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Thursday, August 6, 2009

New Flavors: Aoiro Toshikan

Aoiro Toshokan
(The Blue Library)
by Hayashi Mikase
Desperate to get her hands on a gown she saw on her way home from school, Hina jumps into "Aoiro Toshokan" for a part-time work. There, she ends up working under the Library Director who is also an author known as Shimokomoriya. Thus begins Hinas's boring days with the handful Sensei. (Baka-Updates)

I've heard about this from Manga-Summaries and the title was enough to make me interested in this. (favorite color + books = total win). There's only one chapter out so far, though that one chapter could already be left as a oneshot. But there seems to be more of it so hopefully later chapters would be as nice.

It had a nice story but I couldn't blame people who got bored with it because . . . yeah, it's pretty boring. The comedy tried to make the story lively but . . . for me they haven't been funny enough to make me very energetic. Ehehe.

I hope there won't be any romance in this (because it really seems that the leading girl has fallen for the leading guy) because that'll make the story so lame. Oh please keep the story nice by keeping their relationship platonic. Romance isn't exactly a requirement to have a good shoujo series. I think this will really do better without any romance. They're already sweet enough.

Anyway, though the chapter had been a little boring for me (or maybe I should blame the manhwa I've read before reading it . . . because that one bored me and got on my nerves . . . ), I actually find it pretty impressive. What I liked about this is that it shows what loving books really is like. It's not just being able to read a gazillion books, but more of sharing the books that you love to others and maintaining these treasures with utmost care. Knowing whether a book is good or not will be figured out once you've read it. People may have different reviews or opinions about the books they've read, but sharing these may actually help others. Those who love books and sharing that love with other people can totally relate to this, like I have.

As for the characters, they're okay. But the leading girl isn't my type as usual . . . much more when she had mistaken the two young guys' relationship as BL *sweatdrop*. It's supposed to be for comedy but . . .I dunno . . .I wasn't amused. Well, anyway, my favorite is the editor. Simply because I find him cute and he's not as gentle as the leading guy! Hahahaha!

Overall, I agree with Nathaniel that this manga had indeed been sweet and nice. It's kinda boring though, but not bad. It's pretty average for me. But it's a good read so I don't think there's any harm to read this on your spare time. I recommend it to those who love books though . . . we can relate~ But if shoujo bores you then . . .this is more boring unfortunately. Ehehehe . . .

Sapphire Pyro
READ: 1 chapter out of 1 scanlated chapter of a complete(?) manga
VERDICT: Might read from time to time
It was sweet and nice, but it kinda bored me ^^;
But I think fellow book lovers can relate to this~