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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Manga Discovery: Ransetsuki

Sakumiya Minagi and his adopted older brother Amou live in a family which protects the katana "Kiriyasha" and "Hagasumi." Kiriyasha has been known to be attracted to blood and the only thing that can stop it is the sword "Hagasumi." After the death of Minagi's father, strange people start to appear around Minagi, some attacking him and others protecting him. Soon after, his brother Amou breaks the seal of the Kiriyasha and leaves the Sakumiya house after killing his mother. Minagi now has to fight his brother with the Hagasumi and seal the Kiriyasha once again. (Baka-Updates)

I am so hooked to Ilegenes that I thought of checking out the other manga being scanlated by Bliss. When I read the first chapter, it seemed so familiar . . . so I checked my manga database and it turns out that I've already read this manga sometime last year . . . but I don't remember much of it anymore, so I read starting from the beginning again but this time until the latest scanlation.

I got interested in this because it is a supernatural + martial arts manga. I also like the idea of brothers being so close before but are now mortal enemies. I was expecting myself to like this manga a lot but . . . .

It was a disappointment.

It's the typical chosen one thing with the leading guy so fragile that he needs to have so many protectors to face so many enemies but he actually has some mysterious and great power in him and of course he will be able to use it when the right time comes. He's not as bad as the heroines in fantasy reverse harem series . . . but still . . . guuuhhh . . .

Story is too meh . . . for me, it has been so fast paced and kinda angsty/emo. Thanks to those sudden deaths in the earlier chapters, leading guy is more emotional than ever, But instead of sympathizing with him, he makes me more annoyed with him. I don't care if he's cute. I don't care if he has a sweet attachment to his older brother. I see him as an emo, the typical chosen one, and a guy version of a damsel-in-distress.

Moreover, none of the characters had appealed to me. They're either stereotypical, uninteresting, vague, or simply DUH. . . .

Except for one.

I really really really like Kaishi. He entertains me a lot~ Haha! I find him a lilttle tsundere for saying that he's only protecting Minagi because his original boss told him to, but slowly he's getting attached to the boy~ And oh he's so cute when he's hungry and so cool when he fights.

Guuuuhhh . . . .I so want to drop this but . . . this character existed in this series! Damn. My character bias could be pretty strong no matter how crappy the series is overall. The art and the fight scenes aren't really that terrific for me either . . . just . . .that character. Aaaaaahhhh!!!!!!!!!

READ: 10 chapters out of 10 scanlated chapters out so far of a 10 volume complete manga
VERDICT: Kinda Following. . . Out of Character Bias
I thought I'll like it . . . since it's my type of series . . unfortunately I didn't.
I loved a certain character though. Damn, can't he exist in a different manga instead of this? It's such a waste for me to read this manga if it's ONLY for him.