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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

07-Ghost - Episode 22

Oh I'm so late on this. Well, believe it or not, I'm also busy with RL o_O But anyway, I've finally caught up. Unlike with other series, I can't do a 2-in-1 post on 07-Ghost . . . there's just so much to tell xD Hehehehe~

I can't compare this to the manga . . . .my memory on this part is such a blur (I can't recall this at all, actually. Ether it isn't in the manga or my memory is just epic fail). I'm lazy to reread. But well, I can't say this had been a fantastic episode, but it was fun. Blame Hakuren for that. Haha!


It's pretty weird for this series to only introduce to us all of the seven ghosts only when the first season is about to end. Ehehehe . . . . Ah well, better late than never? And it has at least explained why each Ghost only had one ability (I honestly don't get it 100% though) and why they're stuck here. I hope next time each ability will be introduced; and we also get to meet all other ghosts (which doesn't seem likely . . . but please don't imitate Chrno Crusade on this. It only showed the other Apostles around the end [ even in the manga; 07-Ghost manga isn't over yet ] and we didn't even get to know them)


It's not often for me to encounter a series wherein only the losers pass~ Hehe. It's not just who's powerful or smart, but also those who have the heart. They're aiming to become bishops after all, so they really should be appropriate to the position, even if they're the badass type of bishops. Hehe.
It seems that not only our main characters are special, but their batch as well; since it was mentioned that many candidates have passed that year. I really wish there'll be more young bishop allies on their side that will have a big role (like Liam and his brother . . . oh they're so sweet *a sucker for brotherly love*).
I expected that those who passed the first exam are nice guys . . . . but there had been several who had mocked Teito for not knowing much of the 07-Ghosts. It just doesn't make sense to me . . .


During their temporary dismissal, the sisters were wasting screentime looking cute while offering lunch. I find it odd that Teito is still weirded out with the eyefishes . . . since he had admitted that they were delicious in earlier episodes. It just doesn't connect. (That reaction will only be understandable to Frau's dishes!!! Hahahaha!)
The former assistant archbishops (let me call them old identical dudes) obviously knows that Teito is someone special . . .treats him that way too . . . and they even know about his princely origin (I doubt that his wish had only been greater than others because he wants revenge for a loved one, because many others can wish for that as well; but for someone of royalty, who has a huge responsibility ahead and is destined to revive a kingdom, then that certainly is a BIG wish).
Anyway, the series doesn't want Teito and Hakuren to waste screentime by just eating and hanging out, but they were lead to some mysterious place. There was some door that could only be seen by those who lost someone. Hakuren's reaction was so funny when he was so jealous that he can't enter. Haha!
So the door somewhat lead Teito to the past? I think he met Father and his biological father there. If that event was for Teito to be revealed more of what happened in the past, then I see the purpose of that door. But I don't get why it was able to make Teito power-up as well (come on, it made Teito regain his zaiphon for no reason and in a short period of time). I really can't . . . connect.


I really like the second exam! It's not just kor busting (I find it funny that Hakuren's so nerdy that he sort of defeats the Kor by the book. Haha!); but they also get to face their worst enemy (most likely it's an illusion). So they're not only tested on their fighting abilities, but even their mental and emotional control is being tested. Awesome~ I love exams like these~ And oh boy the next episode looks really really intense!!!!


- Aya-tan and co. are coming! Yaaaay~ Oh they know that they're not just going to "investigate" . . . . even the bishops are aware of the bullshit. Poor Teito~
- I complain that this is one of the anime that characters and their clothes don't get soaking wet even if they just swan underwater. What the . . .
- Teito and Hakuren had a problem sharing time. Teito was so sweet for being grateful for Hakuren's father because if it weren't for him, he wouldn't have met Hakuren. Daaaaw . . .
- Hakuren also got to learn more about Mikage. Damn . . . . it's making me wish badly for those two to meet. I wish Mikage could switch from animal to human form anytime . . .
- I am very sure Teito learned this face from my beloved Mikhail:



Teito patting Burupya . . . . I DIED FROM SO MUCH CUTENESS!!!!!!

There are a lot of goodlooking scenes of characters from this episode but . . . they will be time consuming for me. I'll make up for it in future episodes. Eheheheh . . . .