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Monday, August 3, 2009

Bloody Monday - Chapter 41, 42, & 43

I freakin' love this spread. I'm a sucker for black and white stuff. And the two prodigies are in it. It's simply bloody awesome.

[ Bloody Monday - Chapter 41 ]

I don't get how the hell the virus got into Third-i . . . but poor couple. They were about to get married and they had to die because of the bioterrorism attack. So sad~
And Ryonusuke has escaped! I think he started running away when some dude tried to poison/drug him. Good luck, sir! Good luck to Kanou as well! Poor Kirishima that he had to take his job priority first over the life of his teammate. But as if Kanou listened to him anyway.

[ Bloody Monday - Chapter 42 ]

I honestly did not understand what the heck Fujimaru's been saying *too technical for me*, but I still find him awesome. Hehe~
The enemies had been awesome as well, to escape in a way Third-i won't be able to track them. Seems that Hoshou has leaked to them a lot of necessary Third-i info. Sorry Third-i, the enemies are in so much of an advantage.

[ Bloody Monday - Chapter 43 ]

Fujimaru's such a genius. I can't help myself from saying that, because it's so true. Haha. And his explanations here are easier for me to understand compare to the previous chapter. I can't believe that my professions is actually pretty technical yet technical stuff makes my head hurt.
Anyway, looks like Fujimaru has found a way to rescue these people . . . . and Otoya had also found Ryonusuke! And Kanou was able to find the enemies even if they used a nice strategy to not be trackable. Exciting to see how things will turn out on the next chapter!