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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Oneshot: Lock On!

Lock On!
by Tsuchida Kenta
Utsuru Sanada is a professional photographer at the age of 17, he can guess the exact 3 sizes of any girl, he can memorize anything he sees, and he can counterattack karate moves (Most guys would want these abilities). Why? Because he has superb photographic memory called “Shutter Eye” (Shutter as in the shutter of a camera). He meets Niko Kurihara, the female protagonist, who dislikes men, is a master of martial arts, and is of course beautiful. Utsuru attempts to prove to Niko that he is not the guy she thinks he so he can take a picture of her. He starts by investigating Niko’s friend’s date, who appears to be a deceiving guy according to rumors……
Filled with action, comedy, and a little ecchi, "Lock on!" makes its debut in Shonen Jump! [s1o2r3a4] (Manga Helpers)

I easily got attracted on the title and the chapter cover. Blame Gundam 00's Lockon Stratos for the title; as for the cover, the leading guy reminded me of another eyepatched character and he leading girl . . . for some reason . . . made me think of the leading girl of Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro . . . even though they're not really that similar . . . Hhhmm. . . .me and my weirdness.

It isn't really new for me to encounter a story of a girl who hates guys but will later appreciate one even if he's sort of something what she hated about guys and of course, there's something incredible and extraordinary about him. But the idea of a character possessing incredible skills because of his excellence in photography is something new to me.

The story may sound typical because of the shounen romantic comedy formula it's following, but it had still been pretty unique and I find it very nice. From the raw I thought it's actually full of ecchi, but I'm grateful that it's not exactly ecchi. Also, interactions between characters had been fun~ I didn't get annoyed with any of the main characters, and that main character's really awesome~

As for the art, it doesn't seem to be super incredible, but I think it's okay . . . and had been very nicely illustrated on important and intense scenes. Or maybe I'm just not yet used to this kind of art style . . .


Overall, I find it awesome and enjoyable~ I think I'll definitely be following this if ever it becomes a series. Hehe.