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Monday, August 24, 2009

Axis Powers Hetalia - Episode 31

Presenting: Gakuen Hetalia's Christmas!
This episode gives us an idea on how different nations spend their Christmas. Nice timing for this episode to show up when their war just ended (or had a truce) few episodes ago because of Christmas. So cute that their school's also called World W Academy. Haha!

I love it when Ludwig's wearing his glasses~

Ludwig: And so, this month's World W Academy's Wall Newspaper is. . .
Wall Newspaper . . . reminds me of Wallstreet journal . . . parody?

Ludwig: going to do an article about each nation's Christmas, okay?
Feliciano: Va Bene! Hmm~ It's going to about Christmas this time~ Sounds interesting~
Kiku: It does sound like good material..

Feliciano: Last time, it was about each country's beer.

Feliciano: Using "investigation" as a cover, Geez, Ludwig
Drunk chibi Ludwig is adorable~

Ludwig: Ahhh *cough* Okay first, Feliciano, what do you do during Christmas?

Feliciano: At my place, we watch illuminations

Feliciano: then we bake a turkey

Feliciano: then we give gifts to people who we feel we're indebted to.

Feliciano: What about you, Kiku?


Kiku: I...I...

*Kiku: Let's do our best in the Christmas Sales War!!!*
I see that in so many anime/manga . . . seems like a Japanese tradition indeed.

Christmas is for couples in Japan, daaaw~

Vash: Tell us your own opinions Kiku!!
Kiku: Y-yes

Vash: We spend our Christmas with family!!
Generous of Vash to answer them even if he wasn't interviewed yet. How the heck did they know what they're talking about in the first place? Eavesdropping? LOLz~

Vash: I'll excuse myself for now!!

Ludwig: Uhh...Should we put that in the article?
F; Okaaaay~
Kiku: *takes note*


Alfred: Christmas party? Well, we celebrate that with a BANG!

I just love this look/pose~

Alfred: First we watch illuminations from a building to our house. Then we make snacks of Christmas colors!!

Alfred: I attempted to bake a cake this year! Wanna try it?
Kiku: Nah, we're fine, we're fine.
Ludwig: Ah~ My stomach doesn't feel well today so...
If Arthur = cooking FAIL; Alfred = baking FAIL. Oh you two are so the same. Hahahaha!


Ivan: But December 25th falls in our calendars on a weekday. January 7th is Christmas but if you compare it with New Year, celebrating it isn't as lively.
Ivan: By the way, an old man that creates miracles called Ded Moroz appears. We display a lot of Old Man Ded Moroz dolls for decoration.
Feliciano: Ehh~ That's so cool~

Ivan: And then there's a story that dolls come to life when it strikes midnight on December 25.
Ludwig: Don't scare us!!!

Oh an adorable nation-tan is hiding~

Ludwig: Jeez, It's not about horror stories you know.
Feliciano: Waaah~ I'm scared!!!


Yao: Decorating Christmas trees is prohibited by law, aru

Feliciano: Eeh, is that so...?
Yao:Yes.. the trees are easy to burn so they banned it, aru

Yao: We tried to learn from Hong Kong but...then we eat pizza, aru. It seems strangely different, aru.
Kiku: I think doing it your way is fine as it is.

More of that hiding adorable bishie~
Feliciano: Ve~! I'm kinda surprised there are a lot of Christmases I don't know about~
Ludwig: Yes, Interesting, isn't it?
Ludwig: Hmm~ We've gathered a lot of interesting data...
Ludwig: Alright!! he's up next!


Francis: Hmm what? You want to spend Christmas with me?
Ludwig: I didn't say that.

Like Alfred, Francis also had some sexy pose~

Francis: Well, our Christmas (which is better than Ludwig's) is gorgeous and romantic!!
Ludwig: And the big difference is...?

Francis: We treat Santa Claus with some wine!
Kiku: So S..Santa drives while he's drunk when giving presents to the kids...

Francis: ...So, do you think you'll be able to write a good article now?
Kiku: Ah..yeah. There sure are a lot of interesting Christmases around the world, huh?
Feliciano: Francis nii-chan, if you see Santa drunk again, take his picture for me!
Ludwig: Alright!! Go to the next one already!! The next is going to be the final and most important article!

Arthur seriously looks like an idiot in the whole episode....

But he's adorable that way. Hahahaha!


Tino: Ehh? Is it okay for me to have the biggest portion..? Uwaa, what do I do..? I'm you know...not very good at explaining...
Kiku: I knew you'd be last
Feliciano: Let us hear a lot of stories about Santa-san please!

Tino: Aah, Santa is already too famous so...what about I tell you of Christmas Sauna? Before Christmas, everyone goes to sauna.
Ludwig: Tino must've felt really light-hearted.
Tino: Then the leftover flames are used to melting the liquid form of such is then used in Fortune Telling for the New Year.
If I didn't know it was Sauna, I would've had perverted thoughts seeing Tino being happy and saying MOI MOI while naked.... LOLz~

Ludwig: Recycling huh...that's wonderfully environment friendly.
I first knew about Ludwig's environment friendly stuff from Alfred's birthday. Oh I can totally imagine Alfred's birthday to be animated like in these two most recent episodes~

Feliciano: Thanks!! We'll be able to write an interesting article with that~!

Ludwig: Okay! First, an accouncement. After writing the article with all these information, our mission will soon be over.
Kiku: Yes
Feliciano: Ah, that's right! We never got to hear what Ludwig's Christmas is like!!

Ludwig: Uhh. At our place, the Christmas Market is pretty famous.

Feliciano: Ehh~
Ludwig: Then we eat snacks, then we make adventskranz.

Ludwig: And so, I have a question...

Ludwig: That is... Do you guys have plans for Christmas...?
Blushing . . .daaaw


Kiku: Ludwig-san...

Feliciano: None of course!!!

Ludwig: *speechless*

Feliciano: *being ever so adorable*

Ludwig: These members again...
Feliciano: Ahaha, I can't wait ~ I'll get your presents ready~!
Kiku: Yeah, let's have fun this year again!

Arthur thinks he has successfully escaped....

or so he thought....

Kiku: Ahh, phew. You finally settled down...

Kiku: So, about Christmas...
Arthur: Eh?

Arthur: Ahh. . .
*huggles Arthur*

I honestly do not get why Arthur is frightened to be interviewed. My guesses are: 1) He's shy or simply doesn't like being interviewed 2) There's some embarassing Christmas tradition in the British culture (is there?)

Anyway, it was a wonderful episode~ I love it when Hetalia explores different cultures~

I think the real start of the second season of Hetalia was in episode 30, because from that episode a certain set of strips gets animated in a whole episode . . . animation quality is good. . . . and there are no recycled scenes. I guess they have higher budget now after emptying the pockets of a lot of fans. Haha! The Hetalia anime staff seriously knows fanservice . . . without being disgustingly/disturbingly perverted.

Note: Text of dialogue translations are based on scanlations. . . . not 100% copied though.

Notice: I don't know if I can post the larger versions. Do you guys want them? If they're not wanted anyway, maybe I shouldn't bother. There's already someone at the Hetalia community who had been so generous to upload screencaps of each episode in better quality anyway. Ehehehe.

~ I prefer human names because using their country names would be . . . kinda awkward ~
Axis Powers: Feliciano (Italy), Ludwig (Germany), Kiku (Japan)
Allied Forces: Ivan (Russia), Yao (China), Francis (France), Arthur (England), Alfred (America)
Others: Vash (Switzerland), Tino (Finland)


Anonymous said...

I tot arthur-san wants to get interviewed ~_~

Anonymous said...

I think he was waiting to be interviewed and but in the end he was too shy and tsundere to answer. And the "HOSHI" face was probably for the fear of getting caught stalking them around.

Anonymous said...

he wants to get interviewed, but he´s a tsundere character (you know what I mean? X3)

Anonymous said...

I loved this episode xD and aaaaw Germany was so cute at the end <3 >w<

nojoku said...

Arthur was hoping to get interviewed since the Christmas traditions are quite distinctive in Britain (they have this "traditional English Christmas" ideal).

Love the episode so much! (Why is Tino wearing a towel in the sauna. YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO BE NAKED IN THE SAUNA. That's the true Finnish way ;) )

Anonymous said...

lol I didn't notice that Alfred was in his school uniform.


Kiiru-Sama said...

Arthur is sooooo cute~!!!!!!
I luv his tsundereness~!!!!
And also he's hot in his school uniform!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting this up! I wanted to know what they were saying! Usually it comes out subbed on Tuesdays for me, but today it wasn't! :( I AM SO THANKFUL FOR YOU! XD
(I'm not a KikuxArthur fan, but I thought Arthur was spying on Kiku...I was like, "I bet JapanxEngland fans are all screaming with joy"...)

Anonymous said...

WAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH~!!!! *ish serously crying*
But i love France's part. Seriously.


Sapphire Pyro said...

@ About Arthur wanting to be interviewed
Since he's tsundere, I had thought of the possibility of him actually wanting to be interviewed but . . . he's more like hiding from them to me x_x He got so nervous when Kiku finally caught him o_o

@ Anonymous #9
I don't get how Poland = Gakuen Hetalia x_x I don't remember him showing up in a school uniform

@ Anonymous #8
You're welcome ^^
I don't see it as Arthur stalking Kiku though . . .

@ Anonymou #7
It would be lovely to add Ludwig in the megane hetalia boys list xD Heehee

@ nojoku
I think the traditional english christmas is something nice, so I really don't get why Arthur isn't interviewed x_x
LOLz to the demand of a naked Tino xD

deadharbor said...

I thought Arthur was looking forward to being interviewed too. See how happy he was when they talked the front page being reserved for the last person? He thought it was him - turned out to be Tino. Poor Arthur. When Kiku finally interviewed him, I was glad. :)

Icerain said...

Arthur doesn't want to get interviewed because he thought they were talking about class, lol.

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ deadharbor
He looked more of relieved than happy to me x_x Well, that's what it seemed to me.
I'm also glad that Kiku finally caught him xD

@ Icerain
That's possible but that's pretty strange though since he's Gakuen Hetalia's student council president (errr, he was in the game, not sure if same applies in the manga).

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