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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

07-Ghost - Episode 18

This had been an awesome episode.
Heck, just when was an episode with my beloved not awesome?!
But, yeah, even bias aside, it has been a really good one. I don't think there are much changes from the manga. I like how the anime presented those scenes from the manga . . . very much~

Episode 18 continued from what the previous episode left off. Hakuren tried to attacks but Bastien easily handled him, even using him hostage against Teito. Teito's no match for Bastien either. Bastien reveals that he's working under Aya-tan, and Kuroyuri ordered him to handle the Teito kidnapping. When Teito's soul was about to be devoured, the angel inside him shows up to save his master~
Mikhail, on the other hand, is too powerful for Bastien. He's so ready to kill him but Teito stops him (First time for them to actually converse~) because Bastien is important to Frau. Mikhail couldn't do as he wishes because his beloved master's resisting. Bastien takes advantage of the situation and strangles Teito/Mikhail. He hesitates a little though when Teito (Teito and Mikhail have been switching places, like on and off. Haha!) says about him wishing to be by Frau's side.
And after that, speaking of the devil, he comes to the rescue~ Not as Frau, but as Zehel rather. Bastien is actually pleased to see him and ready to die. By the way, Bastien turned evil because he couldn't forgive criminals who seek sanctuary to the church . . . so he killed them all off . . . thinking that it's justice . . . and became a monster that he is now. But Bastien's love for his little boy had been true. It's not exactly clear to me what Bastien's wish had been, but it looks like in the end it became true.
This scene makes me cry:

On the other side, I forgot why Kuroyuri and Haruse separated but it looks like Haruse's gonna be battling with our favorite flower boy. Well, flowery boys are kinda gay, I agree, but flower boys that look evil around flowers is hott. As for Kuroyuri, the kid knew that Frau will be rescuing Teito . . . so he went after Frau's body while the guy's in Zehel form. But when he sliced off Frau's body, it turns out to be a doll. Of course our favorite doll bishop is behind it. And he was able to tie up Kuroyuri and communicate with the boss: Ayanami.
Anyway, back to the part with my beloved. He tells Frau that there's actually no need to do any rescuing, knowing the kind of being he is. But Frau responds that the reason he did it is because of what Mikhail is. Well, when Teito returns, Frau puts him to sleep.

The series shall continue next episode~ Mikhail and Aya-tan are there, so of course it's gonna be awesome. Mwahahahahahahha! (Okay, it really is awesome even without my bias~)

This episode had action, drama, and blood~ I really love how the anime animated those chapters in the manga where it had been based. In fact, I like it better in the anime version. I'm also happy with the additional scenes. They fit. And they're good.
I'm also happy to see Castor and Labrador kicking ass this time~ They seriously lack screentime. Haha!
My absolute favorite scene of course is when Teito is stopping Mikhail; and Mikhail trying to persuade his master to kill the guy already~ It was fun to watch~

Alright, favorite portion . . . some of my favorite screenshots!!! Wheee~ (usually they're LQ . . . they're more LQ now . . . sorry . . . )

He looks even younger than before

[ FRAU ]
Young Frau's really cute . . . of course current him is good looking

I really love it when the usually-smiling bishies go evil~

He's so hott~

He's hott as well~

Freakin' adorable~

Pretty as always~

Leading character will always have cute scenes~


And of course . . . .


Gotta love those eyes~

He's cool in sideview

Even in this view

awesome hand covering mouth

more of that awesome hand

getting ready

poses and Burupya leaves because it's dangerous

attack pose

Teito interrupts for the first time

He looks like a lunatic with that expression~

More lunatic WTF expression~

Teito's actually in charge but Mikhail so wants to do some killing~

Oh those eyes~

Those eyes . . . plus those stuff in the face . . . he's like some monster. Nice~

Oh pretty shocked eye while he's talking to Teito~

Mikhail's not amused~


Oh that eye again~

So cute~

Oh yeah, this was the part of him talking to Zehel~

Zehel got worried about his hand, but Mikhail says it's nothing~
I can't merge this right . . . because of the smoke

Now without the smoke . . . oh he's so cute~

OMG that smile of his~


Mikhail going to Teito mode now . . .

Goodbye darling! Hope to see you again next episode!

I am obviously such a Mikhail freak . . . . Ohohohohohohohoho~


kirapika said...

Oh really? Kyaaa~ I can't wait!
I've been backlogging this for 2 weeks already, might as well stop backlogging now :D

Sapphire Pyro said...

Hope you enjoy it~

Anonymous said...

i love mikhail too!!!!!he's so hot and smexy!!!!
kyaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!all the guys in 07 ghost are hot!!!!!!!!for a 19 year old girl i can go out with anyone in the show!!!!yay for me!!!tee hee!!!!

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