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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Manga Discovery: Million Girl

Million Girl
by MOMOYUKI Kotori
Sachi has always been known for her gorgeous amber-colored hair that she inherited from her mother. She has a happy enough life, except for the fact that her mother is dead, which she keeps a secret.
One day, she is approached by a classmate who seems to know all her family’s secrets, and is forced into his “Money Game”. (Nagareboshi Manga)

I see so many shoujo fans being excited about this . . . and I wanted to find out what's so great about this *Anything loved by many will always capture my curiosity*. I read the plot, and it had something to do with money. And I saw an eye-patched bishie. Alright, that's enough to make me check it out even before scanlations are out (since the raw and translations are already available anyway).

Well . . . I didn't have high expectations . . . I kept it really low . . . and fortunately it wasn't as bad as I feared it might be. Not that it's bad. It's pretty interesting actually. But there are still things that bothered me . . .

You see, the leading girl here has very beautiful hair that's so shiny and beautiful like a gem. It's like some rare item that it can be used to be exchanged for money.

That was just so . . . .DUUUUH.

Oh come on. . . . hair that is so dazzling that everyone will praise for its gorgeousness and it even has financial value? I'm alright with that if this is a fairy tale manga. It will just make me think of it as something like Rapunzel. But this is no fantasy manga. . . . so an unbelievably pretty hair that's worth paying for in a setting that's close to real life is just . . .dumb, in my opinion.

Some more relation to the hair thing . . . .everyone compliments or at least acknowledges her beautiful hair . . . but . . . even her close friends are still so surprised after seeing it in the first chapter. I don't care if it's too exagerrate the beauty of her hair . . . it's just not consistent. If she's friends with those girls, they should be at least used to seeing her pretty hair . . . not get surprised everytime they see it like it's their first time. It's just not natural.

Anyway, what I liked about this chapter is that though the leading girl is one of those heroines with tragic pasts and got involved in really unfortunate situations, she had at least tried to escape and do something about it; not just cry helplessly and endure the pain and go emo and wait for someone to rescue her. I guess there's a chance for me not to hate the leading girl . . . at least not yet. *usually dislikes leading ladies*

I find it interesting that she hates people who love money too much because her life was ruined because of it. Even if she didn't have such a background, I like characters that despise such people. Ironically though, the leading guy (who will most likely be her love interest. . . .this is shoujo after all. . . ) is such a person . . . and she even needs to beg money from him.

About the leading guy . . . I don't like eyepatches (they cover the cuteness!!!) but this eye-patched bishie is . . . well, a bishie. In other words, cute~ But he's such a jerk who will give no mercy and only cares about money. He's not the usual tsundere leading guy type. He's really a bastard. Reminds me of Watashi ni xx Shinasai's leading guy, but they are jerks in a different sense. I love leading guys like these~ They're . . .different.

We'll only find out in the next chapter on what the Money Game is actually like. I'm curious on how the game is played . . . hopefully it's not something stupid. I'm also curious on how it'll turn out. . . whether the leading girl wins or not . . . how it happens should be not something . . .too expected or dumb (like making her win because of some luck or miracle. That's just . . .guuuh).

I also want to find out who the other girl beside the leading guy in the colored spread is. Hopefully she ain't a part of a love triangle . . . or at least, not the annoying kind of love triangle (since I liked some love triangles . . . ehehehe). I also wish another bishie shows up~ *obviously likes bishies* Hehe.

I'm not sold to this series but . . . it has been pretty interesting. I'm giving it a few chapters. I'm dropping it if it turns out to be the usual shoujo crap. I honestly don't like a lot of shoujos but my number one manga happened to be one *sweatdrop*. So I'm hoping to find a rare gem among all this collection of crap.

I honestly don't expect Million Girl to be a terrific shoujo series (yeah, still keeping my expectations low), but I believe it has potential to be very decent or pretty good at least.

READ: 1 chapter out of 1 translated chapter of a new ongoing manga
VERDICT: Giving it a Few Chapters . . . .
Shoujo that has money stuff and a cute eye-patched bishie . . . so I gave it a try~
And it wasn't bad. I honestly expected the worse. I kinda liked it, but am not yet sold to it. I'll give it a few more chapters I guess~


Anonymous said...

Yay! It's really good. I can't wait for more! Thanks for translating and good luck :D

Sapphire Pyro said...

I'm interested to see more too xD

Ah, I didn't do the translations ^^; Please thank lilginnyback for being so awesome ^^

Anonymous said...

Thank you, this is very funny! It sucks that it only came out last year, it's so good! Plus, I like that the pictures are cute and the story isn't predictable. Thing is, I want the girl not to go with Leon... he's so greedy it's sickening lol. I do not like the eyepatch, unfortunately lol. :D

Anonymous said...

This manga is not the addictive type, but it's not bad either. I'm really interested in the duels of the money game- the first too are very interesting, especially the first one. I like that the heroine has to show her srenght and intelligence. Anyway, great review ;)

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