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Sunday, August 16, 2009

An Upcoming Anime: Sengoku Gyōjin Dullahan

Another Sengoku era based anime! Epic awesome!

There's an upcoming Sengoku anime, and it's called Sengoku Gyōjin Dullahan ~Kagen no Keishōsha (The Inheritor of the Crescent Moon). The anime re-imagines Japan's violent Sengoku Jidai (Era of the Warring States) — instead of armored Japanese samurai, the story features powered-suited heroes from Japan and various countries around the world.

The main character is Date Masamune, and the other main characters include Katakuta Kojuuro (Masamune's subordinte) and Date Shigazane (Masamune's cousin).

The anime is based on the top winning entry in northern Japan's Sendai-Miyagi Animation Contest from the visual novel creator group Ra-sen in 2008. Various companies then collaborated on a teaser trailer that ran during the Tokyo International Anime Fair this past March. Sayaka Katou designed the characters, and funbolt was responsible for the original mechanical design sketches. The Sendai-based software and video company GrapeCity worked on production and motion-capturing, while the anima studio produced the animation and modeling. The THINK corporation also produced the project.

The official site showed a preview image but . . . it seems to be already ready since the index page is accessible. Or maybe those two sites are different . . .

I have become a sucker for any Sengoku based series thanks to Sengoku BASARA! And whoa, Historical samurai figures in a mecha setting??? And the art looks freakin' awesome and it looks like it's the budget's good?! I freakin' love mecha and it has "moon" in the title *likes moon stuff* . . . . I HIGHLY LOOK FORWARD TO THIS!!!!

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~ chibiko721 of livejournal
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