for his friends is very admirable.

Okay, so things are back to normal. It was a happy ending, except for Maya who didn't get her money.
I love the Kannou x Sasha moment the most. Her reason for protecting Kannou was just "saving a weaker guy". Hahahha! I like this woman~ And I believe they got together again. Yay!

The series didn't exactly leave a cliffhanger but . . . damn, they had cut this part. I badly wanna know what Otoya and his mom will talk about. IT HAS TO HAVE SOME CONNECTION WITH J!!! IT HAS TO!!!!
And she has to be really beautiful because Otoya and J are freakin' goodlooking~ Hehehehehehe~
I want the three of them to meet (Kaname Kujou and her boys) . . . badly. Season 2!!! Show it, please!!!!

Anyway, about J, he called up Jacob(?), Cain, and Abel because he was curious on what they're gonna do now that their occult leader has lied to them. They thought of following him instead, but J has no plans on becoming some new master.
J just wanted to be free. He doesn't want to be bonded to some religious fanaticism and all that crap.

The conversation was cut with Michael and Abel being LOLz~ Why is it so fun to abuse Michael?? Hahahaha!!! Which reminds me that J is talented in abusing . . . I believe that's his main reason for being fond of Michael the most. Haha! (Okay, the canon reason is because like him, Michael wasn't a religious fanatic).

The chapter ended with J's beautiful words: "Don't you think that what we should praise is this peaceful world?"
One of the toughest villains in this series is actually a good guy~ I can't imagine him and his group as villains anymore if ever they show up again in the next season (BUT THEY HAVE TO!!! THEY SHOULD THEY SHOULD BECAUSE THEY'RE AWESOME! HAHA!)
Anyway, hooray for peace! No matter how overused that ideal is in the anime, that's still the best. Love and Peace!

I highly look forward to the new season! Hooray!
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