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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Bloody Monday - Chapter 94

There's only a few chapters left before this manga ends, so I don't think I'll need to do my usual "Bloody Monday Chapters Batch Every Monday" thing. Hehe. So on the last few chapters I'll go daily~
I admit that there are disappointing parts in this chapter, but there are still REALLY GOOD parts. Oh I love it that every single chapter is really impressive in this series~

  • I'm honestly disappointed that the characters actually HAD TO WAIT for the main character to wake up when he collapsed before they do some action. Yeah, they need him but . . . oh come on! Why rely so much on the leading character? And he woke up right on time . . . could someone who had fainted/collapsed be awake again in a short period of time? Guuuhh . . . .
  • I admire Otoya's instincts~ Though I believe in instincts . . . I am not sure of instincts being correct all the time. All of Otoya's instincts so far had been accurate. It may be in his character, and it may have been enhanced from his experience . . . but still . . . a kid to be better in analyzing compare to the adults most of the time . . . . yeah, typical shounen.
  • Anyway, for a teen, Anko's really an evil slut. I hate her, but she does fit the role of a villain, and I find that awesome. Hehe. Though she still has this religious fanaticism . . . or mayeb it's more like a deceiving religious fanaticism . . . such type of people freakin' annoys me . . .
  • The awesome twist for me in this episode is that Judas, who seems to be her righthand man and is named after a traitor, is actually betraying her and is ready to shoot her! Interestingly, unlike the bible's Juads who killed a savior, his killing of Anko will save Tokyo! Cool~ Cool~ Cool~
Ah, this is my favorite part:

Otoya told the others about Fujimaru's top secret. Fujimaru is of course pissed because his best friend didn't keep a secret, and Otoya seems to be the type who knows how to keep secrets unless they're needed to be exposed . . .which is the current case. Haha! He now doesn't hate Otoya for doing that. Hehe.

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