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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Ogura Akane Oneshots

Since I'm a fan of Ogura Akane's Mademoiselle Butterfly and Zettai Heiwa Daisakusen, why not check out the other works of the mangaka? She also did many oneshots, but I've only spotted 3 that have been scanlated. They are: Dr. Rabbit, Genius House, and Ou-sama Game.


Saeki Fumio is a genius who earned a PhD at the age of fourteen. When she goes back to Japan to announce her invention, a bunny robot endowed with artificial intelligence called Alice, it turns out that someone is trying to steal Alice. With the help of Hikaru, a personal bodyguard that she hired, will Fumio be able to keep Alice safe and sound? (Aerandria Scans)

It's a nice story of a genius girl who had been lonely and had hard times but was finally able to be cheerful because of her creation and later she had met someone she can call a friend. The twist in the end had been predictable for me . . . but maybe because I've just read so many shoujo manga of this kind that I could already guess what may happen in the climax. . . but still, it had been a nice one. Characters had been likable. Well, if you had liked other main duos of Ogura Akane manga, these two are just as likeable~ Their relationship could be seen as platonic though, but can't be blamed to see them in a romantic way because the leading guy had really been like a knight in shining armor~ Hehe.


The caretaker of the Meisen Dorm has fallen ill. Strapped for cash, it's up to her granddaughter, Kamiya Makoto, to work in her place. But living in a dorm with this prestigious school's "four geniuses" proves to be more than Makoto had expected. (Baka-Updates)

This kind of manga reminded me of Perfect Girl Evolution . . . it's just that instead of bishies, this has geniuses instead. The leading girl here isn't as epic as Sunako though, but she's fine. And as expected, all those leading guys had been fond of the girl eventually . . . but I like how it happened. At least they didn't just like her for being pretty (like in Ouran, imo) or for being fragile/naive/other-crappy-trait (too many to mention). I also like it when the leading girl in a reverse harem just treats the dudes the same as with other people (Ouran and PGE had been like that.)
The bullying part annoyed me though . . . I only like bullying/abusing characters simply because they're evil . . . but if they just do that for pathetic reasons . . .I want them to die . . . oh well, the entertainment I got from this oneshot had made up for the parts that annoyed me. I really had fun reading this oneshot~


Nene, a young assassin girl, has orders to kill king Ruu, so she goes undercover as his maid. But things are not always what they seem, and this seemingly stupid king has his own agenda. So the story begins, with Nene on her mission, while the perverted King is out to hit on her. (Baka-Updates)

The plot is honestly typical and kinda predictable. We have here an assasin girl who planned to kill the prince but since the prince is the leading guy, of course he's too awesome to be killed by the leading girl. And there had to be a way for them to spend time together, so he thought of making her his servant. Our leading girl is a tsundere, a pretty violent one though, so she still attempts to kill him, but of course she fails. And despite of the things the she does, he had fallen in love with her and will protect her. Since leading girl is tsundere, she will not admit or accept it even if she's also falling for him. The ending was open-ended, but we know they are so gonna end up with each other anyway.
Yes, so typical, but the characters had been likeable~ The prince was so cool and evil~ And I love princes who act like decent princes~ Oh that usual Ogura Akane manga entertainment! The way he abuses the girl or when he just carries her like she's as light as a mini stuff toy amuses me so much! Haha~ The leading girl is the type that actually annoys me . . . but the mangaka has some magic that makes those types of girls likeable for me. Mysterious~

I liked all oneshots~ They all seem typical but they had been so fun~ And no, bias had nothing to do with it . . . or at least, it's not a 100% bias. Hehehe.
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