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Friday, August 28, 2009

Manga Discovery: Clear Qualia

Clear Qualia
( Kuria Kuoria | Clear Kuoria )
by ENDOU Minari
In a distant Island, people suffer from a strange disease called "Pinocchio". This disease causes patient's limbs to rot, and before long, leads to death. But disease can be cured by using artificial limbs or "exchanging" limbs of people with special antibodies. These people with the antibodies, who only exist one in ten-thousand, are called "Doner", and their bodies considered national treasures. One day, Dorothy, a Doner, exchanges her precious right eye for a male Plastica(robot servents) who was about to get thrown away. Their meeting sparks the beginning of a story of a strange master and her strange Plastica. (ruggia via MangaHelpers)

Three main reasons why I checked out this manga: 1) the one translating has similar tastes as I do; 2) I see fairy tale references, specifically "Pinocchio". . . I cannot ignore; 3) though it's by the mangaka by Hatenkou Yugi, which I disliked; it's also by the mangaka of Maria+Holic, which I liked.

Now that I've read it . . . well, it didn't get me addicted but I do like it. I don't like it enough to look forward to every chapter . . . but I like it enough to finish it. I guess the story and characters didn't grab much . . . but they honestly weren't bad at all.

Though the manga had fairy tale reference and had a fairy tale feel to it . . . the fairy tale stuff in it are just used for comparisons or simply mentioned casually . . . not that the events or characters have been representing their counterparts in those fairy tales. I didn't expect that . . . but I like it when things are different from what I've expected . . . as long as they're not negative of course . . . it's nice to be surprised~

About the story . . . I don't know what to say about it because nothing has happened much . . . from the scanlated chapters so far. We just get to know that our main character bought a plastica and people who know she's a donor are after her. And then? I . . . I don't know why I feel that nothing happened much even though there are really things going on in those chapters. Perhaps I got too used to fast paced series? But this isn't exactly slow paced either . . . so weird. Anyway, there are things happening in the later chapters. I couldn't understand what's going on unfortunately because of my mediocre Japanaese . . . so I can't say if they're interesting or not.

Speaking of what's interesting . . . the most interesting for me in this manga so far is Ponkotsu, the leading guy. He's definitely no ordinary Plastica . . because he can act, think, and even have feelings like a human. And there's this flashback of him killing a certain human. I would really like to know more of his background.

Dorothy is one of the leading ladies that I don't dislike. She's not a favorite though. I like her crack moments with the other guys . . . . but at times I also find her boring for some reason. She's just okay and pretty interesting . . . but not enough to make me admire her a lot . . . . but I salute to her for not being despicable. Hehe.

Only the leading pair had been interesting because only they had a little background, development, and had big roles in the series. Dorothy's guardian was entertaining, but unfortunately we don't get to know much about him, aside from being the dude who is strict and pretty protective of Dorothy and one who dislikes Ponkotsu. Did he even get a name? All I remember was him being called an evil stepmother! Hahaha!

It had crack . . . and it was entertaining~ It also had a few dark and twisted stuff (just when the hell is "eye-taking" in fantasy not something twisted?). There was a little action . . . they looked cool but . . . not awesome enough for me. Maybe I've been reading too many action series that action in shoujo no longer appeals to me much. Ehehehe.

Anyway, this series is about some deadly disease, right? Like other series with epidemics, it had been shown here on what heights one could do if they're very desperate. Desperate humans could be really dangerous. Also, it had the robots stuff too. Since robots are created to serve humans, they were treated as tools. They're not really appreciated, and since they're imitations . . . they're considered second-rate. It's the opposite of the concept at the manga Ilegenes though, wherein the clones or non-humans are more appreciated because they had become more beautiful and perfect compare to original ones. That manga makes you think that what's natural and original is still the best . . . . but in this one, it makes you realize that imitations and other man-made beings are also to be admired and appreciated. They both have a point.

I like it when a shoujo manga isn't just a simple boy-meets-girl-then-fall-in-love story. It's really nice if there's more to it, whether in the story, the character, elsewhere, or all. I like this manga for not being a typical shoujo~

READ: 1 volume with 2 scanlated chapters of a 2 volume complete manga
VERDICT: Finishing When it's Fully Scanlated . . . OR Might Read From Time to Time
Fairy tale manga . . . I can't ignore~ It's also by the mangaka of Maria+Holic, a series I liked, so I gave it a try~
I wasn't hooked but it was a pretty good shoujo manga~ I like it~ I hope it gets finished in scanlations soon~
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