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Monday, August 10, 2009

Tenkyuugi ~ Sephirahnatus - Chapter 1 & 2

Tenkyuugi - Sephirahnatus
( Tenkyugi - Sefira Notes )
by Takamiya Aya and Seno Tatsune

I've already seen this weeks ago but it was during the time I'm lazy to check out the RAWs even before scanlations are out . . . and I only found out recently that it's already been scanlated. Ehehehe.

Three chapters out, first chapter scanlated, second one translated, while the third one has neither. But I checked out all three. I'm including some bits of the third chapter here but . . . don't worry, they won't be that spoilery~

Anyway, I find the chapter cover alone already got me really really attracted to the series. Art style looked really pretty, and the angelic wings and heavenly bodies surrounding the characters already screams that this is my kind of thing.

I'm a sucker for fantasy. I really like magical stuff. Much more if they deal with tarot cards, and zodiacs. I am very happy that this is such a series~

In a way it's like Harry Potter, because the setting is a magic school, and the three main characters consist of two guys and one girl, and the main character seems to be a special one. But other than that, it's very different from Harry Potter, or any other fantasy series that has some stupid cliche. At least so far. For one is that the main character isn't some chosen one who is destined to defeat some evil lord. The main character may be special but he didn't get any special treatment or get popularity, nor did he seem to have some tragic past. It's just a simple series with a bunch of teenagers learning magic, but the story background/concept had been very interesting~
So in this series, there seems to be some heavenly laws and earthly laws. First set of laws is for the gods, and the latter ones for humans. If I understood correctly, those laws are sort of like the type of magic that each can use . . . well, anyway, each human also gets to possess a particular type of card (forgot the term . . A-something . . .) and one's magical abilities depends on what card he/she possesses. These cards are associated to astrological signs or elements and tarot cards. There are also special types of cards, like the "Ayn Sof", which corresponds to "air" and the "The Fool" in the tarot deck. It's also called the "Zero Principle" I think. And of course, the leading character is the one who has it, and no one had summoned such a card since 200 years ago.

About the characters,I don't find the main character as a typical special someone. He's not exactly an arrogant brat nor is the mr.perfect type. In other words, I don't find him stereotypical, aside from the fact that he's got one of the most powerful abilities. As for the other main guy, I think he's tsundere to the leading guy . . . wahahaha! He's the relunctant best friend type, but he does care for his friend no matter what trouble the other dude causes him. They are a very fun combination~ As for the other leading character, she's . . . just there. I think the three chapters could still do well even if she's not there. What she has been doing is that . . . insignificant . . . because she didn't play much of a role at all. I just find it strange since she's a main character. It only felt that she's just there for the sake of having a leading female. *sigh* Well, I don't dislike her . . . .actually, I'm not sure what to think about her because she feels invisible . . . but for now, she just bores me. *yawn*
Aside from the main three, the other character that had showed up a lot so far is Karakuren(sp?). I believe he's the type who acts goody-goody, but actually feared by his peers so everyone follows him, but of course only the main characters dare to oppose him~ And yeah, he's kind of like the typical annoying nemesis who acts cocky and wants to mess up the leading guy's day by his existence alone. Not to mention he's ghey. Yeah, I don't like him.

Yeah, even if this is my type of series, there are still some things that annoyed me, but overall it was very enjoyable. What made it most enjoyable is the comedy~ Blame to two main characters for being so amusing~ Haha!
I am not sure if there'll be some drama or horror/violence or romance or adventure in this in the future chapters. I hope there will be. It will be boring if it'll just be about school life. There's gotta be more to its story, especially with that kind of background!
Well, it's mainly fantasy, so of course it had a lot of magical stuff . . . and they had been very amazing!!!

Illustrations on the magical parts had been really really beautiful! Maybe not the best, but totally enough to marvel me so much~ Designs on costumes, props, and creatures had been really spectacular too~ I feel the enchantment~

So obviously, I'm totally sold to this~ Aside from this being my one of my favorite types of fantasy series (I highly prefer it not to be in a school setting though. Magical school crap is so overused . . . Guuuuhhh), I got so addicted to this because of the main duo: Nanao and Kisa!!!! They entertain me so much~ Nanao so loves being with his buddy, while being together with him drives Kisa insanse. Haha! But even though Kisa's so annoyed with Nanao, he totally cares for the dude since he treats his wounds, reminds him of school stuff, helps him when in trouble, trusts him, and so on. Oh their interactions had been so entertaining~ I freakin' love these two~