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Monday, August 24, 2009

Bloody Monday - Chapters 58 to 64

I wonder when the hell would be the time I would say a recently scanlated Bloody Monday chapter sucked . . . because it just keeps on amazing me. Hehe. There might be some flaws, but the cool stuff have been so good that they had been ignorable~ heehee

Okay, though I love the recent chapters, what annoyed the hell out of me is none other than Haruka. She is there to bring herself into trouble, mess things up, give a hard time to everyone, make her brother worry like crazy, and other uselessness that a useless character can do. Not that I want her to be the fighting character, or have skills like Fujimaru that could be useful in the situation . . . . but I really think that even a powerless character could be likable . . .and at least stay out of trouble! Or maybe I just can't forgive her for almost having Otoya killed . . . .
Anyway, I guess she was lucky that she had met Otoya's grandpa. The enemy calling him the "final actor" made me have thoughts of the grandfather working for the terrorist group . . . but I think it's pretty obvious that J doesn't like him . . . and totally not possible for J to be working with this guy (especially after knowing those spoilers). So it seems to me that grandpa Kujou is really on the good guys side. The good guys will be in an extreme disadvantage if a high ranking police official will be on the bad guys side, ehehehe.

However, it looks like a useless bastard was assigned as the chief in the third-i department. Everyone's so pissed at him. Haha. I am really excited on how exactly they're gonna make this guy fall down, because he's really really a pain.

Since the new chief is an asshole, they prefer a different person to take command from . . .and they decided to make Fujimaru the commander. Yeah, he has the skills and can somehow be calm in tough situations and he does have leadership skills but . . . . still, this is the main character being TOO special. Being a commander of an elite police group . . . . that's just . . . .whoaaaa. What I'm trying to say is, Fujimaru's already very special and they're making him even more special for having such a position! I would really prefer that it's a different person who will be taking command but is also qualified. Don't put too much spotlight on the main character . . .

Anyway, though the main character seemed to have so much spotlight, it has done one of the few things that typical shounen tends to avoid doing: character deaths on the main character's side.
Poor kid. To be betrayed by family members like that. I'm happy that he wasn't the emo going "I don't wanna die" type. He had been a err . . .normal character in this series . . . and I thought he would be useless and boring until the end but I'm happy that in the recent chapters he had done something that will make readers proud of him. I feel sad that he died. Oh he's so unlike Haruka . . .

As usual, I can't wait for the next chapters! I hope this release speed continues, so that it will be fully scanlated soon! I want the second season badly~
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