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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Axis Powers Hetalia - Episode 32

Hell yeah! Ludwig (Germany) meets Grandpa Rome! It was such a hilarious episode~ And like the previous one, there weren't any random strips. It just focused on this event. Yay!

Ludwig couldn't sleep that night . . .
Ludwig + hair down = HOTT

Anime showed the reason. LOLz~

Then later he sees a strange man staring at him. . .

Rome: Eh? So this is Feliciano's (Italy's) ally? For some reason I'm a bit annoyed.

Ludwig: Who the hell are you?!

Rome: What did you say? You must be really ignorant if you don't know who I am.

Rome: As you can see from my sculpture-like body
OMG . . . reminded me so much of FMA's Armstrong~ Sparkling muscles LOLz~

Rome: and my steel-like strength.
The poses are LOLz and SMEXY at the same time, why???!!! Hahahaha!

Rome: I'm none other than the Great Roman Empire, supreme ruler of the Mediterranean!

Ludwig: Get out,

Ludwig: You suspicious bastard.

Ludwig: What are you planning?! On top of that, impersonating the Roman Empire, a man I have a deep respect for, is unforgivable!

Rome: I'm serious though . . .

Ludwig: Shut your trap
One of hair-down Ludwig's nice shots~

Ludwig: From now on, speak only when you're answering questions. Who the hell are you?

Rome: Whoa! Food!
Yay to pink flowers around a macho man. LOLz~

Rome: I'm the Great Roman Empire.
Ludwig: Because of what you just said, I've decided to put a bullet through your head.

Rome: Don't get so worked up.
Grandpa Rome no longer threatened by a gun! He's really awesome~ Oh Ludwig's so cute~

Rome: Come on, you heard my beautiful voice, remember?
Your song was epic, grandpa Rome~ Cute that they made the anime original consistent to this part~

Ludwig; What?

Ludwig: That was you?
He said "Ano toki wa" . . . it's more like "That time...?" but . . .ah well, same context.

Rome: *flashing grin*
Ludwig: Well, why are you here?

Rome: Oh yeah, I forgot.

Rome: I came to see my precious grandson~
Ludwig: Hang on! Why is he on my bed?


Rome: Gosh, you're so damn cute~ You're such a good boy~
Ludwig: It's a dream! It's a dream! This is all a dream.
He detailed what was going on in the manga though. It made me laugh harder. Haha! "Roman Empire pressing his cheeks on Italy" Bwahahhahaa!!!

Rome: But you're really a lonely guy, aren't you? You can't even get a girl on your bed?
Ludwig: Shut up!
I wonder if this is still PG-13 . . .haha! But come to think of it, I've seen movies with sex scenes . . .and they're PG-13 x_x

Rome: When I was your age, I was surrounded with beautiful women in bed.
Grandpa Rome = Hetalia's sex god. Bwahahahaha!

Rome: You've got some experience too, don't you?
Oh that smile~ Cute~

Ludwig: No, you perverted geezer!
Rome: Oh, so you're into boys and older women? That was popular in Naples once too.
History's so perverted. Haha!

Rome: I wish I had done something like that once too . . .
Ludwig: I'm not interested in anything like that.

Rome: But you do it when you're bored too, right? Paradise Harem.
Ludwig: I do not!
I wish more men are like Ludwig. They're the innocently pure and adorable types~

Rome: What!?

Rome: So you don't even have XX on the road? You've at least kissed a girl before, right?Maybe a little bit of XX at the beach?
Ludwig: I haven't done any of the above!
The road thing . . .reminded me of the joke on Arthur (England) in a Hetalia RPG community . . .haha! And the beach thing . . . why did I think of Francis (France) . . . .


Ludwig: YA SRSLY!

Rome: So you're a saint. . .
I laughed so hard on this . . . bwahahahahahaha!

Rome: Alright! I'll give you some special tutoring~
Ludwig: You are so damn annoying
I find the scanlation translation funnier though: "Being annoying has its limits" Hahaha!

Rome: You at least know where I was, right? Rome, Italy. This is my center. I used to be small back then too.
Him saying he used to be little made me imagine him looking like Chibitalia . . . shet . . . cute . . .

Rome: And so, I beat up Carthage, drank, and . . . Ah, whatever. Everyday I'd eat, fight, have sex, and sleep.
Oh Romans . . .

Oh that perverted grin. Hahahahaha!

753 BC, Romulus and Remus, who were raised by a wolf, founded the country...
I know this part of Italian history because there was a wolf and twins . . . . *shot*

Ludwig: 509 BC, you banished the King of Etruria, and became a Republic. And even after that, you won land with epoch-making law and military strength. And in 272 BC, Italy was unified. Then, you expanded your sphere of influence across the Mediterannean, and defeated Carthage.
Germany knows more of Rome's history than Rome himself. I find that funny. Haha. I love this history lesson by the way~

Rome: You're a fan of mine? A fan?
Ludwig: Well . . .it's true that I respect you, but . . .
Celebrities love fans~

Rome: Oh I see that's great! Respect me all you want! I'm deeply moved~

Hahaha. Feliciano's the type that's difficult to wake up~

Rome: Well, I'm off.

Ludwig: hang on!
Rome: Huh?

Ludwig: If . . . if you really are the Roman Empire . . . there's something I want to ask you.

Rome: Huh?

Ludwig: Why . . . did you disappear? You had so much power, and yet. . . Why did you disappear? And where did you go? Where are you now?
That was such a sad and serious question and I will totally cry if something like that is asked to Gilbo (Prussia)

*insert nice melody here*

Rome: Those are such difficult questions . . .

Rome: I was an idiot. I didn't realize it. I thought that power and wealth were something that would stay forever.

Rome: And when I realized, I was aged, and in my past glory . . . and . . .

Rome: Ummm . . .let's see . . .

Rome: That's right. Ummm . .. okay. Yeah, okay. Yup, that was it.
It was really difficult to say . . .
Rome: Umm, do you know?
Of course not, that's why asked. Wahahaha! But you had actually somewhat answered some of his questions~

*shakes head*

~ After the Ludwig Endign Theme (I think it's gonna be the Axis Powers only?) ~

Feliciano: Good morning Ludwig! I had a dream with Grandpa Rome last n-

Feliciano: Ve~

Ludwig's still sleeping. Daaaaw~

Feliciano: I did it! I woke up earlier than Ludwig for the first time!
Kiku: Are you serious!? We must celebrate this occassion with a dish of red bean rice.
LOLz~ It's something so rare that's worth celebrating eh? Bwahahha!

Feliciano: Amazing! I'm amazing! I woke up earlier than Ludwig!

Rome: You've grown up, huh? It took a lot to convince God, but I'm glad I was able talk to Him in letting me see you.

I'll add the dialogues based on the subs tonight . . . they were out early~ Yay!

PictureBang has been annoying . . .I uploaded everything again. Guuuh . . .

I no longer upload the versions of the original sizes . . . unless requested. They're just . . . so many to upload x_x 60+ in just 5 minutes!!! Hahahaha!

Anyway, about the episode, I don't know if I love this more than the manga version, because I love the additional parts!!! Some parts weren't included though (I want Germania!!!) . . . . and I wish Grandpa Rome's voice was deeper . . . but this voice suits him too. . . . haha!
Well, overall, the latest episode is fun and epic as usual~ If it continues to animate the rest of the second volume of the manga, then my guess is that we'll be seeing the Greece and Japan strips or the one with Ivan (Russia) and his sisters in the next episode (their seiyuus have already been announced after all~) Oh I can't wait~


kirapika said...

Ludwig totally looks SOOOO much better with his hair down, honestly. XD

D`awwww, I just can't help but laugh and giggle at Grandpa Rome X3

Anonymous said...

The sub made me facepalm at Rome, but in a funny way XDD

Anonymous said...

*is dead from the goodness* Best episode EVAR! Grandpa Rome is the best. I love him. Yes. Just.. Yes.

Anonymous said...


so sad that they didn't show Germania! I want to see him SO badly! *rare Germania fan*

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ kirapika
I love Ludwig in both hair styles *_*

@ Anonymous 1 & 2
Yay for Grandpa Rome! xD

@ Anonymous 3
I don't think Germania fans are rare xD But *sigh* I hope he shows up in the anime some day *_*

Anonymous said...

I loved this episode. I was really waiting for an episode like this.

Like a lot of people, I really want Germania in the anime. D:

I wish Rome at least mentioned him, but he seemed to forget about him. xD

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