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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

07-Ghost - Episode 19

Ahh~ This image describes this episode well~

It's bloody and twisted . . . yet so awesome . . . and makes one delighted . . . its got the crack too . . . and some light moments . . . even though most of the parts had been so dark~

To sum it up, Castor gets to have a chat with Aya-tan. He figures out that half of his soul is with Kuroyuri, so if he hurts the kid, Aya-tan gets hurt too; and he so did that. But Aya-tan doesn't want his servant killed, so I think he did some little possession to get Kuroyuri out of Castor's threads. Castor and Kuroyuri had a battle, but Castors pwns the kid so much~ In the end Kuroyuri was able to surprise him though, but Haruse and Labrador arrive to save them. Haruse and Kuroyuri escaped.
Bastien had a funeral, and of course many bishops and nuns attended. Frau is now innocent, but him not being tainted by a Warsphile made the sisters suspect that he might be one of the seven ghosts. And the bishops do a very cute thing to change the topic and make them forget that idea~
Meanwhile, Hakuren is looking after Teito. His thoughts are over what he had learned about Teito and how freakin' worried he is and how such a nice guy Teito is for saving a guy like him. When he tries to touch Teito, my beloved angel reacted, thinking an intruder was touching his master. Hakuren clears up the misunderstanding, and when Mikhail dear had realized that he's his master's precious person, he brings Teito back. Teito wakes up, and huggles Hakuren . . .still freakin' worried over him and Mikage on what happened~ Well, Hakuren clears up to him what had happened. Then the bishops show up . . . and Teito beats up Frau as soon as he saw the dude. He doesn't like Frau's statement that it's okay for him to be killed by Teito. Frau explains why . . . but he still doesn't like the idea . . . so he goes away~
Hakuren spotted Teito . . . being corrupted by a Warsphile (Kuroyuri). Frau had been in time but Kuroyuri transported them (Teito and Hakuren) elsewhere. By the way, Aya-tan and company are also coming~ That of course got the bishops alarmed~
(sorry for the not-so-serious and detailed and obviously informal summary. Haha! And I also might've forgotten some parts . . . ah yeah, the part with the new characters. *got lazy* . . . but I'll show you pics~)


Hyuuga telling the dude to wait a little because Aya-tan's busy . . . so cute~

It's rare for Castor to do some pwnage (usually it's Frau). He's so awesome~

I really love it when it's the good guys who are doing the torturing instead of the bad guys. It seriously doesn't happen often~

Why did "Aya-tan bondage" come to my head . . .

I like the fight between these two . . . Castor seems much stronger of course . . . but Kuroyuri being so young makes the scene look like Castor's bullying a child . . .ehehehe


Flower boy to the rescue~ Thanks!

Frau drooling got me so amused~

Haruse: Was it a naughty child?
Aya-tan: Yeah~

Three bishops with such different personalities at one glace~ Hehe. It's from the scene of Bastien's funeral by the way. I liked the blue flowers~ forgot to take a screencap of those . .

Burupya by Teito's side . . . daaaaaaaaaaaaaw~

Hakuren being like threatened by my beloved. But Burupya jumped to him, like trying to say to Mikhail that he's not a bad guy~

Huggles~ (guh . . . it should have been the same with Mikage!)

Teit's such a worry freak, it's fun to pat him~

Sweet moment between these two~

Ahh, these two~

How Hakuren spotted Teito~ Awesome scene~

Hakuren went to Teito, and looking for who's responsible for this~

Frau failing to save them~

This is out of bias of course because the best scenes for me is where my beloved appears or does/says something~ Wheee~

Oh you overprotective violent angel~



Frau flirting~

I always love it when Castor beats Frau up~

I love their expressions~

Oh Labrador so cute~

Frau + pron!

Angry Castor is cute~

Three bishops running like idiots, even if not illustrated comically obvious, amused me a lot~

Oh these two~

It's supposed to eb serious, but Teito beating Frau made me laugh~

Heeeheeehee~ Frau's face, LOLz~

Wahahaha! What made me giggle more is watching Burupya biting Frau's leg!


Frau beign stepped on . . .LOLz~

The rest of his appearance was the same with the previous episode, except for this part:

He looks like a lunatic!!! Squeeee~

I'll upload them later 'coz . . . there's like 60 of them! I'm even thinking of making a separate page for those . . . okay . . . I really will.
[ EDIT ] And I really did. See them HERE~


It's being loyal to the manga so I'm sure next episode is going to be as awesome as this one~ Even if I don't particularly like it's . . . conclusion . . . out of bias (MY BELOVED BAAAW!!!). But since my beloved is there, I highly look forward to it~


Anonymous said...

Where is the scene when Kuroyuri kisses Haruse? (do not show the scene but it is perceived that...)
It's the best scene of this episode.
And a good new...Kuroyuri is a BOY :)
And I have proves:
-When Kuroyuri and Castor are talking before the fight:
Castor - It looks like you won't be a GOOD BOY and accept your punishment.
Kuroyuri - And you look like you want to die.
-The fight begins.
(Episode 19 of 07 Ghost)

Sapphire Pyro said...

It wasn't shown, neither in the manga.

I think it's still not confirmed whether kuroyuri's male or female. It's translated that way I guess it's because kuroyuri's most likely a boy (well, this is a show filled with bishies after all)

Ah well, not sure.

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