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Saturday, September 12, 2009

+C: Sword and Cornett - Chapter 11

As usual, I love this chapter and . . . boy it was so entertaining~

But damn Dietrich. . . .

I don't know why he's making himself more and more despicable. I find it odd though, because I love evil bishies. But him treating the Amontel like an animal like that . . . was just too cruel.

As Belca says, he's a bastard that wears a sardonic smile on his face while lying and actually mean the opposite of what he says. Cruel people pretending to be nice . . . . really despicable.

And I absolutely couldn't forgive him when he hit Belca in the head. I'm a sadistic fangurl who's entertained with seeing bishie + blood, but not on this scene! Belca!!! NOOOOO!!! DAMN YOU DIETRICH!!!! You totally don't deserve being Hetalia's Roderich's look-alike . . . .Roderich's gazillion times more lovable than you are!!! Grrr . . . .

Oh how happy I was when he was used as hostage and got poisoned (I still don't get how exactly Eco did it). Eco sure had made him behave now . . . . and hopefully he'll continue to do so IF EVER he shows up again. It's really fun to see Eco torture him. Hehe.

Speaking of Eco....

I really don't get how exactly he managed to get out from prison. I mean, yes, he says he took advantage of the commotion because of the poison that had spread but . . . . I totally don't remember that from previous chapters. . . .
By the way, Dietrich had hinted that Eco's no ordinary guy. That explains the more hints I saw in the later chapters. What an interesting character Eco is. Hope to see more background of that guy~

But anyway, Eco and Belca's reunion was SO CUTE!!!! They are obviously already so close that Eco huggles him~ (SEE! BELCA IS GLOMP MATERIAL!!! HAHAHAHAHA)Haha! Eco crying and calling himself with a "-tan" . . . bwahahahahha!!! Cute~ The reactions of the captain and the Amontel are priceless~ Hahahaha!

Now about the stuff regarding the Amontel . . .

Well, Belca tried to be useful. Really useful that he's already obviously on their side to the point that he had warned them of the poision that will make someone temporarily immobile.

How Dietrich described the Amontel, actually fits the people at the palace more. Belca has seen that Amontel aren't really bad people, so he had tried to help them escape. Certainly a big shoch to the kid he had called a monster back then. Hehe.

Belca is now friends to the Amontel, or rather, the Hokulea. He's even looking forward to seeing them again . . . which I really hope so. Because not only are they so awesome, I really want to know how Hector became friends with them. (Hector is still my number one favorite even though he's . . . he's . . .*CRIES FOR ETERNITY*)

More bits about the Hokulea . . .

This scene is really really sweet~ And for some reason the girl on the right reminded me of Euphemia from Code Geass . . . .
Anyway, I like Shingetsu's smile~

And oh boy this dude is so crack~ Hahahahahha!!!!

Now . . . to my FAVORITE . . . .OTP . . . scenes . . . ohohohohohohoho!

Captain: What are you saying... I am already able to walk!!
Belca: Listen here,
Belca: I might engage in battle against the Earl of Arlon.
Belca: Can you, a soldier of Sana, point your sword towards a nobleman of the neighboring territory?
Captain: ・・・・・・ // That is―
DO WE ACTUALLY NEED TO GUESS/SPECULATE WHAT THE CAPTAIN'S DECISION WOULD BE??? Seriously, he had already done things that are more dangerous to his job compare to pointing a sword towards a nobleman. Hahaha!

Belca: Wha... What do you think you’re doing...!?
Captain: I have made my decision. Please take me along with you.
See? It didn't take us that long to find out. Hahahahhaa!!!!

Captain: I will not take back what I said, Your Highness!!
Captain: Please...take me with you.
Of course, since Belca's the official tsundere of the series (bwahahahahah!), even if he's actually happy and thankful about it, he still wouldn't want the guy to be involved with his problems. But the captain is really really serious about his decision~

Captain: ...My life, I would give it up for your sake.
Oh god . . . .since I see Belca as Mariebelle when the captain's around . . . .I find this line romantic. Hahahahhahaha!!!! OMG OTP OTP OTP!!!!!!!!

Belca had later made up an excuse of him not being able to pay the captain . . . but Eco had been the shippers' savior:

Oh I love you, Eco~


The captain being nostalgic . . . . bwahahahahahhahaha!!!!!! He still sees Belca as Mariebelle, I knew it. IT WAS LOVE!!!!!!!!! Not just loyalty to the saintly prince, IT WAS LOVE!!!!!!!!

This part made me laugh the most:

Belca being tsundere on being worried about Eco . . . heehee~ And of course he was blushing. This guy blushes so easily that it's sooooo cute~
The captain being grateful to Eco and hihly respecting him too for saving Belca's life. . . .
Eco . . . remembering that the captain was Belca's customer . . . .bwahahahahhaa!!! ECO ALSO SHIPS MY OTP!!!!!! I KNOW!!!!!! Wahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!
The captain doing OTL upon remembering that his love at first sight turned out to be a guy . . . . bwahahahaha . . . ..

Damnit Belca. How I wish you could switch genders when the captain's around. Maybe you need to go to the world of Ranma 1/2 and be able to switch genders like Ranma does. Heeeheeeheee.

Anyway, about the omake:

Belca, Bunta's such a funny name. Haha!
Hector, you give awesome names.
Eco, you give the most hilariously ridiculous names. Haha!

So we'll be learning about the captain's name next time~ I'm already spoiled though (Love ya, b1px!!!) And it sounded feminine to me . . . but it might be a masculine name in other countries. . . . or maybe it's just the surname . . .

Before I end this post . . . . I've noticed that Hector still shows up in the crack portions. It shows that Hector's totally a crack character~ But it also implies that he MAY show up again. Oh me and my wishful thinking . . . .

Note: I'm back to doing black and white images (no more making them all colored). It's pretty in cyan color but. . . making them all colored is pretty time consuming. But I've got a lot of pending entries. Ehehehe.
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