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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Bloody Monday - Chapter 95

Yay for a nice chapter~ I can't wait for the last one~

So K finally dies. Too bad Judas got killed too. He soooo wanted to be excluded from those religious fanatics. Oh they really make good villains, because they're really twisted, in a negative way, and totally despicable. Ugh . . .
To make matters worse, Maya appears shooting at them from a helicopter. So can't detonate the bomb itself.
Fujimaru is can't use his genius if the device isn't connected to the internet. But since time's running out, someone finally decides to help out . . . .even if he doesn't say so.
I guess without being spoiled with the last chapter, it's easy to guess that Tokyo will still be saved. Hehe.

Most Intense Moment For Me:

Sasha wasn't only being nice to the Japanese peeps because of Kannou . . . she still loves him enough to shield him from that bullet. Daaaaaaaaaawwww . . . .why did she appear only recently? She's such an awesome woman~

Most Exciting Moment For Me:

Should you be surprised? LOLz . . .he's just so hott~
And whenever Fujimaru mentions J's name . . .Otoya ALWAYS reacts. Squeee~ Gimme some brotherly love~
Oh J . . . I think he's not really a coldhearted person and he totally wouldn't like it if the religious fanatics would get their way. I'm so happy he's helping out. Wheeee~
Oh I wish he'll really be an ally in the second season~

Hmm . . . is there a J in the live-action??? I'm becoming curious now . . . I only remember a Fujimaru (of course, and his live-action version seemed to be cooler than the manga version) and a Haruka. (No Otoya, baaaaaaaaaaw) from the first episode.
Damn . . . how many times have I reminded myself to marathon the live-action drama . . .
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