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Friday, August 28, 2009

+C: Sword and Cornett - Chapter 10

Only one chapter to go and the second volume is fully scanlated~ Hooray! It had been a good chapter, as usual. Our main character had behaved, and I can't believe I didn't hate my hatest character in this chapter. . .

I'll start with my favorite portion:

When I see Belca around the Captain, he's Mariebelle to my eyes. Damnit . . .
Belca was being such a worry freak~ and . . . the Captain saying it's his honor to risk his life for Mariebelle his highness. . . and Belca saying that he's not worthy of it . . . and both of them are blushing. Oh my OTP . . . oh my OTP . . . why so adorable . . . freakin' crack adorable . . . oh you two *glee*

About Musca, so her stubborness to see her brother and meeting Belca's buddy actually saved her. When she said she was sick, it made me think that she actually had some sort of illness even though she looked very healthy. But it turns out that the people working for her made her sick, and she was tricked on the medicine she's taking . . . because instead of making her feel better, the "medicine" is what's slowly killing her. I find the twist really awesome~
Poor royal family for not having truthfully loyal subordinates in the palace . . . it's so sad that those royal families who are decent get betrayed while those royal families who are cruel get devotion. It's not always like that of course, but it's really sad to see such.
Back to Musca . . . I was honestly wishing that that guy didn't find it out. I want her dead . . . *evil fan*

Now to the events in the chapter:

Alright! Belca didn't behave like a close-minded idiot this time. He had realized his actions . . . he's aware that he's being a fool for doing that. Oh thank goodness for the personality development on Belca. He's not a 100% emo idiot and he's a prince who has brains and knows self control. His improvement wasn't instant of course. He did it little by little. And he had been successful. I love him~

He's able to talk calmly in front of an Amontel now. no more calling of them as monsters. He even thought of asking a favor! Of course the Amontel didn't take that easily, after all that he had called them. But well, he's desperate . . . he no longer cares if he's doing something shameful.

He wants to rescue Eco and have the Captain freed. He would do anything for them, just for the sake of those two.
Yeah, yeah, he's one of those self sacrificial main characters. Those types could be annoying actually. . . Eliot from Pandora Hearts had detailed on how pathetic they actually are. But I still admire such selfless characters, especially if they are of a high social status. In this series, we have a prince who is willing to do anything for a friend and a subordinate. Royal families are meant to serve the people after all. How could they be considered honorable nobles if they're not willing to risk everything for others? I really love it when the princes and other royal members are those who are doing the protection of ordinary people.
But back to the manga, of course the Amontel didn't believe him easily. And yes, especially after what he had been yelling at them.

Shingetsu had a suggestion though. She went as far as taking a life. That's too much (the other Amontel think so as well) but . . .Belca did say that he'll do anything after all.

So he agrees, and even gives Shingetsu his gratitude. But well, he's the main character, and there's no way this series is ending yet . . . so . . . .as if he'll be killed~ We already know what happens next but . . .

It was so funny on when Shingetsu keeps on saying how stupid Belca had been. Haha! Even Belca lost count. Wahehehehe!
It's obvious that Shingetsu was just testing him, to see if he's really true to his word. She already had an idea that he's really a selfless guy back when they first met. She had noticed that Belca really let himself be captured for the captain's sake. Oh my OTP
And since Shingetsu released him from being tied up, then I believe it's safe to assume that she doesn't think of him as an enemy or a threat anymore. Belca got their trust.
It's possible that Hector had also gained their trust in a similar way. Shingetsu says she hasn't seen a human that stupid, and it also looks like she gets to chat with Hector. Shingetsu had mentioned that Hector had called Belca the worrisome brother (Oh he was soooooo right~ Belca's bad boy image in the first chapter was such a lie! He's a worry freak that's incredibly moe~ Wahahaha!).
I won't be surprised if Belca becomes close to Amontel like Hector had been. It's making me think that Belca might also fall in love with an Amontel. I would like Belca x Shingetsu~ . . . Shingetsu's the manlier one though . . . . bwahahahahahha!!!!!

But I'm for my crack pairing forever! Heheheheehe~

Ah, other stuff. I fidn it weird that Belca's friend didn't have a name. . . Musca even needed to give him one. Shamrock . . . not a bad name. But hhhmm . . . it seems like subordinates/soldiers/knights/mercenaries/etc. in the palace don't get to have names. That explains why the captain's name is still not yet revealed to us . . .
Fufu~ What if it's Mariebelle Belca who's going to give him a name? Oh my OTP fantasies again. Bwahahahaha!

And about Dietrich . . . uuuggghh . . . so evil for him to use an Amontel to track its own kind. He's so evil . . . I don't think he deserves to be Roderich's (of Hetalia) look alike. Ggggrrr . . . .

Okay . . . now I'm really excited for the next chapter because . . . Eco's back and I see Mariebelle!!! Ohohohohohoh!!!!