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Friday, August 21, 2009

Manga Discovery: Nononono

Nonomiya Yuuta, the new super rookie ski jumping who, as a matter of fact, is a woman-in-disguise!! What will await her on her road to claim the gold medal of the mens-only Olympic Jump event...?! (Fate)

wingstodust had been doing some sports manga marathons, and two of those she was recommending got my interest. I tried this series first because only two scanlated chapters are out, thus easier to finish. Ehehe. But there are actually a lot of chapters (or volumes even) of this manga that have been released, just not scanlated yet. Well, we just have to be patient. I totally understand what scanlating is like.

Anyway, I'm not a huge fan of manga with gender benders, but I have enjoyed a lot of them. In this manga, we have a girl pretending to be a guy to participate in a males-only sport. She not only has to pretend during competitions, but even at the school which is famous for the sport she's after as well. Unlucky girl . . . since she'll be having such a hard time flattening up those big boobs of hers in order to continue pretending. To my surprise, her secret got exposed as early as chapter 2! I'm not saying that it was a good thing or a bad thing, but it's still . . . fast!

Oh yeah, I've heard she's pretending to be her twin brother. (Oh here goes my twins bias~) So that explains the records of failure under that name. Her twin might have sucked while she's a prodigy. Oh talent on the wrong people. Not that I'm saying a female shouldn't have such skills . . . I actually like the idea of a female being extremely talented to a sport that women can't usually excel in . . . but it's just sad that the one who can participate with no problems is the one who can't do the sport excellently. Ehehehe.

So, okay, what I like about this manga is that we have an awesome and talented female . . . that also has guts. Her skii jumping skills had been really incredible (though honestly I prefer watching real people do it on TV that seeing it in manga format. Or maybe it's cooler to watch this kind of sport when it's not . . .static). She seems to be an all around sports girl since she's good in basketball as well. We can't say what she's really like when interacting normally with school friends . . . since she's trying her best not to stand out because she doesn't want her secret exposed. But when around skii jumping people, she's frank on what faults she sees in others, and she's not afraid to do dares, and seriously freakin' arrogant. Haha! She totally didn't act like a girl to that Katou guy.

I only liked the leading girl during skii jumping stuff . . . but on her life with school . . . she bores me. I did like the part when she rejected the annoying girl who confessed to her . . . because it's always fun to humiliate an annoying b!tch . . . but well, she just refused innocently. I would really prefer that she had made a rude response. Haha!

What I find funny in this manga is the dude that can see auras. Wahahaha! Just . . . wtf was that. It's so silly yet his "visions" are accurate and . . . he's pretty funny. Haha!

However, I'm dropping this manga. Not because I didn't like it . . . more of because it's just . . . not the type I'll get hooked to and want to see what will happen till the end. Also . . . . okay . . . the main reason is because . . . . uuuummm . . . .you see, I saw a thread saying that there's a lots of volumes out of this manga at mangahelpers. So I looked at the Nononono section at MH . . . .and when I browsed down . . . I saw previews of the latest chapter . . . and it has scenes of a guy groping the boobs of the leading lady . . . and she's naked.

. . . . . .


I thought the manga was safe for me to take a peek in at the office because I don't see any "Mature" or "Adult" indicated on it. But f*ck . . . I saw it when I was there. It's around chapter 80+ by the way if ever you take a look at it but don't see what I'm talking about anymore.

Oh sh*t . . . .I'm freakin' traumatized.

No, reading more of this will remind me of that incident. Oh sh*t . . . what if I get mistaken for looking at p0rn. Damnit. I guess I should be grateful that they were really little and they weren't real people . . . .BUT STILL!!!

Damnit . . .

READ: 2 scanlated chapters out of 2 scanlated chapters of a 6 volume ongoing manga
VERDICT: Dropped . . . but it wasn't really bad
It had been a nice gender bender sports manga . . . and I enjoyed the parts with the skii jumping stuff . . .
But . . . it's not my type. Simply not my type. Others may love it like the one who recommended this to me, but I'm not sold to it.
Moreover, I had a traumatizing event when I was checking out this manga. So . . . I don't want to be reminded of that. After posting this entry, I'm sealing/erasing those memories off my head.


galimagery said...

Eh, so there's sex scenes in this? Well, I don't personally mind either way, but yeah, I didn't see a 'mature' warning tag for this series either. (But now that I think about it, every other seinen series I tried out had sexin' happening at one point or another, so I guess I should have realized sooner...) I should probably have warned or something in my post. Sorry about that. ^^;

!! Oh, okay I should warn you then, Tetsuwan Girl has nudity and if I remember correcting, there was a sex scene somewhere down the line, but I don't remember it being graphic or anything.


Sapphire Pyro said...

It was more like rape O_O;;;;

I don't actually mind much . . .I just saw it . . .at the wrong place =_= bothered the hell out of me.

not all seinen have sex . . . or at least are that explicit

it's not your fault. ^^;

is the sex stuff in tetsuwan girl in the first volume? o_o that's the one I downloaded.

ah, chapter 2 . . . from some online reader . . .mangatoshokan I think. pretty sure that's it. If you still can't find it, I'll look for the link again for you xD

galimagery said...

........ oh gawd. ToT Damnit! I liked the first chapter a lot but I can't abide rape in my fiction. Well, I'll still read it, but when the scanlations catch up to that point and I find it way too disturbing, am so dropping. ToT

Nope, I think it was the 3rd or 4th volume.

Thanks I'll look for it! =D

Sapphire Pyro said...

That part really disturbed me that I couldn't read anymore x_x

Ah, phew. So I'm safe. Haven't read it yet though. But now I know I will only download it at home, if ever I liked it.

Hope you get to find it xD

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