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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Special Parfait of the Week: Mademoiselle Butterfly

Mademoiselle Butterfly
Our heroine is a girl who lives as a geisha in Japan. She has a male childhood friend who’s always been kind to her and is her favorite. He’s a painter, only he paints on human body parts, and she loves it when he paints beautiful butterflies on her arms. She goes to visit him one day and finds a naked woman lying in his room. Immediately after, she gets a customer who’s rich and very interested in her. The thought of being away from her friend pains her, but is everything really too late? (Aerandria Scans)

I've been reading this manga before I started on Zettai Heiwa Daisakusen, which is the author's current ongoing series. Aside from the pretty art . . . what made me read this manga? Those who know me pretty well can probably guess it. Yes, it's mainly because of the word "butterfly" on the title! Hahahaha! And well, the plot had been interesting for me, and I like historical shoujo, so why not give it a try?

And I ended up loving it~ I had been anticipating like crazy on when the next chapter would be released. Haha!

The leading girl is called "Butterfly". . . and the leading guy drew a butterfly on her . . . uuumm . . . yeah, little things like that is already fanservice to me. Haha!

The leading guy is my freakin' favorite~ I'm a sucker for goodlooking artists . . . and he's also very kindhearted and loving~ I like his brother too~ His brother's relationship with a certain pair of twin girls is full of cute~ (It will be spoilery if I say what the twins exactly are to him). And oh I like the leading girl! She's cute, and in a way a martyr . . . but I really like it that she had still loved her family even if they did that to her. I can't hate these types of selfless people.

As for the love story, it's very cute and romantic~ They may be a little cheesy, but at least not disgustingly mushy . . . at least to me.

I find the story very very very nice. It's not perfect but I'm satisfied with the events and how things happened. I'm happy with the ending too.

This is one of those very few shoujo manga that I don't consider crap, so of course I highly recommend this very sweet manga series~