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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Pandora Hearts - Episode 25 [END]

My reaction on the idea of this series ending:

Sad~ But I hope I look that beautiful. Haha!
I don't think I need to check the manga . . . this one's definitely an anime filler. It also seems to me that they made it an open-ending . . . no chances of a second season. But Kuroshitsuji got another season even if the last episode seemed the end . . . I don't want to keep my hopes up but . . . I still wish for another season~
Anyway, to be honest, it hasn't been a great last episode; but satisfactory. But that's only on the story, everything else had been very nice. I like the insert song. I don't remember it. Perhaps it's in the second OST, which I haven't downloaded. Ehehehe . . .


So this episode revealed to us that it was Oz's father who was responsible for sending him to Abyss. Your own father . . . doing such a thing . . . that seriously hurts.
We also get to know that his father had disappeared as soon as he did and isn't likely to be found anymore. Until that revelation of course, and since they now know that his father is with Baskervilles, he's most likely hanging around with them. Odd that he didn't show up again until this episode.


Oz had changed on his view on himself, but he reverted back to his old self when he found out about that painful truth and . . .his father issues are the root of all of that after all.
Who woke him up from his emo and angst? None other than Alice~ She had been a little harsh, but she sure knows how to handle him. Gil still can't speak up to him no matter how much he understands and worries about his master.

I forgot her name (was it Lottie?) but if I saw this girl without any knowledge of the series, I would've mistaken her as a very HOTT magical girl Just look at her costume! Hahahaha!

Anyway, the next morning, Oz was back to his old self and this time he wants to see his father. I find it odd that they were able to find the hideout of the Baskervilles too easily. It was much weirder that the Baskervilles were actually ready for them, like they had expected their arrival.
Oz's father showed up. Break and Gil were just there for display. I dunno if it could be called a battle . . .all that happened was just Oz suddenly capable of using his power without Gil's help, and even giving Alice a power-up . . .and everything was done in one hit. Oz's father was also just like a statue there, face still hidden . . .didn't do anything except appear and disappear. The Oz made some speech. I want to be proud of him for being able to talk to his father like that (his manga self still can't do it) but . . . we still can't tell if he had really gotten over with his issues with his father until we actually see an exchange of words.
I didn't feel any thrill and excitement in that event. It felt like a waste of screentime . . . and for the sake of concluding something somehow for this last episode.

[ MY OTP ]

I love this moment out of pure bias. Haha! I loved that moment wherein Oz and Alice were staring at each other. And Alice's line: "Oz, when all the riddles are solved, when everything is over, you and I..."
Damn cut . . . damn darkened scene (Break and Gil had become invisible). . . .He held her hand! Why not show it!!! Aaaaahhhh!!!!! You give me an OTP moment but you're not exactly showing it. Why torture me so . . . .


Anyway, it's not that I didn't understand the "writing a story" and "we are the authors" stuff in this last episode . . . it just felt that they came out of nowhere. It just doesn't connect . . . or maybe it's just me.
There are still a lot of things left unanswered in this season (heck, like the truth behind the Tragedy of Sabrie for instance) so I'm really hoping there'll be another season of this (the manga hasn't ended yet after all!!!!). But with those changes, and with this kind of ending . . .I kinda doubt. *sobs*


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Sapphire Pyro said...

@ Anonymous

but xebec just had to tease us . . .roar =_=

Anonymous said...

Please say that it will come a season 2!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oz x Alice final moment was..*O*

Anonymous said...

i think the whole thing about them being "the authors" and "writing their own story" was that they're in charge of their life and they control their own destiny. That they don't need others to control it for them. They are super cute together! i super loved that scene!

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