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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Pandora Hearts - Episode 18, 19, & 20

I have been so behind on Pandora Hearts (much more on Shangri-La. . . eep) and look how much awesomeness and epic LOLz I've missed . . . *sad*

Ah, well, better late than never. Jack says hi:

Only around five episodes left and Pandora Hearts is going to end but . . . . it keeps on getting better and better . . . Yay~

[ Pandora Hearts - Episode 18 ]

In this episode, Oz finally meets the new characters Eliot Nightray and his servant Leo. Their master-servant relationship is very different from Oz and Gilbert though. But both have been cute~
Eliot seems to be the type who discriminates people based on their race/family and personality . . . but Leo and Ada keep on saying that he's actually a nice person. And he really is. Eliot had been awesome for bravely saving Oz and Ada when the Baskervilles got them. Leo + gun = awesome.
And about the Baskervilles, looks like Gil, Vincent, Alice, and Break aren't the only ones from a hundred years ago~

This had been a really good episode, and my favorite part is:

And the series is entitled Holy Knight??? Oh wow . . . my type already . . . .
With Oz being the fan . . . more like a FANGURL actually. I can't imagine a guy say "I LOVE EDGAR". Bwahahahahhaahahha!!!!!
And then with Eliot being The Basher, who will be able to say in many details on what makes the character so despicable.
Ah, also, it made me giggle so much when Leo said that one of the unforgivable sins is SPOLING!!! Wahahahahahah!!!! Poor Oz for beign spoiled~ I don't mind being spoiled though~ Ohohoho!

[ Pandora Hearts - Episode 19 ]

By the way, the Baskervilles want Jack from Oz, to ask him where the hell their boss Glen is. Jack showed up alright, through possessing Oz again (this posession thing makes me think of 07-Ghost. The oen possessing is also more powerful than the main character . . . . I like Mikhail more than Teito though . . . but between Oz and Jack . . .damnit, don't make me choose. They're the same person to me. . . . ) But Jack only took over to drive them away; then leaves after his job is done.
In this episode we get a flashback. Glen and Jack were friends, and the pocketwatch that Oz has is their masterpiece; Glen did the music while Jack used it for the musical watch. It seemed that Glen was a guy who's often alone . . .which is a surprise that Jack, his complete opposite, got along with him. It also looked that Glen was happy having Jack around, especially that beign proud of their work is what made him smile, which is something considered rare to people working for Glen.
However, for some reason, Glen wanted to do massacre, and ordered his men to do it without mercy. Jack doesn't want to kill him, but he had to point a blade at him. And the legend goes that Jack killed Glen . . . and that's what made him the Hero of that tragedy. Not all heroes are exactly 100% happy of what happened during their accomplishement.
Now back to Oz . . . he had some character development here. We all know that Oz was the type who doesn't care about himself . . . . and that's why he likes the character Edgar so much because it reminds the character of himself (Most fans are like that . . . fans of characters who are like them.) Anyway, I love selfless dudes, but at times their "selfless" acts are also out of selfishness. Eliot had been so detailed in explaining that. But Oz had a reason behind it, and explained it all to Eliot. Eliot finally understood why Oz was behaving that way so he stopped insulting the guy. Oz was surprised for doing that because he hasn't even told such things to Gil (he didn't need to though since Gil already knows and understands~) . . . but saying it made him feel better. Oh the importance of sharing your problems to others . . . . even if it didn't exactly solve the problem . . . just telling about it lightens the burden.
Well, Oz notices the stupid things he had done and went depressed. He's back to his usual lonely self, being in despair. Fortunately, Eliot was there to make him realize that he had actually taken a step forward in solving his self problem by actually realizing it. Oz is such an idiot that he needs people to mention to him if there's somethign wrong with him or if he had finally done someimprovement. This shows the importance of having people supporting us . . . guiding us . . . cheering us on!
I really really love the emotional/behavioral/psychological/sociological aspects in this series~ We have characters with different problems, and different causes . . . but we also see how they step forward and improve themselves.
Ah~ beautiful life lessons learned in anime~ Really wonderful~

Alright, this had been a very very good episode, but my favorite part is:

I feel like a sadist for loving to see my favorite bishies tortured Wahahaha!

And oh, about Lottie, I like her~ She's the evil bitch type who has a huge crush on her master~ Not to mention she's pretty~ And I love it that she bullies Jack~ And her dress had butterfly designs~ Heeeheehee~

[ Pandora Hearts - Episode 20 ]

This episode is mostly a filler . . . but oh boy what an entertaining filler it is~ I don't think it's an anime filler though because the events are familiar . . .. I really think it's also in the manga. So it's a filler just story-wise. . . . but for a filler, it did show some important events. Like with Oz telling Gil that he won't trouble him anymore by not caring about himself. And we also get to learn about Eliot . . . aside from the song that he had played being similar to what Glen played . . . and even had the same name . . . and both claim these to be their original compositions . . . he had been having nightmares of the Tragedy of Sabrie . . . with him killing those people. If Oz has an obvious connection to Jack, then Eliot . . .with these hints . . .has an obvious connection to Glen, yes? Hehe. Makes me think that Glen wasn't himself during that tragedy . . .

Anyway, favorite parts in this episode? It was loads of crack . . .I enjoyed a lot of scenes:

I thought Sharon was boring in the first few chapters . . . but after learning more about her and how evil she could be . . .especially when drunk . . . oh . . .new goddess found~

we want Oz~



LOLz to Gilbert abuse~

Gilbert is so fun to torture~

really really fun~ even younger ones torture him~

crack roar is always entertainment~

Oh I love crack~

Eliot is the star of the recent episodes for me~

Oh you darling~

Upcoming episode seems serious though~ I still highly look forward to them~ Yaaaay!!!

~ beppin14 for the animations~