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Monday, September 7, 2009

Axis Powers Hetalia - Episode 33

Hooray! It's finally out! And oh it was so silly, I love it~
It's based around the last few strips of the second volume of the published manga. The main story of this episode is both in manga and webmanga form, and it seems to have combined both.
The episode features two nation-tans of the two sides: Feliciano (Italy) & Ludwig (Germany) from the Axis Powers, and Alfred (America) & Arthur (England). In the extras, Antonio (Spain) had also showed up~


Feliciano: Dear Kiku, Right now, Ludwig is in the African Battle Front. My brother went home early. Then Arthur saw and shot me. I was almost hit, and I wanted to cry.

The copy of the scanlation I got had no translation on what chibi Romano was saying *sad* but oh he's so cute~ And it's pretty deep for a chibi look. Haha!

Feliciano: Ah, I wonder what Kiku is doing right now...We got away again today...Arthur doesn't ever hold back, eh?

Ludwig: You shouldn't be doing that. Anyway, here's today's report so listen up.
Ludwig: You and I have about 25,000 troops together, against about 48,000 troops on Alfred and Arthur's side.

Feliciano: Ack! So many!

Oh Feliciano, so cute~

Feliciano: In any case, thanks for helping me again this time~
Ludwig: I won't always have the time to tie my shoelace... Son't expect me to call the rescue team to you.

Feliciano: I'll work hard in my brother's place!!!
Ludwig: That's good, but don't overdo it.

Damn you, Feliciano, I think I'll have diabetes . . .

Damn you as well, Ludwig. I'll be often brought to the hospital from so much hottness. LOLz


he smiled . . .*faints*

Feliciano: Ludwig! Look!
Ludwig: Hmm?

Feliciano: A shooting star!

Feliciano: Please make Arthur go home with a headache! Please make Arthur go home with a headache!

Ludwig: What do you think you're doing?
Feliciano: You didn't know? You can make a wish on the star...
Ludwig: Childish games again...Like he'd go home from that anyway!

Ludwig: You go rest up for tomorrow!
Feliciano: What about you?

Ludwig: I have to stay and keep watch! *pushing*

Feliciano: Well, wake me up when it's time to switch~
Ludwig: Yeah, good night.

But we just learned from the previous episode that Feliciano's difficult to wake up, right? Haha! Poor Ludwig doing everything~

He sees the shooting star~
Ludwig: Shooting star, huh.

Ludwig: Please make Feliciano stop being such a crybaby. Please break Feliciano's habit of eating pasta anywhere. Oh, and please make it so he doesn't give himself a stomachache eating gelato. And, please make it so that Feliciano can make some actual hand grenades. And please make Feliciano's brother stop trying to hit me all the time...

Falling Star: Ludwig-san . . .those are impossible to grant...
It was IMPOSSIBLE . . . .wahahahahahah . . .so Feliciano's hopeless . . . haha!

Arthur: Tomorrow, we'll launch a joint attack on those two. According to the numbers we sho-
I obviously love seeing those flags together~ Ohohoho~ These two even had more tents than Feliciano and Ludwig. Whoaaa . . .

Arthur was hit on the head. . . LOLz~

Alfred: ARTHUR! What the?! THAT'S SO COOL!!!!

And of all things he'll compliment Arthur on . . . Wahahahaha!

African Messenger: Arthur had to go home because of a headache.
Feliciano & Ludwig: *shocked*

[ CAFE - PART ONE (Germany) ]

Ludwig: YOU'RE LATE!!! What's the meaning of this!? Your consciousness as a soldier isn't enough!!
Guy 1: I...I'm sorry.

Ludwig: Menu is 3 pieces of canned lamb meat on biscuits, soup, (more food) . . .and that is it!! Please try to remember it well!!
Guy 1: O-okay!!

Ludwig: 15 minutes snack time. If you don't finish your food by then, you'll do 10 more squats.
Guy 1: *chokes* . . .gotcha.

Ludwig: Whichever unit you get into, take care. If it's you, you can do it.
Guy 1:'s as if we'll never meet again.
Ludwig can be very strict yet caring to his soldiers~

[ CAFE - PART TWO (Spain) ]

Antonio: Whoa! A customer!

Antonio: Y-you're really a customer!!! It's been a while~!! It's not an illusion, right? Phew~ A real live customer! I'm mighty glad~ Take your time!!
Antonio, so you're hallucinating of having customers? LOLz

Antonio: You sad person! I haven't encountered friends for a long time like you, you know!! Or is "friends" saying too much? But, I'm telling you the truth!! I was so saaaad!!

Antonio: Oh right!! I made this t-shirt, isn't it awesome? I made this with confidence!! Do you know 'bout this? It's the King of Spain's!!
Antonio . . .that shirt's epic. (It says [ Shut Up ] . . . not sure of the text at the bottom)

Antonio: Uwaa~!! It looks real good on ya! I want to show it to the president of Venezuela!! If you were a girl right now, I wouldn't mind dating you, y'know!!!
Antonio: Oh right. I'll bring some coffee. Wait a sec~

Antonio: Aah~ W've had lots of customers so we only have instant coffee left.
Guy 2: Whatever, that's fine...

Because Ludwig and Antonio are cute~

I based the dialogues form the scanlations. The anime made some changes though, so I'm not very sure of those parts. I try to edit some lines that seem to fit the changes in the anime. But moreover that's it. Hehe~

Oh it was so much fun~ I love the anime version~ Too bad Berwald's (Sweden's) part wasn't included though . . .


Charcoal Feather said...

those characters you are unsure of on the shirt, it says "kingdom." So it is the "kingdom of shut up." ^^

Nice review, as always@ can't wait to see the episode~

Anonymous said...

At first, I though guy # 2 was Denmark. And Sweden's left out? D: Give Scandies some love! But I love the screenshots. Alfred's face XD

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with the anon above me. Thought the second guy looked like Denmark. Bummed at the lack of Su-san where he was supposed to be. :(
LOVED Alfred's reaction to Iggy taking a shooting star to the head XD
Also, I find it interesting how Antonio's eyes changed style in those last two screenies you've got of him.

Anonymous said...

@Charcoal: It means 'kingdom'? Wait... the second character means 'king' and the first one means 'country' in Chinese, so maybe you're right.

Anonymous said...

I think that shirt and the "I want to show it to the President of Venezuela" comment are references to the "Por que no te callas" [or, "Why don't you just shut up?"] incident between the king of Spain and Hugo Chavez in 2007.

I interpreted the bottom two characters as just "king [of the country/kingdom]".

gwendal738 said...

What strip was the cafe parts from?

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ Charcoal
Kingdom of shut up . . .bwahahahah xD
And thanks! Can't wait for it as well~

@ Anon 1
I also thought he was Denmark when I first saw this scene from the manga xD hehe
Sad that Sweden's not here =(

@ Anon 2
Ah! I didn't notice the change in Antonio's eyes until you pointed it out O_O You're right!

@ Anon 4
I knew there was a reference to it but not very familiar with that part of history. Thanks for the info xD

@ gwendal738
Volume 2, published manga

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