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Monday, September 21, 2009

Pandora Hearts - Episode 21, 22, 23 & 24

Uwaaaa . . .I was so behind on this. But I've finally caught up. One episode left!
I still can't believe it though . . . the manga has more to tell.
But anyway, this series is still doing so well~ I have to admit that there are some animation parts that didn't impress me much, but overall, especially the story, had been really good~ Oh things keep on getting interesting . . . .and dark . . . and fun! Overall awesome~ Wheee~


I find his style with illusions pretty amusing . . .especially on the illusion he created of himself. The fatso seemed like his complete opposite. Perhaps it presents what Rufus can't express openly (like going insane when realizing he doesn't know something. Haha!)
Why are guys with fans in animanga usually so dangerous? Haha!
It was mentioned that he's knowledgeable of a lot of things because he has lived longer compare to other dukes, right? But he looks young . . . unless he's like Break and the Sharon who don't age at all.


We finally get to know more about Break's background! His story was really tragic . . .
He used to be a knight and his real name's Kevin. I think he's somewhat like Gil who has been very loyal to his master. And like Oz, he had also been an illegal summoner, but the revolution on his chest was completed. He had also met the Will of the Abyss (like Oz too). That place had been really a nightmare... and his eye being taken . . . so morbid. I suddenly remembered when TRC's Fai's eye was taken. Come to think of it, Break and Fai are pretty similar. Oh why are the retarded bishies tortured this way....
Anyway, Break got what he wished for. Sadly, it seems that it's really dangerous to change the past. Things got worse. If he didn't wish for it, at least the sole survivor or his master's family could've made it. It now turned out that all the sins and hard work Break has committed had been for nothing. No wonder he had been such a lonely and antisocial type when he was first found by the Reinsworth women.
But fortunately, we have the current Break now. He had changed~ Thanks to Sharon's mom~
Though I don't think it has been explained how Break got a chain as powerful as the Mad Hatter. And oh I hope he won't be dying anytime soon with all that blood vomiting . . .


Vincent is a psycho kid that does twisted stuff and says very mean things to others but has this undying love for his older brother. He wants to make everyhing strange so that he could finally be considered by normal.
Vincent is seriously creepy since childhood. He's still freaky until now.
I love him~
Anyway, we learn from recent events that Vincent, Alice, and Gil do know each other from a hundred years ago . . . as in they don't just live in the same era but are actually acquaintances. Alice had been such a crybaby infront of Vincent though. While Vincent, oh he doesn't stop. He dares to insult even the Alice of the Abyss.
And him . . . . I think it's also Vincent who killed Alice? With the scissors in the crime scene, I can't think of any other suspect other than Vincent.
I think it's still a mystery on how exactly they ended up there, also how they got out. Unfortunately, Vincent is not talking. Not even to his precious brother. It looks like he's really ashamed or something of what he did back there.


I'm not that fond of twin girls but DAMN THE TWO ALICES ARE SO HOTT!!!!
I wonder if they're really twins . . .as in biological ones. They seem more like Alices in two worlds. But well, them being sisters is also possible. Ah, whatever their relationship exactly is, it's mysteriously awesome~
From 100 years ago, it looked like they can switch places. But whatever happened during the Tragedy, it brough Alice to the Abyss and she became a Chain. They are the same, and had been really lonely individuals, until Alice met Oz.
I don't know if the name "Alyss" for the white Alice is canon, but it's a nice shortcut in differentiating the two. Hehe.

[ JACK and ALICE ]

Since Alice had some connection to the Will of the Abyss, we don't know how Glen found her but he sure locked her up in a high tower. We don't know how Jack learned about Alice either, but when he did, he started visiting and playing with her. I guess at first Jack just felt sorry for the girl, but later they have become really attached . . . even though he has been noticing that there's somethign strange about her.
When Jack said that he won't be able to play with her anymore . . . it might've been during the time he's starting to have issues with Glen.
Glen . . . he's such a mysterious bad guy but I can't see him as 100% evil because he had actually become friends with the likes of Jack, and even enjoys the crack dude's company. I wonder if the anime will ever reveal much about Glen (I will accept if they won't if there'll be a season 2~ Ohohohoho!)

[ OZ x ALICE ]

Oz: I was terrified back there. When I thought that Chain was going to kill me, I thought "I don't want to die here, not even knowing who I am, and never be able to see Alice again.
What he fears when he dies . . . has something to do with self discovery . . .and what else? what else??? Hmmm??? =3 NOT BEING ABLE TO SEE ALICE AGAIN!!! We know Gil and Ada are also precious to him, but Alice is obviously more special than those two that just not seeing her again pains him that much!!! SQUEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!
He finds her pretty (he complimented her about the dress~). He finds her cute (he was flowery when Alice says she wants to eat). He spoils her (too many to mention). He teases her (too many to mention as wel). He will accept her for whoever she is. It even made Alice blush.
Oz says that they're comrades/friends. But when Alice asked what their relationship exactly is, he didn't give her a direct answer. If he just sees her as a friend, he could've said so, right?
Fine, maybe I'm just going shipper bias. But . . . . but . . . . they're soooooo cute~ I don't care if the anime will deviate from the manga as long as the story will still be decent and there are more Oz x Alice moments~ Ohohohohoho~


I love this trio~ Break not being used to friendship is so cute~ But he's already close with Reim . . . oh worrying Reim is so daaaaw~
Our main characters (Oz, Alice, Gil, Break, and Sharon) of course take part in one of the huge battles in these last few episodes. It kinda sucks that they're the only cool ones who get to shine, when supposedly there's the whole Pandora organization which should've had some skilled fighters aside from them. I complain that it's the typical "only main characters ge tthe spotlight" thing, but at least they have noticed and wondered why the hell only the few of them are fighting against the monsters.
I'm happy that it's not a 100% typical shounen battle thing . . . because our main characters have limits. They become weak; they need to take a break; they can't take care of everything; and reinforcements come! Interesting that even previous enemies are helping out now . . . .ah well, it's because they're facing a bigger enemy!
And of course, our leading character is the only one who could stop it. It's not exactly a chosen one crap though, since he does have connections with Alice and a great hero like Jack. Him having such a power shouldn't really be a surprise, even if he's not the leading character. I mean, at least there's an explanation on why he's the only who who can save the world . . . not because of soem miraculous power-up or just because of his leading character role.

[ LOLz ]

Anyway, what is Pandora Hearts without the LOLz? Hahaha! There are several crack moments in recent episodes.
The favorite of the shipper in me is of course when Alice is so jealous of Ada, thinking she's flirting with Oz. Haha! She still doesn't get the concept of siblings. Any women around Oz means stealing her property. Hahahaha! Alice is so obvious~
The most hilarious parts for me was when Oz had soooo many escorts guarding and assisting him on everything. Even on bed and in the bath! Bwaahahahha! It made Oz uncomfortable and drove Alice crazy. Haha! Break and the others are also pissed, so Break found a way to get rid of them. Hehehehe.


Oh~ Should anyone be surprised of my favorite scene???

[ NEXT ]

Next episode looks like we're back to Oz and his issues about himself and his father. I hope the anime doesn't make it too rushed . . . those events don't seem like last episode material. . . . and please, no cliffhanger. That will drive fans crazy . . .except if the production company will promise a second season. Hehe~