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Monday, August 3, 2009

Axis Powers Hetalia - Episode 28

It's Christmas in Hetalia! Moi Moi~ The Santa Nation-tan makes his appearance of course~

Feliciano: Guys! Guys! Let's build something!

Ludwig: Those are . . .

Kiku: trees eh . . .

I get how they were able to collect those branches and tie them up . . . but where the hell did they get the stars? LOLz~

Kiku: I built one as well, but my design is kinda different.

Kiku, that looks like a crucifixion grave mark. Haha!

Feliciano: They all look so cool~

Feliciano: With these trees, we can summon Santa Claus~

Usual loop had started, expcept for that scene. It's amusing to see that the one on front is the surrendering dude. Haha! It ends with Feliciano begging for someone to save him when suddenly, another unexpected nation-tan appears! No, it's not Grandpa Rome again. It's . . .


But he's one of the most adorable Santa Clauses in Anime History. Haha! Introducing, Tino (I forgot his last name)!

Arthur: What the bloody hell is that?!
Yao: It looks weird
Ivan: *his usual adorably creepy laugh*

Alfred: Ooooooooo . . . .
Feliciano: Santa has answered my plea

Alfred: Of all times for Santa to come, it's during my heroic triumph . . .
Feliciano: Hi Santa Tino!!! You are so awesome today!

Tino: Hey Feliciano! My Santa senses had heard your call~
For some reason their voices can reach each other without shouting. Invisible loudspeaker perhaps. LOLz~

Tino: I already know that but you're still making me blush~

Tino: Since you have summoned and flattered me, I shall give everyone some presents~

Allied Forces get presents

Axis Powers get presents

Everyone got presents, no exemptions, yay~ (They have been naughty all the time though. LOlz~)

Arthur: So it seems that . . .

Arthur: Even if I use an evil chair as a weapon, Santa gives me a present

Arthur: But what's with the curly ribbon and green + pink stripes gift wrapper. It's kind of . . .

Francis: Gay? But I love the gift wrapping on mine..

Francis: There are rose decorations. Roses are my signature. It perfectly suits me.

Feliciano: Mine's got polkadots~

Feliciano: Santa's so awesome that even the gift wrapping suits our personality~

Feliciano: GLORY TO SANTA TINO!!!!!

Tino: There you go again, Feliciano.

Tino: But guys, it's what inside that matters more, not the wrapping. Haha!

Kiku: I find it an honor that a non-Christian like me gets to receive a present from Santa Tino-san.

Kiku: How thoughtful of Santa Tino-san to give me my favorite dish

Ludwig: Why did I get pron? and a whole box of them?!

Alfred: . . .
I am still not used to Alfred in serious mode . . . but he looks goodlooking in that mode . . no complains~

Alfred: A hero doesn't need anything in return, but I'm still happy that Santa TIno gave me a present.

Alfred: Whoa! I think I saw a circular blue in the screen!

Alfred: Where did it come from?


I am so obsessed with Arthur and Alfred that a quick glance of this made me think Tino is Alfred with Arthur's messy hairstyle. *is shot*

Tino: I'm happy that you liked your presents.

Tino's already adorable, but when he smiles, he becomes gazillion times more adorable~

Tino: No more fighting, okay~

Everyone: Yes Mr. Santa~

Close-up on everyone:

Tino: Peace~

Tino: See you next Christmas~ Moi Moi~ Merry Christmas!

I've never ridden an airplane. But the first one I'd like to ride on would be at FINLAND AIRLINES! It's not a plane, but a SLEIGH! And I want Santa Tino beside me. Bwahahahahhaha!

Roderich: Oh, I've got a present too~

Lastly, I love it when the two idiots who can't read the atmosphere are interacting:

Alfred: What's that?
Feliciano: It's a Christmas tree~

Happy to see a Scandinavian having more lines and screentime in an episode~ I also hope it's the end of the recycled scenes.

~ I prefer human names because using their country names would be . . . kinda awkward ~
Axis Powers: Feliciano (Italy), Ludwig (Germany), Kiku (Japan)
Allied Forces: Alfred (America), Arthur (England), Francis (France), Ivan (Russia), Yao (China)
Others: Tino (Finland), Roderich (Austria)


lol said...

Love it :DD Tino's last name is Väinämöinen btw, just in case you are wondering.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what Alfred, Arthur, Francis, Feliciano and Ivan got from their presents...

Anonymous said...

lol did germany get porno magazines? i couldn't read the title, but the music made me think that's what they were lol.

also, russias laugh >D :3

i think francis got wine. I really wonder what Ivan got. he's so cute and sadistic :3

kaede_tsukiyomi said...

LOL Germany and his pronz xDDD

Aaaaw Tino was too adorable >3< <33

Sapphire Pyro said...


Thanks for Tino's surname! Seems difficult to type o_O No wonder I keep forgetting it. Ehehehe

@ Anonymous 1

Too bad they weren't shown x_x

@ Anonymous 2

YES! IT WAS PORN xD Bwahahahahaha!!!

@ kaede_tsukiyomi

Yes x3 and totally agree that Tino's so adorable =3

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