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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Eden of the East: Movies - Hints, Interviews, Etc.

It looks like a lot of fans are excited for the movie since the sale of the special limited Movie 1 and Movie 2 ticket bundle last July 27 did extremely well. There had been long queues of fans, even though it was the opening day of the second Evangelion movie.

Here's a treat to fans who are dying to see the two upcoming movies of Eden of the East!
Hamaru Magazine features an Eden of the East Special, covering more than 40 spreads specially for the series and its upcoming movies.

Takizawa and Saki standing in New York?

A place reminiscent of New York is laid out before their eyes. The person being displayed from the sides of the buildings is Takizawa Akira. It could be the image of him intercepting the missiles at the end of the TV series. The words “AIR KING” that are put up seem “heroic.”

And then, standing before all that is Saki holding the hand of a man in a suit who is seen from the back. He looks like Takizawa, but……

The Higashi No Eden theatrical versions have continued to spread questions with the pieces of information that are coming out, such as the subtitles of the movies “The King of Eden” and “Paradise Lost” along with this newly released key visual of the theatrical release.

What kind of paradise will director Kamiyama Kenji lay out for us in this theatrical version of this first original NoitaminA series? And what will be the conclusion of Takizawa Akira and Morimi Saki’s strange “fairy tale”?

Line-up of the Eden of the East portions in the Magazine:

  1. Series Overview
  2. Character Introduction and Relationship Chart
  3. TV Episode Synopses
  4. Eden of the East movie 1 & 2 Hints (as revealed by director Kamiyama Kenji)
  5. Interview: Kamiyama Kenji
  6. "10 movies You'd Want to see with Takizawa Akira"
  7. Special Interviews: Kimura Ryouhei (Takizawa Akira) and Hayami Saori (Morimi Saki)
  8. "Stories Influenced by Present Japan"
  9. The Staff behind Eden of the East
  10. "The Cellphone Game Played by 25,000 people All Over Japan, Juiz Call"

Movie Hints and Interesting Bits:

  • The magazine cover -- which is the first official visual for the two movies -- has Takizawa and Saki standing in New York's Time Square. Saki is wearing a military jacket M65, which is the same jacket that Takizawa wore in the series. It is not confirmed whether the jacket she's wearing is Takizawa's or not.
  • They're looking at the 'Air King', a character produced by [Selecao number 2] Tsuji Jintarou. His image was inspired by Takizawa shooting down missiles in ep. 11, and his charisma made him popular among young people.
  • At the end of the TV series, Takizawa loses his memory and ends up in New York for some reason. Saki, in search of Takizawa, also ends up in New York... Her actions appear to be influenced by the Noblesse phone that Takizawa slipped into her pocket.
  • Kamiyama says, "The two meet again at their (lit.) promised place. But Takizawa and Saki first met at Washington DC. Why did Saki come to New York? There's a secret behind that."
  • The movies will reveal more on the Selecao and their existence, and feature those who haven't appeared yet (like no. 3, 6, 7, 8). Takizawa's background will also be revealed.
  • Higashi no Eden is a story about a boy and a girl that takes place in 11 days, but apparently the anime covered only 8 days. The remaining 3 days will be covered by the movies. (Technically there's a 6 month gap between the anime and the first movie, but since Saki and Takizawa didn't meet during that time, it doesn't count. Kamiyama stresses the phrase "11 days that Saki spent with Takizawa". ...I really hope this is making sense.)
  • Kamiyama was inspired by the pacing of the TV series "24" and wanted Higashi no Eden to be one episode = one day. He thinks two movies will be enough to cover three days.
  • "The base of the movies is the love story between Takizawa and Saki. A boy meets girl story. Takizawa erased his memories, but he still held on to the wish to see Saki one more time... That wish of his will be the key to these movies."
  • Kamiyama also reveals in his interview that Takizawa's mother will be appearing in the movies. She is 40 years old.

Ishii Akihiko (Producer) Interview:

Q: When was it that you decided to make the theatrical version?

A: Originally we had assumed we would go forward with the plan to do a 6-month run of 22-24 episodes. In the end we officially decided on doing a 3 month run of 11 episodes within the noitaminA time frame. As we continued drawing up plans the production committee considered things from the point of view that the development of the series could be big, so it was decided to publically announce that the last half of the story would be released in theaters. Naturally, once you complete the story of a TV series once… *CUT OFF* we had to reassemble things quite a lot so that the TV series had its own big conclusion that everything was leading up to, and so the movie would seem like the start of a new story.

Q: Currently, what is the state of progress of the movie?

A: Right now the staff is all working as one to continue to go step by step up this hard upward climb.

Q: What kind of work will the movies be?

A: I still can’t reveal very much, but the story takes place half a year after the end of the TV series.

1: What happened to Takizawa Akira, who disappeared and had his memory erased?

2: How will Takizawa and Morimi Saki manage to meet again?

3: What is Mr. Outside thinking about the new movements of the Selecao after given them the Noblesse cell phones?

These are the 3 points to pay attention to. In the future we will slowly be revealing that information, so keep an eye out for that information…

Kimura Ryouhei (Takizawa Akira) and Hayami Saori (Morimi Saki) discuss Higashi no Eden's past and future

* interview was conducted after a recording of the net radio show Higashi no Eden Housoubu

Hayami: I think we're getting better at doing the radio show!

Kimura: We were fumbling at the start, but lately we've synchronized. We talk in chorus a lot too. It's all because of `Neesan*. I've never done a radio show before but she helped me get used to it. That's how focused she is -- which is why I call her "'Neesan" even though she's younger than I am.

Hayami: *embarrassed* No no no, it was Kimura-san who helped me.

Kimura: `Neesan always gets flustered when she's praised. *laughs*

Hayami: *even more embarrassed* No no...

Characters that give a sense of familiarity

Q: What do you think will happen in the movies?

Kimura: To be honest, at this point, even we don't know what'll happen.

Hayami: We know just about as much as everybody else does.

Kimura: When I read the (tv) script I went, "wow, this happens?!" I felt the series had yet to end, and true enough, there are movies to come... I also got very close to these characters, so now that the weekly recording sessions are over, I find myself wondering if they're okay. Though for Takizawa it was probably nothing but a huge event that happened to end.

Hayami: When it was over, I also felt a little down, like something was missing. I still had lots of things I wanted to know about...

Q: What do you think of the TV series now that it's over?

Kimura: The show was really interesting. It was also appealing in the sense that it was set in a world that's very similar to our present reality.

Hayami: It was easy to feel an affinity with the characters because they're more or less my age.

Kimura: I wonder, in the near future, will this world turn into an "Eden of the East"? If a Noblesse phone actually existed...I think...that'd be interesting and scary at the same time.

Hayami: The series was very realistic. The use of online social networking, Saki-chan helping out at her sister's bakeshop... Takizawa-kun's actions were unpredictable, but he loved movies, which made us relate to him. But I don't think there are boys who'd run around Washington naked... That's still a mystery.

Kimura: There really aren't any guys like that?

Hayami: Eh, there are?

Kimura: I know some. *laughs*

Hayami: EEH!

Kimura: And there are lots who have trouble finding jobs. I know a lot who got katsudon dumped on them too...

Hayami: Are there...people who got katsudon dumped on them, really?

Kimura: *laughs*

Hayami: Oh, you're always teasing me!

Kimura: Looks like she knows me well now. *laughs* But seriously, Takizawa and Saki were crazy acting the way they did, but I felt that they had it in them.

Hayami: They did. Especially Takizawa-kun; he could do anything!

Kimura: I think Takizawa gradually felt reassured that whatever he does, Saki would be behind him.

Hayami: Takizawa-kun and Saki-chan have such a wonderful relationship~ It's like they single out each other. They're not lovey-dovey, but when they need each other, they're by each other's side.

Kimura: And they don't even ask about each other's feelings. They don't tell each other "I love you". Even so, you get the feeling they both see the other as special.

Hayami: That's a nice thing, isn't it. It's not often that we get a series that features social commentary, romantic love, and friendship all rolled into one. It's fast paced but the characters are fleshed out meticulously, so you can really lose yourself in this!

Kimura: What do you think of guys like Takizawa?

Hayami: He's really cool. I feel like going with him wherever he takes me.

Kimura: Really?

Hayami: I'm not even sure why, but from the start, Takizawa gave off this aura that it was safe being with him. I wouldn't trust him as easily as Saki did, but... *laughs* But I also feel like I want to be the sort of girl who could keep up with him.

Kimura: As for me, I like Saki, but girls like Saki...

Hayami: I think there are girls out there who are more or less like Saki.

Kimura: Well, how do I say this... I'd like it if she didn't keep everything to herself. I'd like her to speak her mind. Personally I think girls should be outspoken to the point of selfishness. Not holding out for anything, just saying what she wants to say. Not resorting to cellphone messaging like Saki did.

Hayami: Unlike Saki-chan, I'm the type who usually speaks her mind.

Kimura: Is that true? I thought you were the type who'd smile when you're actually fuming inside.

Hayami: I never do that! ...As a guy, what do you think of Takizawa-kun?

Kimura: He's awesome. He doesn't remember a thing, but look at him move. You'd think he makes his decisions out of the blue, but he's actually a good step ahead of you, it's amazing. I think he was gifted to begin with, but looking at it differently -- if he had that much confidence, then it's no wonder he was prepared to erase his memories.

A manner of talking similar to the norm

Hayami: It looks like there's a huge demand for the jacket Takizawa-kun wears.

Kimura: The M65? I was talking to Director Kamiyama once and I mentioned that the jacket's been sold out everywhere, then he said that if he found one in my size, he'd buy me for me as a present. And he actually DID give me one the other day.

Hayami: Eh~!

Kimura: I can't wait for the weather to cool down. I usually don't wear clothes like that, but I thought it looked good. Pairing it with camouflage pants is overdoing it, I think. *laughs*

Hayami: But Takizawa-kun can wear anything!

Kimura: I don't know, this is a guy who wore boots without putting socks on first.

Hayami: Hahaha.

Kimura: After seeing the first episode, I told Director Kamiyama, and he said, "You have a good point!" and laughed. Well, if Takizawa was shown putting socks on he probably wouldn't have looked cool. *laughs*

Q: Did you talk to the director often?

Hayami: There weren't too many opportunities for us to talk to him.

Kimura: The sound director is the one directing us during recording sessions, too.

Hayami: For the audition, I was first asked to read excerpts from the first and the second episode, then after feedback from the director, I had to read the lines again. But I had my first real meeting with him only when recording actually started.

Kimura: I remember, during those first few recording sessions, I was worried about whether my performance was heading in the right direction or not. Then I happened to cross paths with Director Kamiyama and he told me I did a good job. It was very reassuring.

Hayami: I only had very few conversations with him, but I felt like he was always watching over me, which made me happy.

Kimura: He's not the type to tell us, "do it this way!".

Hayami: He's very subtle.

Kimura: When he guested on our show, he said things like "I think this is how Kimura-kun saw it". He makes us feel like we're part of the process.

Hayami: For Higashi no Eden, we were asked to talk the way we normally do. The sound director guided us, saying, "It's all right to talk as if you're not in the studio."

Kimura: And because of that, we sometimes end up using words and expressions that aren't written in the script. We say things the way we'd say them in real life.

Hayami: I think it also has something to do with how natural the character acts on screen. But in my case, Saki's not reckless; she's very mindful of everything around her, so it's difficult to get her emotions across without raising the tension level too high.

Kimura: I can relate to that. Takizawa's weird, but he turns out to be not weird at all, and it's hard to express that through voice acting. Also, since Higashi no Eden is an original series, I had no real basis for Takizawa's character. The sound director had to correct me from time to time if my interpretation was off.

Hayami: I like the scene in the second episode where Takizawa-kun gets on the ferry and holds out a hand to Saki-chan, who didn't want to say goodbye right then and there. I think it was memorable also because of how the dialogue showed Saki-chan's predicament.

Kimura: I like the second episode too! When somebody asks me about my favorite scene, I always say, the second episode.

Hayami: This series has a lot of moments where emotions are shown through actions instead of words. When I say my lines, I tend to move a bit. But if I move too much, the microphone won't pick up my voice, so I try to not to overdo it. Kimura-san doesn't move when he acts.

Kimura: If I don't move, I can concentrate better on talking. But eventually I feel one with the character, so my hands clench or I stretch when I yawn. It's like playing a game; you go "ouch!" even when you're just in front of the monitor, and you're not really in pain.

Hayami: Each person has a different way of performing.

Kimura: Yeah, there are some who sway while saying their lines.

Hayami: And some stress their words, as if to add an "oomph!" to every line.

Kimura: Ah, I was hit once.

Hayami: Was it a fight scene?

Kimura: No, no. A fellow actor meant to do a forceful delivery, but his hand moved instead. *laughs*

Hayami: Aside from the second episode, what other moments do you like? I like Saki-chan in the last episode, near the merry-go-round when the missiles came.

Kimura: I like the one before that, the elevator scene. It had the same atmosphere as the second episode.

Hayami: That part was nice!

We wish for a happy ending!

Kimura: By the way, have you seen any movies lately?

Hayami: "Rookies - Graduation"! Oh, just five minutes into it and I was already sobbing.

Kimura: I didn't see the TV series though. Can I watch it and still get what's going on?

Hayami: You can!

Kimura: I'll give it a try then. But damn, everyone's so cool! *laughs* Who's your favorite?

Hayami: Maybe Mikoshiba-kun... *starts talking about the story* Ah, I ended up mentioning a lot of spoilers. Kimura-san watches a lot of movies and actually recommended "A Great Inheritance", but I haven't seen it yet. I'm sorry!

Kimura: Yes, I recommend "Living In the Present" and "A Great Inheritance". I'll be watching "Rookies - Graduation" next.

Hayami: I also recommended "In Her Shoes".

Kimura: Ah, that one, I want to see that. Do you go to theatres for movies?

Hayami: Yes, I like movie theatres.

Kimura: I see. I don't go very often. I feel more relaxed watching at home, though I admit that the effect is more intense inside a theatre.

Hayami: But the nearest movie theatre is quite far from where I live, so I have to dress properly when I go.

Kimura: Dress properly wherever you go.

Hayami: I meant not dressing up like I was just going to the convenience store!

Kimura: What do you wear when you go to the convenience store?

Please give us a few words about the upcoming movies.

Hayami: It would be nice if you watched the Higashi no Eden movies at a real movie theatre.

Kimura: We haven't started dubbing yet, and we still don't know what the movies are about.

Hayami: We haven't heard anything yet.

Kimura: I secretly asked Director Kamiyama a small favor. I said, "If it's possible, please make it a happy ending."

Hayami: Me too! With all the things that happened, it'd be so nice to see everyone smiling at the end!

Kimura: Happy endings are great. I can be moved to tears by a movie, but I consider anime and movies as entertainment, so I don't want to get depressed. Even if I feel sad while watching something, I want to be smiling at the end.

Hayami: I also tend to mope after watching something sad. Sometimes, for movies like that, I think up my own happy ending for the story. So even while crying, I can say, "Ah, thank goodness!" I like it when even the most dire situation takes a turn for the better. I go, what'll happen? Will they be happy? Oh, they did! I like the feeling that I'm experiencing the same ups and downs that the characters are going through.

Kimura: Saori-chan is so cuuute. *laughs*

Hayami: No I'm not... *embarrassed* Anyway, Takizawa-kun erased his memories at the end of the TV series, but I'd like to see him get them back AND be together with Saki-chan in the movies! I don't want to see him going off somewhere again!

Kimura: I can't wait for recording to start!

- the end

* (O)neesan or "older sister", Kimura's pet/joke name for Hayami.

*shocked* If the dude in the picture isn't Akira, then who the hell is the guy holding hands with Saki even though Akira x Saki is canon??!! Unless Akira changed his identity or something . . . technically he won't be Akira in that sense . . . that's my guess. But wait, the hints say that it is indeed Akira!!! Oh why the teasers are so confusing . . .
Oh why the worry. Those two only have eyes for each other. Ohohohoho!

Anyway, cast and staff are awesome. This series is so awesome. All these hints and stuff make me more impatient and excited to see the movie already!!! I am so jealous of the fans who could watch it on its actual airing . . .

~ The producer interview is actually from an Animedia (or Animage?) article, which came out before the Hamaru Anime special did.
~ Some portions have been cut-off from the scan, so they hadn't been translated.

~ milchstrasse's post
~ neekaneeks and kinkachou's post


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