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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Manga Discovery: Natsu no Zenjitsu

Natsu no Zenjitsu
( The Day Before Summer )
by Yoshida Motoi
This is a story about two adults, a man and an older woman. They meet each other because of their own jobs and their relationship will develop from this point on. Will it develop smoothly? Or will there be unforeseen events? (forgot where I got the summary . . . baka-updates I think)

I don't often encounter love stories involving a relationship between an older woman and a younger guy (and they're not teacher-student). I like trying out different and unusual types of love stories, so I gave it a shot~

And the story turned out to be really nice and cute~

It's about a man and a woman meet one day, and on that first meeting they are already somewhat attracted (not exactly the Romeo and Juliet way, because they didn't see each other romantically in an instant . . . but if it had been romantic, it wasn't that explicitly shown). Then the next day she sees him drawing by the riverbank, and she admires his art so she drops by to watch everyday. She wants to thank him for letting her watch him draw so she goes to the art exhibit where his work had been displayed and offered a date~ He refused at first, thinking that he's not worth her time . . . but he went with her later because of the ticket she offered (which is to another art gallery).
Then on the last few pages of the first chapter, he realizes that she had left her umbrella on the shop he's working on in a rainy day. He actually rushed to her place (he doesn't have his own umbrella, btw) and brought it to her. She scolds him for not using it, but he tells her he can't use what's not his. He had been so freakin' adorable that she could control herself anymore that she kissed him~ That made him fall to the ground and blush~ Chapter ends with her saying that the umbrella is also his~

Alright, it's about an artist and an art lover . . . and both of them are freakin' cuuuuuute~
Aizawa: You're so cute~
Aoki: You're the one who's cute! Idiot!
Romance between art lovers . . . how could I not appreciate this~ I don't care if the romance happened so fast (heck, Romeo and Juliet had been TOO fast yet it's considered as one of the greatest love stories ever told in classic literature). . . . The love story is freakin' cute.

The main couple (together and as individuals) are sooooo CUTE!!! And the leading guy . . . always thinking that he's not worthy of such greatness . . . he's so . . . DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWW!!!!!!!! He's so freakin' huggable I wanna squish him~ He's also cute when he blushes over little things~ Also when he acts mean but he's actually trying not to sound rude~ He's most adorable when the leading lady teases him~ Oh the cute~

The leading guy is obviously my favorite~ He's not only cute, but also an artist~ I really love artists~
Aoki: It's so troublesome, love. Being alone is much easier.*heart thumping and holding chest*
Oh, Aoki dear. Gilbo of Hetalia will totally agree with you on that. Haha! But you . . . are really . . . so . . DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!

It's also slice of life manga by the way. And usually that kind of manga freakin' bores me. Well, this is one of the exceptions~ It's full of CUTE (How many times have I said that . . .) and it even has crack~ It's so easy to humor me! I had enjoyed it a lot~

Moreover, I also like the story/fairytale references in this manga. They had been jokes, but still, it was fun learning about what's behind those jokes (they're only in the first chapter though). And it looks like there's something deep about this, because the leading guy has been observing a girl that always puts a smiling face but had times wherein she makes a very sad expression. I'm very curious on its main connection to the story~ And as the plot/teaser implies, now that the leading couple are canon . . . I'm excited to know on what challenges on their love they'll be facing . . . and how they'll face and deal with them. I trust the mangaka that there's more in this manga's love story than just having the main couple get hooked and be happy forever.

However . . . I knew that it had mature stuff . . . but oh god I didn't expect it to be that exposed. *shocked* . . . . as in, full body, no censor, and those parts cover panels and pages (not as many as the H manga I've accidentally read around a month ago). Bias aside, it really didn't feel like perverted fanservice to me. They made love . . . even though they only became an official couple kind of recently (Pfft! I don't need to be surprised. Lots of tv series and movies have couples that already do it even if they only met recently). It happened as early as the second chapter, and happened again in the third and fourth chapter. I will complain if they do it for every single chapter . . . so far, the first and the fifth one didn't have such scenes (if it happens every freakin' chapter, that's just so WTF!!!!); So if such scenes happen from time to time . . . well,this is a mature love story so . . . I guess I'll be fine with such scenes on such a manga. And actually, the main couple are still so cute and funny even during the times they do it . . . ?! *disturbed with herself*

This part made me giggle:
Aizawa: Have you ever taken off a kimono?
Aoki: Don't ask. I never wore one.
LOLz~Why are they so freakin' cute all the time???!!!!

I liked the manga and I'm following it but . . . I still can't believe that I'm gonna be following a manga that has such scenes.

*very shocked*

oh god . . .

I'm just . . . really surprised. This is going to be the first one that I'll be following that has such scenes.


So anyway, I really liked it, and I find it REALLY CUTE . . . but it's not "shoujo-cute" because it's totally not shoujo in the first place. Young and innocent people are not advised to read this actually . . . please keep your minds pure . . . because it has nude and "making love" parts. And yeah, really exposed . . . illustrated . . . no censorships or whatsoever. So if you can't handly that kind of stuff . . . don't even think about trying it. Even if I don't see it as H fanservice, it's still . . . . R18. I recommend it . . . but please take note of the warnings

Oh thank goodness I didn't download this from the office. And I was alone in the room at home while I was reading this.

. . . . . . . .


*still can't process to her brain that she's going to be following this type of mature manga*

READ: 5 chapters of 3 scanlated chapters out so far of a new ongoing manga
VERDICT: Following . . . .?! *still shocked*
It has a cute love story~ I like the leading couple~ Especially the leading guy! He's pretty goodlooking; he's an artist; and freakin' glompable! Hahaha!
However, it has mature scenes. Really mature scenes, as in sex stuff. So yeah, I don't recommend if if you can't handle it. (And no, they're not just butt naked; you'll see them do it) But if you can, then try out this cute and nice story~ (maybe it's only cute to me . . . but . . . it's really really cute. I've been saying the word "cute" in this post for so many times already. But . . . . it's really so cute!!!! Kyaaaa~)
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