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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Manga Discovery: Nyan Koi!

Nyan Koi!
The story is about a second-year high school student named Junpei Kousaka, who not only hates cats but also is allergic to them. Unforunately, he happens to have a crush on a girl, Kaede Mizuno, who really loves cats. On the way home from school one day, Junpei kicks an empty can and happens to accidentally hit the Guardian Deity of Cats. Now he's able to understand cats but was practically given a curse. He has to grant 100 wishes from any cat or he'll turn into a cat himself. (Baka-Updates)

To be honest, at first impression I was very sure I was going to drop this because firstly, even though I love animals, I'm not really much of a cat lover (DOGS FTW!!!); and secondly, the plot's pretty stupid . . . it seemed like a typical shounen romantic comedy. However, I thought of giving the first chapter a try at least, to see if it's worth checking out since it's even going to have an anime adaptation soon.

Then when I did, later I found myself hunting for more scanlations and even raws. (I couldn't download the other raws unfortunately because they were pretty big . . .and slow to download . . . I'm not that desperate anyway so might as well wait for the scanlated versions).

I'm very surprised that I actually liked it! Yes, it is indeed your typical romantic comedy shounen . . . but it had been entertaining! I'm more surprsied that I actually like the leading lady. She's the cute naive type that I'm very very sick of . . . but she has a retarded side . . . and MAFIA LOVE FTW!!!! I like this crazy girl~

About the romance . . . I'm sad that it seems to be another harem, but at least the romantic attraction of the main couple is pretty obvious; our problem is when the hell they'll have the guts to confess to each other (In other romantic comedies that I've read, usually only one of them is obvious while with the other it's not that certain). But hhhmmm . . . even if it's harem, the other girls aren't exactly flirting in a disgusting way with the leading guy (at least in the chapters I've seen) and there's no annoying ecchi fanservice. That made me VERY relieved~

Though the cat curse thing made this series have some supernatural elements, most of the time it has been slice of life comedy. I enjoyed the comedy in this series. Some are simple, some may be overdone, but this series had been really funny. I was really really entertained~

I'm also impressed with the cast in this series. None of them had been stereotypical to me. Like with the childhood friend in this show; yeah, she has feelings for the leading guy since they were kids but she's not like . . . let's say . . . .the childhood friend from Sora no Otoshimono . . . she's the summary of the traits of a typical childhood friend that I dislike a lot... And oh! There's a trap in this episode! Totally fooled me! I thought he was a guy . . . but he turned out to be female. And for those bishie looks, that character's so crack. Hahaha!

I can't pick a favorite character, but I like all of them so far. I even think it's fun to ship the leading guy with any of the girls in his harem, because his chemistry with the other females had been really fun. Hehe. The leading couple's the cutest though~ Hopefully the series won';t make us wait for too long for them to be canon. But I think its anime adaptation will have an open ending on the romance part . . .*sigh*

Speaking of the anime adaptation, I'm definitely checking it out but I doubt I could follow it weekly. I guess I'll follow the manga instead.

So, if you're not strict with good stories and want something fun to read, then I recommend this one to you~ It's a nice romantic comedy, and even if it's harem, there's no disgusting ecchi fanservice. The artwork's very nice too~ And I think this is a must for cat lovers~

READ: 11 chapters out of 5 scanlated chapters (and 6 raws *couldn't download the other raws available*) of an ongoing series.
VERDICT: Following
I'm not really fond of stories centered on cats, and the plot seemed stupid, so I expected myself to suck. But I gave it a try because it's having an anime soon.
To my surprise, I found it very enjoyable to read~ Thank goodness there's no ecchi fanservice! And I like the characters very much~
I might not be able to follow the anime, but definitely following the manga version~

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XxBurnsxX said...

I'm a fan of the romantic comedies so its a good read =P. My only issue is i cant pick a favorite between Sumiyoshi or Mizuno.

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