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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Finished Anime: Sengoku BASARA

Sengoku BASARA
In the bloody Warring States period of feudal Japan, many generals fought in an endless struggle for power, but one man proved to be too big a threat - The dark lord Oda Nobunaga. Sanada Yukimura and Date Masamune, two young warriors from different regions who become heated rivals, begin to form an unlikely alliance with the rest of the generals to take down the Devil King.

Type: TV | Episodes: 12 | Aired: Apr 1, 2009 to Jun 17, 2009
Genres: Action, Historical, Martial Arts, | Rating: PG-13
Producers: Production I.G | Main Cast: Nakai Kazuya (Date Masamune), Hoshi Souichirou(Sanada Yukimura)
Director: Itsuro Kawasaki | Series Composition: Yasuyuki Muto | Screenplay: Yasuyuki Muto | Music: Hiroyuki Sawano | Original Character Design: Makoto Tsuchibayashi | Character Design: Tooru Ookubo | Art Director: Shunichiro Yoshihara | Chief Animation Director: Tooru Ookubo | Sound Director: Yoshikazu Iwanami | Director of Photography: Naoyuki Ohba | Animation Producer: Tetsuya Nakatake | Art Setting: Iho Narita

Sengoku Basara is something you should watch just for enjoyment, not for the story. If you do that and not be incredibly strict on seeing a deep plot and good development, then entertainment is guaranteed . . . unless it's not your kind of thing or the style wasn't your type or you dislikedsomething about it.

The story is your typical shounen samurai show wherein the heroes engage in battles and are united to defeat an evil lord and of course they will be victorious in the end no matter what they'll go through. So with such a stereotypical and simple story, what's so great about this series then? Everything else. The animation had been superb, especially on the fight scenes. The music (background tracks, insert songs, op and ed themes) had been really fantastic! The characters had been awesome and lovable (I have a few exceptions of course . . . )! And their voice actors made them even livelier! You can already be amazed and entertained by this series even if you don't understand what the heck they were saying. Haha!

But you know, even if the story isn't really it's strong point, there are also a lot of good things in it. Like for one, it's not just action and fighting all the time. There's something going on . . . there are conflicts . . . there are betrayals . . . there are defeats . . . there are struggles. In other words, there's a story. Well, I'm saying this because I've read a manga that is also a samurai series but there's nothing much going on but fight fight fight. With this one there are ups-and-downs, happy moments, tragic moments, exciting moments, etc.

Moreover, it's not only fun because the action scenes were cool to watch. The characters had also been very hilarious! Even if there's an overused joke there (I'm referring to the "YUKIMURA!" OYATAKA-SAMA!"), a fan can't get tired of them because they're just that funny~ And aside from action and comedy, it also has some romance and drama, and they don't feel forced (I mean, some romance was put in a shounen series just for the sake of the leading character having a love partner. That just sucks). I really like shows that don't focus on just one or two genres.

And back to the action scenes, yes, they are obviously exagerrated. Making samurais have powerful auras and stuff are of course there just to make the battles look cooler. But well, it's anime, don't expect it to be too realistic. Also, even though it's historical and the characters are based on actual historical figures, they're not really 100% accurate. Well, remember, this series is for entertainment, not for education.

Though it's not meant to educate its audience, it does teach some life lessons though: like war doesn't do good, loyalty and trust, etc.

Overall, it's a very awesome series because it had been so much fun to watch! Where else will you see an anime with a dancing samurai in the OP theme? Bwahahaha!

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TJ said...

What kind of Sengoku Basara review is this? No mention of Kasuga's "reactions" to Kenshin's touch?

Just kidding. Yeah Sengoku Basara was just one of those shows that you can watch without much thought. It's not deep nor educational, but it does good job of entertaining for ~25 minutes every episode.

Sapphire Pyro said...

HOW COULD I FORGET THAT???!!!! Bwahahahaha xD

It always disturbs and amuses me at the same time~

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