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Monday, August 17, 2009

Bloody Monday: Chapters 51 to 57

This manga agrees with us that . . . the internet is really really great~

Oh could this manga get any better? Haha! Every single chapter amazes me. I've already put this as one of my top favorite manga of all times~

Anyway, since I'm an Otoya freak, I'll start on how much I have loved him in these recent chapters (No need to mention about Fujimaru because he had always been so amazing~)

It's not only Fujimaru who is now deeply involved in this terrorist thing, but even Otoya. And he's not simply Fujimaru's backup. He can do fights, which Fujimaru can't, and he has the brains and the calmness to know how to react and how to deal with dangerous situations or when he encounters suspiscious people. He doesn't see this as a game. It's a life or death thing. He is so serious to the point he won't mind killing people as long as he could save more lives and the ones he's killing are the bad guys anyway. At first I thought he was being a kid for wanting to be involved in this dangerous mission, but it really looks like now that he knows what he's doing. The more chapters we see him in action, the better he gets.

Behold one of Otoya's powers: THE POWERFUL COIN THROW!

Hahahahha! I was actually amazed and amused at the same time when I saw that scene. Amazed because his aim had been really strong and good that he was able to break a window with a little thing; amused because . . . WHOAAA IT'S A COIN!!!! WHO SAYS ONLY SCHOOL SUPPLIES CAN BE DANGEROUS ASIDE FROM THE COMMON WEAPONS???!!! (Yeah, I was thinking of Bakemonogatari)

Another one of Otoya's powers: THE POWER OF INTUITION

I highly believe that you don't always need to be a great observer or incredibly intelligent/wise to be able to figure out if there's something wrong going on. The hunch or the intuition is an incredible power that humans have, and it's not even a supernatural or psychic ability, because even us in the real world are capable of such a thing. I think there might be scientific explanations on it, but really, I think majority of how accurate it can sometimes be will remain a mystery.

Anyway, back to Bloody Monday, it appears that Otoya's kindnapping experience made him able to identify if there are suspicious people around. It had worked with Hoshou, then with this guy. I've seen a lot of crime shows, and I really think that those who had experience in life and death situations really can determine better if there's something suspiscious going on, and how they should react to it.

Fujimaru, you are awesome, but your best friend is also bloody awesome. Was there an Otoya in the drama? I don't remember. *only seen episode one* Maybe they lost a lot of money on Fujimaru's actor because he has the looks and popularity, so getting another cool actor like him would be expensive. Wahahaha!

Alright, alright, enough about Otoya. now to other parts of the recent chapters . . . I liked find this scene really sweet:

Well, I have a sibling. So any siblings moments touch my heart. It makes me so teary~ *currently away from her sibling . . . because he's in the province while she's in the capital* I-I . . don't miss him, okay??!!! *tsundere*

Back to Bloody Monday again, I can't blame Haruka for what she feels. Even if her brother and her father are doing the right thing, it's her loved ones that are involved in this dangerous mission, so of course she doesn't like it.

Oh yeah, I still don't like it that Haruka is being used as hostage material, but at least she's not as ignorant/innocent as before. She actually tries to prepare to defend herself when intruders come to her room. And she hadn't been annoying enough to do whatever means to stop her brother from what he's doing (because apparently, I've encountered annoying girls who threaten to commit suicide if the others don't do what she wants).

Alright, that sibling thing is a relationship that I find sweet, but this one is something I find pretty disturbing:

It's already in my thoughts in previous chapters but the more I see these two together and Aoi acting that way with Ryonousuke . . . . does she like him? As in, romantically in love with him??? It really seems like it . . . well, I'm happy that she's not Fujimaru nor Otoya's love interest (because the leading girl usually ends up with either of the main protagonist or the second main) . . . but still . . . of all people . . . Fujimaru's father???!!! Well, I like it that it's something different . . .and really unexpected . . . but if this were true . . . . I am just . . . so . . .shocked.

Okay, enough of that one. Let's go to the enemies. I like it that even those who are close to the friends of the main characters can be enemies:

Before we had a Third-i spy, then we had a traitor that used to be a friend of the protagonist's father, then now an actual relative of a friend of a protagonist. I find it so intense and intriguing that enemies could really be anyone. Anyway, the revealed new enemy in the recent chapters turned out to be a dude from Manila . . . the capital city in my country . . . and where I'm currently in. It's not often for me to encounter references to my country in anime/manga . . . but I find it funny that this time it's a terrorist dude. Haha!

But ah well . . . I shouldn't be surprised on that. People of my country will be able to get why. But no, we're no terrorist country, okay! *sweatdrop* It's just that . . . I don't want to go to that topic . . .

Alright, more on the bad guys, the appearance of the top leader (the one aside from "K"), had been shown:

It was mentioned that he's a Japanese dude that has Russian blood and is very charismatic and got a lot of followers. I find it intriguing that his appearance is somewhat similar to Jesus Christ. His religious organization seemed like on of the occult religions that has some relation to Christianity because of that. . . . . . and I like it. *a sucker for stories with Christian references*

And about his followers, the disgust and freak me out:

Even J is weirded out with these people for enjoying this kind of thing. And I like it that not all those people who do religious and motivational speeches are actually that emotional (in reality, or in other words, he's not as serious about it as his audience is) on what they're saying. But uuuggghh . . . those people . . . I can never understand religious freaks . . . . they do anything, no matter how obviously wrong it is, for the sake of the human leader that they worship as some god . . . . they are being pathetic . . . . but they also creep me out.

Okay, another interesting about the bad guys even if they are part of a religiously devoted group is that . . . they can lie and feel fear:

Maya had been afraid that J might order her to be killed, so she lied about being 100% successful on her mission. Though I admit that it sucks that Maya has been failing too much recently . . . I think she should have a chance to have a job well done again. (not that I'm supporting the enemies that want to do very bad things . . . ehehe)

Lastly, another incredible thing in this manga that doesn't follow the villain cliche: even not-so-major bad guys can stay alive

Usually, it's on the protagonist's side who gets to miraculously stay alive even if they've gone through a situation which supposedly have no chance for them to be safe (Okay, it also happens in other shounen manga . . . but this is not the type of shounen [wait, I'm not actually sure if this is shounen or seinen] that are mainly about fighting, like the likes of Naruto, etc.). Thank goodness that even enemies in this series can be "brought back".

Oh as usual, these chapters have been a nice set~

I've already seen what happens next but . . . it still gets me surprised when I understand what's going on. Hehe.