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Thursday, August 20, 2009

+C: Sword and Cornett - Chapter 9

This chapter got me so delighted . . . really really delighted . . . and partly very amused . . . but still more of delighted . . . because . . . because . . . it made me go . . . SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE . . . . but . . . it's so wrong . . . . it's so wrong . . . . but . . . . blame them for being so adorable damn it.

Alright, before I go insane, some actual reviews at first . . .

The amontel had attacked, but they just wanted to save their comrades. They thought Belca was just smart enough to notice the diversion, but he just encountered them out of coincidence. Hehe. They assumed Belca to be an important person in the household, so they take him as hostage. But later it turns out that Belca is more important than what they first thought since . . .he's a prince~ He was attacked but the captain rescued him. I don't think Belca is skillful enough to handle long distance combat with just a sword. There are two others who might get hurt if he doesn't give himself in so he had no choice~

Hector had a really good reason for wanting to treat Amontel as humans because . . . as Belca realizes himself, they're rational and are actually just like humans. They were even nice enough not to harm their hostage, even treated the injured enemy, since they don't really have to. They're not exactly monsters . . . just beings created in a different way . . . and they look different from most humans. But too bad, our idiotic main character won't accept any justification for now because he still can't forgive any factor that caused his brothers death . . . so that includes the elders . . . and the beings that were the cause on why the elders killed his brother in the first place.

Belca didn't do much thinking or investigating about the Amontel because he's been so close-minded about the topic. He just calls them monsters, without actually any idea what made them monstrous in the first place. The Amontel makes him realize that humans could also do such . . inhumane things. They not only treat Amontels as objects or slaves, but they've also been using them as guinea pigs . . .and have been killing them mercilessly. There is evil in any race~

And example of an evil human in the series is Dietrich. I thought I'll still like him for looking similar to Hetalia's Austria, and he had crack moments with Eco and Belca . . . however, in this chapter we get to learn that he also experimented on Amontel and wants to be close to Lagen. That's just . . . very bad . . . I don't like him anymore.

Thank goodness that . . . though Belca agrees with Dietrich because of his closemindedness, he still prioritizes Eco. You have chosen to trust the right person. Anyway, how Eco's doing . . .

He's still behind bars . . . but a servant visited him and saved his previous notebook. That made him really happy. He was still concerned about Belca, so what he said before they got separated made him wish that that advice will keep Belca safe. And when he heard that Belca was in danger, he wanted to get out and save him as soon as possible (why is Belca not female?! LOLz~ More than one guy is so determined to keep him safe in this chapter~)

Oh speaking of protecting Belca . . . I wanna go OTP crazy now:


And when Belca was taken to the other side of the lake, the captain actually swam to them . . . with an injured foot . . . to save Belca.

I think he is already aware that his Mariebell is actually Prince Belca . . . but at the sight of Belca, the first name that comes to his mind is still Mariebelle. YOU WERE THAT IN LOVE WITH "HER" AT FIRST SIGHT???!!! HAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!!!!!! BELCA, BLAME YOURSELF FOR BEING SO PRETTY!!!! I honestly got interested in the female you when I saw the back cover of the first volume.
CAPTAIN x MARIEBELLE FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
However, I also like Belca as a guy. Damnit. But he could also go well as a girl. BELCA, WHY CAN'T YOU BE BOTH MALE AND FEMALE???!!! You could have a twin sister at least or something. or just split into two!
*sigh* . . . that's totally not gonna happen . . . but . . . I shall continue imagining . . . .ohohohohohooh~

Ah, another thing that I liked in this chapter:

I guess that gigantic fox shows that this series is indeed a fantasy setting (I was still not sure if this was fantasy because . . . I don't see anything magical yet) since . . .I don't think there's such a creature in real life. Ehehehe. Oh it's so fluffy . . . I'm jealous of Belca . . . I wanna sleep on it too~

Ah, lastly, on the villains side:

There are now speculations that Orcelito have been a different person. It's also making me wonder if he's really Orcelito. Damnit, I don't get why the author is still not showing us what made Orcelito like that. I've heard it's still not clear until the latest chapter. Guuuuhhh . . . it's driving me crazy.

And of course, I shall ignore the parts with that annoying princess in this chapter. I don't care if she had finally somewhat acknowledged Belca. She's still annoying. Her existence is annoying me!!! I am so happy she's not a super major character . . .

Oh~ I'm excited for Op. 10~


kanzeon said...

My Dietrich lve now have gone to 0% with this ;___;. Ugh, he's so evil...

And I kinda feel bad for the racist-like actions towards the Amontels.

LOL CAPTAIN x MARIEBELLE 4EVER!!! Haha I love him so much <33 XD. Btw, does the captain has a real name or is it just plain 'Captain'? I can't remember it being mentioned -__-;;

"BELCA, WHY CAN'T YOU BE BOTH MALE AND FEMALE???!!! You could have a twin sister at least or something. or just split into two!"

Elky said...

Or you can expect MOAR GHEYNESS!! 8DD
Though if there will be I hope it will be really light or undertonish.

I really luff the part where the Captain blushes at Belca~ So cuteee <3

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ kanzeon
my love for Dietrich went bye bye too =_=
Poor amontel on the racist thing ;_;
The captain's name hasn't been mentioned, at least until this chapter. I'll try to review the raws I have if I can identify a part wherein he introduces himself or being called with a name. That, or I'll just ask b1px. Ehehe.
I badly want to wish him to be both *_*

@ Elky
It is something expected from a zero-sum series I guess xD Haha, but yeah, I only want it to be light or in undertones . . . if ever there really is. (Orcelito and Kiliko moments scream so GHEY already O_O;;;)
And yes, Captain blushing is soooo cute~

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