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Friday, August 7, 2009

Bakemonogatari - Episode 5

Finally the end of Mayoi Snail~ Even if I'm not that fond of stories involving lolis, this had been a good one.
Also, does the seiyuu have anything to do with it? Even if the voicing is pretty different, Koyomi reminded me of Nozomu (Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei) and Natsume (Natsume Yuujinchou) in this episode~

Interactions between Koyomi and Mayoi had been hilarious (violently and pervertedly and stupidly hilarious) and pretty dramatic.
The sexual harassment thing was so wrong . . . Koyomi being pathetically proud of it was totally worse than him being proud of beating up an elementary school girl. And he's aware of it. And that just made it even more hilarious than it already is. Wahahaha!
I don't get what's the big deal of the name stuttering . . . and that's already tackled in the previous episode . . . but making little things a big deal totally reminds me of Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei. It's making me imagine Nozomu is in the series.
As for the lonely parts, Koyomi had shared his problem with his sisters; Mayoi did the same, and her situation had been worse. Having divorced parents will always be a lonely thing (unless one of them had been abusive or something)~

Hitagi's sense of smell is seriously extraordinary . . . to be able to smell Hanekawa's shampoo even though Koyomi and Hanekawa hadn't exactly been too close to each other physically in the previous episode. Haha!
But a jealous woman can do wonders~ Hahaha!
I cracked up on the part where Hitagi had repeated what Koyomi said before (which I honestly don't remember from where) and even added the "Ehehehehe" Wahahaha!

Anyway, about this episode's case, it turns out that Mayoi's situation isn't exactly similar to Hitagi's. Hitagi was posessed, while Mayoi is the problem entity herself, and it's Koyomi who's the victim! She's already dead and turned into a haunting spirit. Whoever has no desire to go home and is close to Mayoi will be lost like her. And the reason why Mayoi had been mean to people is so that they would stay away from her and not be infected with the curse. That's . . . so sweet and touching.
So the way for Koyomi to be able to find his way is simply to get separated from Mayoi. But he doesn't want to do that. He wants to help her . . . no matter what.
Koyomi wanting to save anyone (even if they're not human) reminds me soooooooooo much of Natsume of Natsume Yuujinchou. Hehe.

Luckily, there had been a way to save her, which is by using a different route. Through the route that the entity's not familiar with, they were able to reach their destination. The house was gone though, but the location's correct. Mayoi was able to go home. She's no longer some cursed spirit now, but simply a wandering ghosts. She says that she had sort of leveled up. Haha. But Koyomi could still see her. Perhaps the vampire abilities that was left in him enable him to see ghosts.

Lastly, the moment I've been waiting for! My OTP is now canon! Though the part of Hitagi saying "I love you" to Koyomi was a little . . . huh?
It turns out that she fell in love with him because he saves anyone unconditionally, and no one else had reacted to her problem like he did, and also because she simply enjoyed talking with him (oh girl, just admit you enjoyed bullying him. Haha! And only he was able to tolerate your tortures~). Koyomi does love her, but I guess he was too surprised (and got more concerned on Mayoi's situation) that he couldn't react much. Hehe.
If this was shoujo (or at least the typical shoujo), they'll start hugging or kissing or anything mushy. I'm glad it didn't happen with this couple~ Well, not that I don't want it to happen. I just don't like my couple to be too mushy . . . it gets disgusting the more you see it.

My favorite as usual:

It not only moves/reacts or multiples, but it's also detachable! Bwahahaha!
Am I the only one who's so amused with the ahoge? Wahehehe~

Excited to see the next episode~