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Friday, August 7, 2009

New Flavors: Gisèle Alain

Gisèle Alain
by Kasai Sui
"Gisèle Alain will provide you with any service, Madame," Gisèle claims as she puts a sign on her door. Gisèle Alain is the owner of an apartment and decides to take on whatever request that she receives. She forces Eric, a resident of the apartment with overdue fees, to tag along with her service. Their first mission is to find a cat that another resident has lost and claims to have been missing for 3 days. Upon further investigation, they find a suspicious man taking away cats to an unknown alley. Gisèle decides to investigate further and finds out who the man is without hesitation! An amusing yet calm service providing you with anything you want; at your service by Gisèle Alain! (Mamo of MH)

I already had my eye on this when I saw the chapter cover. I read it raw and it seemed really interesting. I found it weird that when the translation was out, no scanlation had been made yet. By the time I was considering of scanlating it, I learn about AMH-Scans wanting to take it. I'm so grateful that they did (because I'm already working on something else), and they did a very nice job on it.

Now that I've read it, to be honest it wasn't as good as I expected it to be, but it's still pretty impressive. The story may seem too simple, because it's just about the leading girl finding a cat. But twists in the story had been really good. I thought it will end with just one twist, but here comes another, and yet another. That got me really impressed. And overall, the story had been very nice. And it's just the first chapter, so I believe the really good stuff will be coming on the next ones.

As for the characters, the leading guy's simply adorable. Haha! I expected him to be just the leading lady's servant boy, but it turns out that he only does her favors because of he hasn't paid the rent. Haha! And the leading lady is an interesting character. Her attitude seems really familiar . . . I just can't remember who.

I look forward to seeing more adventures of the leading lady. She claims to be a jack-of-all-trades . . . so I'd like to see how true that is. It's a fun read, and it had really nice art (the art style really reminded me of Victorian Romance Emma). It's recommended to those who want to have a nice shoujo manga read~

Sapphire Pyro
READ: 1 chapter out of 1 scanlated chapter of a new ongoing manga
VERDICT: Following
It's a cute manga that seemed simple but actually had surprising twists. I'm impressed. I like it~
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