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Monday, September 21, 2009

Bloody Monday - Chapters 80 to 93

Gaaah . . . I was also behind on this. *series she hasn't caught up on is still more than her fingers and toes* But I've finally caught up on one of my top favorite manga~
And of course, it's damn awesome as usual~ I already seen these events raw but understanding what they say still shock me! Oh I'm loving the twists~


What could be a bigger twist about a virus outbreak other than the said virus isn't a virus at all, but a nuclear bomb?! That was so awesome~ Another cool thing is that the "monday" isn't referring to the monday in our calendar. We're talking about occults after all . . . they follow a different one. (Though I'm not sure which calendar they had referred to. Is it the Lunar one? Or there's another Christian one. Hmmm . . . I should research about the different calendar someday. They seem interesting~)
Many things got clear now. Stuff that I have taken from granted in the earlier chapters actually have connections with the overall plot. The story's getting better and better~
And I really love it that it keeps on surprising me . . . they just can't relax at once once a problem is resolved. It maybe kinda . . . too fast paced . . . but at least this series is focusing on the story . . . and it's about terrorism, they can't just waste time and such serious things don't end easily . . . . oh I love it that it isn't other series that takes a break after an arc by putting in some fillers to waste chapters and prolong the serialization . . . yeah, I believe manga also has fillers, not only anime.

As for the other interesting bits in the chapters I've caught up with . . . I'll start fangurling on my favorite:


Archer boy FTW!!!!
He's getting more involved in missions. He's pretty useful in the front lines, or in battle scenes.
He's useful in the thinking parts too. Even though he's no hacking wizard like Fujimaru, he can understand Fujimaru's "language" and is already familiar with a lot of technical terms. He's also pretty good in analyzing situations.
What's more, he can do research on occult stuff. I would really rather research on that instead of technical stuff. Hehehe. It's making me wonder why I took up a pretty technical course even though too much tech stuff wrecks my brain . . .
Anyway, I find it really cool that Otoya can understand Russian~ Fujimaru has an RL translator~ Hehehe!

[ J and MICHAEL ]

Now to my second favorite (who is a very close second): J!!!!
He's alive because he had a bullet proof vest~ But he still could've drowned if Michael didn't rescue him~ Thank goodness Fujimaru agreed to the deal. Thanks to him, J won't be rescued either.
Haha, J seems to be so sick of that occult group already that he wants to get away. Michael and him are travelling together . . . oh they're such buddies~
J talked to Fujimaru . . . but damn he hang up when Otoya tried to talk to him. WHY NOT TALK TO YOUR ONII-SAN???!!! WHY!!!! WAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!
But damn it . . . .Otoya really shot him though. I think I should be angrier at Otoya for actually killing his brother, even if fortunately J survived.
But . . . but . . . . he seems to be trying to make up for it. He tried to communicate. But J is only buddies with Fujimaru . . . .WAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ugh damnit . . . . season 2 . . . please make these two brothers face each other personally again . . . . oh please. Better if they'll work together. OMG J and Fujimaru working together . . . that's wow . . .


And oh, we're introduced to a new character who is a cracker. He seemed impressive to be able to surprise Fujimaru like that. However, he didn't last long.
Ah well, Fujimaru will always be the best in the hacking world in this series I guess. It will be interesting if the next season will introduce to us another hacker that can really outsmart Fujimaru. (Come on, that's possible! J had outsmarted him even without hacking abilities! There are many kinds of geniuses~)
Back to Hornet . . . the guy didn't seem likeable at first impression . . . but he wasn't despicable either. I like it that he's not a 100% obedient dog to K.

[ HORNET and K ]

They're totally using each other, and also pretend to be nice but actually see each other as suckers.
I'm pretty surprised that K had kinda proposed to him though. I didn't expect that Simon's children to be actually his biological children. So it's with the genes huh . . . . then that makes J a real son of Simon? SO perhaps J and Otoya only have the same mother. It might be the same case with Munakata; she only donated an ovum. Oh . . .so the stars are test tube babies . ..


So . . . she actually just didn't want to speak because her daughter was held hostage. But it's a big twist that her daughter is actually the leader of the terrorist cult that aims to bom Tokyo. Whoaaa . . .must be really tough on her.
But at least the friend of Fujimaru's parents isn't exactly a traitor. She's helping them out now~

[ K ]

It was already a surprise for me that Anko was a traitor . . . but a really bigger surprise that she turns out to be K herself. I didn't expect K to be female . . . and chubby.
Oh she's such a slut. I hate her more now that before, when she only seemed like an extra character.
But at least the school connection makes sense. It's not because of the leading character, but because of the enemy. Such a twist that the enemy had been really really close all along.
Having a young teenage girl be involved in something this big is pretty unbelievable . . . but heck, a teenager like Fujimaru being that much of a genius is that surprising as well . . . . but hhhmm, at least it's not typical shounen wherein the leading character should be young while the main villain should be someone much older . . . .and not to mention the villain here is female, and she's not exactly hott . . . but not totally ugly either.


Oh yeah, more surprises in the recent chapters is that we're introduced to a new one: A Russian agent named Sasha. I didn't expect her to be Kanou's former girlfriend. Didn't expect him to have a girlfriend at all. I thought he was all for the Third-i spy. But I hope he gets hooked with this Russian babe again . . . she's hotter! And they have an interesting relationship~ Hehe~
And oh god . . . this talk on Russia not liking Japan being too friendly to America . . . and the cold war references . . . reminded me of Hetalia. Damnit, I think of Hetalia whenever I see country relations in other series. . . . hahahahaha!

[ LOLz ]

Ah well, despite the seriousness of this manga, there are still crack moments~ My favorite is the part when Kannou's beating up Fujimaru for doing things on his own. And even if Otoya's a bishie, he's no excemption. LOLz~

Ah, yeah. I keep mentioning about my expectations of the second season because only a few chapters left and this season will be over. I can't wait to understand what's going on in the last few chapters~
Oh I can't wait for the last few chapters~ Yay Bloody Monday!!!
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