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Monday, August 24, 2009

Manga Discovery: Wolf Guy

(Wolf Guy - Emblem of the Wolf | Wolf Guy - Wolfen Crest | Wolf Guy - Ookami no Monshou )
by Tabata Yoshiaki and Yogo Yuuki
Akira Inugami just transfered into his new school. The principal and teachers fear what may happen because Inugami was placed in the same homeroom as the school's biggest problem and gang leader.
His hometeacher Aoshika is going out of her mind tyring to figure out what happened the night before where she could have sworn she saw this same Inugami beaten alive and then hit by a car by a large group of thugs in a park. But somehow, Inugami, who denys everything of course, is alive and without a scratch attending his first day at hsi new school.
What the teacher Aoshika did not witness was a crazy werewolf-like beast destroy the thugs that attacked Inugami in the park. (Manga Traders)

The reason why I checked this out is very simple: it has a werewolf. I love stories with werewolves~ I'm such a supernatural monster freak~

This turned out to be really badass. The werewolf guy had been bloody awesome when he attacks, avoids attacks, and takes attacks. His opponents are in such a disadvantage though because our leading guy is no human. But the most feared delinquent in the series seems to be no ordinary human, so it'll be very interesting to see how their fight will turn out, if ever they duel.

If you're into GAR and violence, and epic awesome artwork, then this is soooo for you~ I also enjoy such stuff, but those aren't the only things I'm after.

I didn't appreciate the transfer student thing in this manga (come on, does every freakin' manga with a school setting always need to have such???!!!) but I like it that it looks like the leading guy wants to use right for education (since he often doesn't get to last a whole class period because of the fights he get into). I will always appreciate main chatacters that don't hate school~

Oh yeah, fights are cool, but are thugs such idiots that they always beat up anyone whom they hear is tough or consider as different? Bullies and delinquents are such pathetic idiots for that. They just ruin themselves and still keep going, because they're just that dumb. They're a shame to humankind. The leading guy doesn't really need to do much for those idiots to destroy themselves, and he finds them so stupid for that. Anyway, I like it when a manga shows how stupid bullies are . . . but if all chapters are just going to be about bullies trying to beat the main character, then that's just boring. (Beelzebub is sort of like that, but it's gag manga . . . and gag manga doesn't need to have a good storyline. Haha!)

What I really like in the series' story so far . . . is the interesting relationship/connection that may happen between the leading guy and the female teacher (looks like they're gonna be a love team . . .whoa! second recent manga that I've read wherein the woman is the older one). I wish they'll really like each other . . . because they already seem pretty romantic to me~ Wheeee~ (I'm a weird girl that gets delighted in romance on a non-romance centric series).

Also, this series had not been serious all the time. It had some comedy, but they don't seem to be that obvious. The leading guy insulting the loser for being a bedwetter made me chuckle. Haha! Or maybe it's because they were presented so GAR that instead of making the scene seem hilarious, it looks awesome instead? Haha!

Ah, there's one thing I badly want to complain about in this type of manga: character design in terms of age. The main protagonist and antagonist don't look like their age (which is the age around in middle school) AT ALL!!!!! I know there are people who look older than their actual age but . . . the other characters still consider them young. So that little thing . . . already bothered me a lot. It just felt . . . so wrong.

But anyway, this had been an interesting series overall~ I'm not hooked, but I still am curious to know what happens in later chapters~

Those who like supernatural stuff and seinen action will most likely enjoy this~ Yeah, it has lots of bloody action scenes~ Those spreads and panels had been wow~ However, this series is not just mature on the violence, but it also had . . . sex stuff. Ehehehe. So if you can't handle those kind of mature themes, don't try this manga. If you can, then I hope you enjoy reading~

READ: 12 chapters of 12 scanlated chapters out so far of a 5 volume ongoing manga
VERDICT: May Read from Time to Time
It has a werewolf!!!! There are already too many vampire mangas . . .I want a werewolf this time. Of course I'm reading~ Wheeee~
It was so badass and bloody awesome~ It has mature stuff though . . . ehehehe . . . and I'm sick of the pathetic delinquents in the manga . . . but I enjoyed reading~

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Hi Sapphire Pyro,
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Thank you too!
Bye :-)

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