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Friday, August 14, 2009

Izayakaku - Chapter 1

Since I'm working on this manga, I believe it's natural that I also read it . . . and pretty addicted to it~ Hehe. I think it's a great manga, so of course I highly recommend it, and I need more people to go fan crazy over it aside from the translator. Hehe~

Anyway, I first heard about it from b1px. When I saw the volume cover and found out that it's a Zero-Sum manga, I was already sure that I am going to love this series~ It's because the art really looked so pretty and I am a fan of a lot of Zero-Sum manga (many series there have awesome stories with gorgeous bishies~) The b1px told me it has samurai stuff . . . I'm a sucker for that~ I love historical series, much more if they have a fantasy and supernatural mix (am not yet sure if this one has such yet). She also told me that it's pretty violent too . . . because of the arm cutting thing . . . but I am a fan that gets delighted when I see bloodshed in fiction! Bwahahaha! So that's nothing to me~ Heehee~

So, when b1px showed me chapter 1 and asked if I wanted to work on it, I already agreed before she even asked it. Haha!

I believe the main genres of this manga are historical and action. I love settings during the samurai era, because samurai fights always look awesome~ And the sword fights we see in the first chapter aren't just defeating opponents: one has killed his opponent while the other one had cut off the arms to disable his opponent to hold a sword ever again. Oh I love it when sword fights don't take extremely long and aren't just child's play. Bloody awesome~

There's drama and tragedy as well. Most of it dealt with loss of loved ones and the pain of being alone. Those things never fail to make me sad *sniff* I really love how the main character has expressed his sadness. He hadn't been extremely emo nor angsty. At least to me.

Also, this manga is not serious all the time. It has lots of comedy too~ The main character is the most hilarious one! YAY FOR LOLLIPOP!!!! But other characters are so much fun too~ I really like the comedy in this manga! It's already so awesome, and the funny parts made it very entertaining! YAY FOR CRACK!!!!

Another amazing thing in this manga is the art! Oh it looks fantastic~ Very well illustrated~ It's very very pretty~ Pfft, some fans may already be satisfied with just the goodlooking characters and amazing art. Hehehehehe.

But the story's good as well! It's just the first chapter, so we don't know what the main adventure exactly is; but so far it had been interesting, and not stereotypical, for me. It's a first time for me (or rather it's not usual for me) to encounter a story with the main character in exile, and even though he had an unfortunate past, he is not seeking revenge (at least he doesn't plan to in the beginning). It's also very rare for me to see a main character lose at the very beginning (putting aside those loser type main characters). Moreover, he may be a skillful swordsman even as a child for being the son of a famous samurai, but prodigies don't always create miracles. I just love . . . .imperfection.

As for the characters, at least the main ones or those that did a pretty big role, all have been cool, silly and interesting in their own way. The main character may be one of those types who act carefree on the outside but broken on the inside, but he hasn't been the type that is like begging for the readers' pity (You know what I mean . . . ). Also, I'm happy that the one acting like his attendant/bodyguard/guardian/butler? isn't a pushover, nor is he extremely strict. While with the second main character . . . he was a probable tsundere candidate but I'm happy that he isn't exactly one. (I like tsundere dudes, but there's already so many of them ya know . . . ). Sometimes it's cool if the character turns out to be different from what you expect, hehe~

My favorite?

This dude:

For some reason he belittles himself so much that he thinks he doesn't deserve to be called with a name. (Someone reminds me of Kanon from Umineko no Naku Koro ni, who only thinks of himself as "furniture"). So for now he's nicknamed as "Gossan".

Gossan has this servant complex (sort of); amazing samurai skills; awesome tattoo on his arms (Squee~); AND FREAKIN' GOODLOOKING!!!!!! *huggles him*

He's my type~ And I think he has become pretty soft towards Yoritomo~

When Yorittomo asks him for his opinions, he says his thoughts don't matter . . . . but later he keeps on telling Yoritomo some advices and warnings~

You are contradicting yourself, Gossan~ You're just told to escort the kid, but you've been giving him tips to keep him safe for a longer time~ You also acknowledge that there's something special about Yoritomo. I cannot help but foresee that you two are gonna be really close in the future~ (And no, I don't ship them *sweatdrop* I think I'll be shipping Yoritomo with the girl, since I've heard they're historically canon . .. unless the manga deviates from history on that part).

My second top favorite character is the dude at the rightmost corner of the black cover of the first volume. (I just love the red eyes + white/silver/light hair bishies~) I don't know his name yet, but I've seen him in one of the later chapters . . . and he seems so fun~ Why are my favorites at first sight really turn out to be more lovable than I expected? LOLz~

Those are just my top two favorites, but I also love the other main characters~ Oh I can't wait to meet the others~ They are so much fun! YAAAAY!

This manga is so wonderful and I'm already so hooked~ I thank b1px so much for introducing it to me. So I'm now spreading the love to more people~ What did you guys think? Wheeee~

What? You haven't read it yet? GO READ!!!! I OBLIGE YOU TO!!! MWAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!! *horns growing*


Anonymous said...

Glad to see someone translating this (huge zero-sum fan).

Sapphire Pyro said...

*also a zero-sum fan* YAY!

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