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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Sengoku Basara - Episode 11 & 12

Whoa! This entry had been so delayed . . . I've actually seen these episodes weeks ago, but this post gets delayed and delayed until I almost forgot that I haven't done this yet. Ehehehe. Well, now that it's here, I can finally wrap up my episode impressions on this very entertaining samurai anime~

Kasuga was captured but she mangaed to escape thanks to Oichi's uselessness. She was helped by Sasuke afterwards. I find it nice that Oichi tried to see the humanity inside Nobunaga, but she's doing a very poor job on it that it has become more of annoying rather than admirable. Well, maybe my hatred towards her is making her more annoying than she already seems, but she's not doing anything to make her more likeable to me. I was so please when Nouhime was going to kill her even if their sisters-in-law~ But sadly, Nouhime was killed by whatever dark forces that's protecting Oichi. Having such bodyguards is cool but of all times for those things to appear, why only on Nouhime? And why only when the first season is about to end? It felt like it was just forced to be included there to keep Oichi alive. But those things don't seem to work on Nobunaga only I guess. I think he really killed his sister, but I'm quite disappointed on the lack of bloodshed *morbid towards characters she hates*

Now onto Mitsuhide, the last few episodes show what a bastard he is that he will use a kid for his advantage. Masamune and Yukimura sooo wanna beat him up, but Koujiro told him that he'll take care of Mitsuhide. I find it strage though . . . that Koujiro was able to defeat Mitsuhide (he had been so cool by the way~) but Mitsuhide was able to fight against Masamune and Koujiro's combo attack before. I mean, the attack before was supposed to be stronger, right? What inconsistencies

And the final battle? Yeah, it was your typical shounen battle wherein the enemy is freakin' strong that our heroes are having trouble that they get beaten up a lot but if they only have a few attacks left, not matter how injured they are, in the end some miracle had happened and they will be able to kill the evil guy in one powerful blow. What was unusual though is that an unexpected character appeared: Ieyasu's favorite soldier, and he helped out our main characters in making the main villain weaker.

Yeah, yeah, it's your typical final boss battle; but it was entertaining to watch, who cares. LOLz~

After that, everything had been back to normal, aside from one of Nobunaga's underlings is in the good side now and had met a pretty girl. I saw complains that there had been no changes in the story since everything had been the same to the way it was, but that's what they planned from the very beginning anyway. They just allied to defeat the same enemy, but they still want to become the primary rulers of the country. So I don't see anything wrong with having their relationships back to the way they had been . . . . but I do admit that it would've been nicer if some changes have been made.

Overall, the last two episodes have been awesome~ They had been really fun to watch~

Ah, now to my bias portion:

My favorite one-sided pairing: Sasuke x Kasuga


I can't wait for more of Sengoku Basara next season! Yay!
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