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Friday, August 28, 2009

07-Ghost - Episode 21

Oh episodes from this series recently have been really really awesome~ I only didn't hurry in watching it out of character bias . . .ehehe . . . but I love the series just the same~
Entrance exams in the anime and manga universe are pretty common, on whatever genre. . . usually on action/adventure though. In 07-Ghost is one of those exams that I don't find . . .typical. I hope more series are like this~

Exam started with the leading character not being qualified for an exam because he doesn't have power of all times. The leading character doesn't always need miracles to be able to go through the exam. He got help from someone . . . it's a character that we have no idea how he met though (at least, I don't remember) . . . but I really like it that there had been a character who hadn't been selfish . . . and the position that they want to take is for people who aren't selfish. Those people who help deserve winning~

Like many exams, we have an elimination round . . . awesome that this round is like a horror scene, with ghostly hands pulling you down~ Elimination rounds are meant to surprise you on the difficulty though in actuality they are very easy to get through. It's really good that your will to fight is tested first . . . without it there's no point to go through the whole process~

Just when the hell have been an exam for a religious position involved math??!!! Haha! Looks like our bishop exam isn't just about memorizing scriptures and fighting, but even on computation and analysis. Different brain skills being tested, awesome~

They answer questions not through pen and paper . . . but they use their powers . . . and they don't only answer on something that stands still . . . but even on their opponents. We see the teamwork on question-and-answer portions, because not only Hakuren knows everything, but there are some things that only Teito has remembered.

The exam also puts you through life-and-death situations . . . because you don't only have to use your brain cells . . .you also have to rush or else you'll drown. Fortunately, Teito has a reliable partner who lets him save his energy. Not all the students who had made on that round were able to hold their breath long . . . and Teito, being such a nice boy as usual, help the guy even if he didn't need to. The proctors have been acting indifferent, and that got Teito pissed off. I like it that it's shown that some examination proctors could be assholes.

Not only your skills and knowledge were tested, but even your balancing and reflexes. Teito was nice enough as usual to carry other "examinees". They didn't want to hold each other down, and say that they could be depended upon if anything goes wrong. Oh what partnership~ They had been safe in this round thanks to Hakuren~

Final round is a battle! Oh if this was typical shounen they would have fought already to see who's the victor. But in this one, they really really insist on letting the other become victorious instead. Since they really don't want to fight, they both chose the path of the defeated. They even ignored the offer of letting them going to the path of victory. They had been that humble and generous. Necessary traits of the position they're aiming for~

I was giggling on this part because it seemed like a final round and Teito called Lance the last boss. What's this, a video game? Hahaha! Well, the final test is to answer why they chose that door.

Since they answered correctly, they passed~ They possessed the traits that have been necessary to become a bishop. This is a test wherein the "losers path" is what will make you pass, first time I've encountered that. Of course the main characters have passed it, but at least it didn't take them so many chapters and episodes to end an exam (I'm looking at you Naruto!!! Uuuuggghh . . . . those exams took so long . . . .)

Oh I wish more exam stuff in fantasy/action/adventure anime are like this. Creative, not freakin' long, and not typical either. So awesome . . .so awesome . . . .I love 07-Ghost.

Though I have to admit that their lines of "I want to protect my friends" had been sooooo OVERUSED. Even if it's something noble and nice, it's really irritating if characters keep on saying it. You don't need to repeat your reason for fighting, jeez.

Here's my favorite part in the exam:

Teito saying that he'll watch Hakuren's back . . .and Hakuren saying that he won't hold Teito down . . . then later Teito sneezes, making Hakuren surprised and almost fell. Bwahahahahahha~

More about bishop examinees, we get to learn that Frau and Castor used to be partners:

and they used to fail for 2 years all because of Frau. Hahahahhahaa!!!! Isn't it awesome that the powerful and prodigy bishops had actually failed in their exams??? Hahahhaha!!!!!

Ah, other stuff about the episode:

Aya-tan is just so hott as usual The empire had found out about Mikhail . . . . and it looks like they want to get rid of Teito, so that Raggs won't be revived again. Aya-tan is already a big problem, but now facing the whole empire??!!! What destiny Teito has . . . .for a Raggs prince and a holder of the Eye.

I know my beloved had scenes in this episode but . . . they were just the same as with the previous ones, And the one with the eye open had his back faced on the audience, so we can't tell if it's Mikhail or Teito with just the eye open.

Alright, next episode:

I do not have any memory of this because I can't remember the manga . . . I'm also lazy to reread . . . except on the chapter which Mikhail had appeared. I will recheck the manga if he appears in the episode. Heeheeehee~ But well, I know next episode will be awesome anyway~ Hehe. Looking forward to it~
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