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Monday, September 7, 2009

Bloody Monday - Chapter 65 to 79

I was so behind on Bloody Monday . . . guuuhhh . . . . I wasn't able to post last Monday. I actually would have been able to catch up on the next day but . . . .I think it's cooler to post about this during Mondays. Hehehe~ So this one is going to be like a double week + 1 day post (my usual style is to post about a week's chapter every monday) to make up for all that I've missed . . . gah . . .

Anyway, I'm already aware of the events in these chapters because of I've seen the raw. Most of this are from volume 9, and I've already posted my thoughts on it (without understanding much of what's going on). I think I did get the main events, but thanks to translations some things finally became clear~ . . . however some things are still pretty vague for me. It's either I was just too stupid to understand, or the explanations were saved for the last two volumes.

Back to the chapters: My thoughts are pretty much the same as with my spoilers impressions, so I don't feel like repeating them. I'll just mention a few things I have missed from before:

I love this series to bits and it's really bloody awesome; but, I have to admit that the main characters are a little . . . .perfect. Alright, I get it, Fujimaru's a genius hacker . . . something really spectacular for a high school kid. Since the main character is a prodigy, being such an expert on the things he's an expert on won't be a surprise.
But this kid had also been doing a good job on taking command to cops who had more experience and is also able to handle dangerous situations well. His hacking genius may be pretty unbelievable, but I find it possible. But for him to also be better than people with experience while his only background is hacking through tough military organizations . . .that's just . . . .too much. He's being too good. Why is the main character being too special . . . moreover, he's in highschool. It made Bloody Monday like a typical shounen with highschoolers better than the grown-ups.

But of course, though Bloody Monday had some flaws, the awesome stuff are just so bloody awesome that those petty things can be ignorable. Haha!

I don't find J fantastic just because he's my favorite. It's more of because, he really is fantastic! He's a very good observer and wise in decision making. And even if he's not really the technology dude, he can figure out Fujimaru's tricks. No wonder he was called the "Star of Wisdom" in the terrorist group.
Unlike Fujimaru, he's a genius with experience in dangerous situations, so it's more acceptable to see him do those things like a professional. He's the real leader type, unlike Fujimaru who only had a leader role when all this stuff happened.
And yes, for me, J >>>>>> Fujimaru. Ehehehe . .. though both of them are actually equally awesome and talented . . .

Anyway, we learn more about the terrorists in these chapters, especially on Michael, Jacob, Cain, Abel, and J. Oh the religious devotees . . . I find them pathetic and creepy. Being obsessed with their leader . . . even relieved that some people died during the attempt when their leader was rescued. As for the leader, he doesn't seem to be a bad person. He is so Jesus Christ like . . . even in his words . . . at least on most of them. Their occult is totally based on the Christian religion. Heck the names of some of the members have Biblical references. (I'm not sure if the name "Maya" was on the bible . . .)
Cain and Abel are indeed sisters that are obsessed with each other. Not sure if they're into incest. As for Jacob, I don't know why but he made me think of Sado from Bleach . . . though they're totally different. Might be because of the appearance . . . as for Michael, he's one of those members of the terrorist groups that don't really religiously believe in the leader (Thank goodness there's a variety among the members of that occult. I like it that not all of them are really realigious zealots). And that's why J has become fond of him, since he's like that as well. The same goes with Maya and K. Whoa, K is really something. But with those eyes, I'm pretty sure he's pretty young. Oh damn . . .I wanna see the face.

As for my beloved J and . . . also dear Otoya~

And whoa . . . Otoya really shot him. Otoya even sort of wished that J didn't really exist. Cain and Abel relationship indeed.
But I still don't get its connection with Otoya's kidnapping . . . and their mother's seclusion . . . and why Otoya was taken away from his mother . . . and how exactly they got separated.
Guuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhh . . . . . .

And it looks like it's not only obvious to the fans, but even to a character in the series as well that:

Aoi is really in love with Fujimaru's dad! What the . . . Well, I like it that it's not Fujimaru x Aoi since it's like the usual childhood friend thing. They seem to be close enough to be a little perverted around her. But a classmate to become a stepmother . . .seriously . . . . weird. . . . just . . .weird. I know age doesn't matter, and the mother's dead anyway. But it's still . . . weird . . .and awkward.

Anyway, I already knew that there's a new traitor/spy in the good guys side, but it's totally unexpected that it's actually Anko! I didn't recognize her because her hair seemed to have become shorter. Oh gawd . . . so she's a slut. I'm . . .disgusted. Just . . .eew.

Whoa . . . only around 2 volumes to go! Yaaay! Can't wait~


Elky said...

I hate Anko! Especially when she tried to
seduce(?) Fujimaru! Dx
Though I was pretty surprised that she was the traitor though. :/

And during the seducing(?) scene I luled at when Fujimaru said he was going to sleep with Otoya~ My inner yaoi fangirlness was unleashed~~

Okay fine, he said he was going to sleep in Otoya's room but that is totally the same thing y/y? 8'D

Sapphire Pyro said...

Anko's disgusting. . . especially when she tried to seduce Fujimaru. Slut! Whore! Die bitch!

The traitor thing surprised me too. O_O

Your yaoi fangurliness xD I knew yaoi fans would think that when I've read that line xD Hahahaha!

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