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Thursday, September 17, 2009

07-Ghost - Episode 24

Second to the last episode . . . full of cliches, but it was awesome. No, I'm not being biased. It was really awesome. Not to mention pretty. Damnit, pretty boys are very distracting. And adding crack in the middle of seriousness is entertaining.

[ Aya-tan Subordinate VS Lance ]

I am so amused when . . . I forgot his name . . . admitted that he highly prefers desk over over the fights! Haha!
I have to agree with Lance that it was pretty stupid to request to pass through after saying those intentions. Everyone at the church loves Teito~
Lance had been pretty cool here. Nice to see another bishop doing some fights aside from the main three. In fact, he had been the coolest among the bishops compare to the other battles...

[ Hyuuga + Konatsu VS Castor + Labrador ]

I don't like the Castor + Labrador fight combo in this battle. Labrador's kinda . . . slow. They seem better when they work alone.
But the Hyuuga + Konatsu combo . . . BWAHAHAHAHAHHA!!! Awesome + hilarious!!!! They're the best for me in the enemies side among the battles in this episode (Aya-tan's supposedly the most awesome, but all he did was dodging). I was so amused when Hyuuga was so happy that their combo had worked, much more on the part when he says he likes Konatsu when he's doing desk work or when he's fired up! Hahahaha!!! Oh Konatsu's so cute when being teased~ Oh thanks to these two for the crack in this serious and emotional episode~

[ Kuroyuri VS Frau ]

Aya-tan's harem really loves him . . . . even though Haruse's obviously Kuroyuri's most special one, he was still obedient enough to follow Aya-tan's orders. Aya-tan . . . what the heck did you do to these people to make them so devoted to you? Haha!
Anyway, Kuroyuri prefers to kill Labrador asap but he was assigned to fight Frau. Okay, so his power is hatred . . . and his sadness over Haruse's death is beign converted to hatred . . .making him more powerful. What else can oppose hatred other than LOVE? I'm pretty amused on how the power of love is presented in this battle . . . they weren't in figurative terms. Haha!
Poor Hakuren not having any chance to shine. Ehehehhe . . .

[ Ayanami VS Teito ]

Should I be surprised that we have this kind of match even though Aya-tan is gazillion times stronger than Teito (It would've been an equal match if it was Mikhail!!! Darling, why you not around???!!! Guuuh. . . ) . Ah well, they had to follow the main character vs main villain rule.
And of course even if Aya-tan can kill him in just a snap, they had to waste screentime for some revelations (aka chit chat) and Aya-tan just playing around (he was just dodging Teito's attacks).
Moreover, Teito won't be killed by Aya-tan because even though he's Mikhail's vessel, he also has memories of the Pandora's Box. And Aya-tan needs that. Well, that's a better excuse for not killing the hero instead of some stupid miracle.
And yeah, like other anime battles, they did a lot of talking. But at least it wasn't JUST their battle the whole episode, and it wasn't question and answer all the time. I don't get battles where heroes and villains answer each other's every freakin' question.
Though I complain that Teito has temporarily lost emotional control . . . again. It's like he didn't learn anything from the last episode. But at least it wasn't as bad/emo as before. . . . . though he still needed something to remind him of what he should do.

[ Others ]

- I love Burupya but I'm not sure if I'll be that happy if it always needs to be rescued. . . Ah well, in a way this is better. Because if he was in Mikage form, Aya-tan will just use him as hostage to make his work faster. But wait, it's just like before? Guuuhh . . . it will suck if things repeat over again . . .
- I am very annoyed with extremely religious people; but I really admire religious people who pray even for their enemies. The nuns have been like that in this episode.
- So it was revealed in this episode that Kruez was one of the Seven Ghosts and he had sealed Teito's memories. He had sealed it so well that even Aya-tan can't access it. It's really sad that the seven ghosts won't ever be complete . . . unless Kruez will get a replacement or something.
- The part of Teito's hand reacting upon seeing Aya-tan . . . unfortunately, since the Eye isn't there, my beloved won't show up. WAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

[ Next Episode ]

But I see the Eye of Mikhail next episode!!!!! MAKE HIM SHOW UP I BEG!!!!

By the way, I reviewed the manga a bit and . . . this episode and the last one seem to be anime originals. (or maybe I just missed those chapters.)

I forgot to complain in the previous episode that Mikhail, though h showed up, didn't have any lines. Unlike in the manga. Oh manga why so awesome~

Anyway, if this is indeed anime original, it was an awesome episode. It didn't make my head ache unlike the earlier anime fillers! Roar . . . and I will absolutely not complain, out of pure bias, if Mikhail will show up in the next episode~ Ohohohohoho~

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shiroamashi said...

I really love this episode also, but to much cliche stuff. And I agree with so much of your statements! And completely, the Eye of Mikhail must appear! He's to awesome to ignore!!

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