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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Catching up: Ilegenes

I love this manga and I'm very very pleased that the scanlations were catching up. I stopped at around chapter 3, then to my surprise there are now 8 chapters out! Hooray! However, I haven't read this for so long . . . . so I did a quick review on the chapters I've read already, then continued upto the latest scanlations~ After this, I'll be keeping myself up to date to this. I love this so much~

My favorite character here is Fon, and he's getting more and more adorable in every chapter~ He reminds me so much of Teito, but he's just less emo. I also like his other friends: Jake, Cudrup, and Nicholas. Especially Jake! He's like Fon's Mikage, Hehe. He's also a very caring dude, and I always giggle whenever he says that Fon's eyes are so pretty . . . . but he can't help it because they're really very pretty~ I wonder if there is such a thing as peacock eyes in real life though. Anyway, as for the other two, I wish Cudrup will have more roles. He seems to be a fun guy, so I hope not only Jake will make their group fun. And I'm happy that Nicholas isn't the type who hates his rivals. He's really a good friend to Fon. I'm touched~ But Fon's best friend is Jake. Hehehe.

Fon is being bullied byt the annoying group that doesn't like him though. I'm so sick of bullies . . . for bullying for such pathetic reasons. But at least there's a bullying here that had . . . murder intents! Whoa! But what I liked the most is when the main characters had their payback. It was really hilarious. And Fon had been so cool~
I'm glad that Fon didn't only have one friend, but there have been three others who had geniunely wanted to make friends with him. It's just too angsty if he's that alone . . . and a guy group is more fun~ The more the merrier~ And I find it cute that Fon's the youngest in their gang . . . that makes him their baby! Hahahaha!

More about Fon, so his hatred for the black market had also been personal. His parents killed when he was still so young . . . .that's really really really sad. And he still has nightmares from it . . .I find the hug so sweet . . . .because our dear Fon badly needs one. Daaaaaaaaaaaw~
It was also so cute that Fon still gives goodnight kisses to his parents even at 13. That's so . . . . daaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwww . . .

Fon is made of daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawww . . .*huggles him*

More of Fon cuteness! He loves animals and animals love him~ He is soooo cute when around them.
I love how he had felt bad when he heard a complain about a horse not following as the person pleases and preferes it to be modified. I agree with everything Fon and Jake said . . . . horses are fine they way they are. That made them more beautiful~ These creatures having a mind of its own is the fun of it. Nurturing them . . .havign patience with them . . . treasuring them . . . . STUPID CHARACTERS THAT DON'T UNDERSTAND LOVE FOR ANIMALS!!!!!!!!!
*obviously a horse/animal love*

Oh, here's something intriguing! Who is that person behind Fon who looks exactly like him?! His other self? or . . .HIS TWIN???!!! Fine, I always think of twins whenever I see doubles. Ehehehe.
But still!!!! Oh I can't wait for the explanation of that. The existence of that being made this series so dark and twisted~ I love it~
I think one of the bad guys had a twin too (unless he's actually a clone or something), but . . . .I prefer a Fon twin!!! He's CUTER!!!!!!!!!!!
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