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Friday, August 7, 2009

Finished Manga: Azrael's EDGE

Azrael's EDGE
Leto is employed as an apprentice by the skilled mercenary Alpha, from the mercenary unit Boreas. He struggles to rid himself of his apprentice status and be accepted by Alpha. However, as a mercenary, many painful encounters and terrible experiences await him…

Author and Artist: Yugyoji Tama | Volumes: 1 volume | Year: 2006
Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy | Demographics: Josei
Original Publisher: Ichijinsha | Serialized In: Comic Zero-Sum, Ward


Azrael's EDGE may be some kind of episodic series about the adventures of the skilled mercenary and his apprentice, but each story/case/mission had been interesting and I really like the plot twists made in this manga. Though it seems episodic, there's actually some development in the story, and with the characters as well; it's just not that obvious or explicit.

Storywise it's actually pretty good, but it still lacked background the the last chapter totally didn't feel like an ending. Even if it did have some developments, there really should be more. Even though the story in each chapter had been pretty good, it would certainly have been better if the manga wasn't episodic, since it's too short anyway. Bottomline: It had been pretty impressive but it's just too short.

Art may not be fantastic, but it's not bad at all. But the main characters seriously lack background, and some extra characters seem like they just appeared out of nowhere (in other words, I didn't feel them introduced). Though despite them, they had been likeable and interesting in their own way (well, I don't like some of them, but that's just my character taste).

Overall, though the manga is too short of its story, it was still pretty good.

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