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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

07-Ghost - Episode 20

One of the best episodes of this series once again~ Even if I was screaming like crazy when a certain part happened. Ehehe. It made a few changes from the manga, and covered more than two chapters, but the anime had presented it so well . . . I have no complains.
The animation had been so pretty, and the music . . . wow!
The events . . . so intense~ It wasn't perfect, but I got thrilled~The music's so wonderful too~ A really fantastic episode!

I base on the manga counterpart . . . because I'm impatient for subs . . . but of course I'm still watching it. Ohohohoho~

Hakuren was pwned, they were both brought along. But when Hakuren gained consciousness, he grabbed Teito and jumped out off the flying vehicle.
Good thing Frau was there to catch them. Frau was able to wake Teito up, and it turns out that his Eye of Mikhail is being infected by dark stuff that he needs to take it off. Mikhail refuses to be separated from his master though.
And then they got separated because Kuroyuri attacked them.

Mikhail landed on where Kuroyuri and Haruse are. Mikhail's powers had been out of control . . . and Haruse captures him.
Of course I do not enjoy seeing my beloved tied up like that.

Haruse had been so determined to die for Kuroyuri's sake. Of course Kuroyuri didn't like the idea.
Mikhail won't let himself fall under the enemy's hands, but he needs to be separated from Teito or else Teito's condition might worsen. He chants the spell, and when the Eye was out, such destructive power was let out. It was so incredible that everyone who saw it was amazed.
Mikhail assures Teito that he will always be his master, for he is his chosen master, and will await the day when he gets stronger. Teito recalls his other memories during that event too.
Meanwhile, Hyuuga and Frau fight over getting the Eye and Teito.
Teito and the Eye falls . . and Teito tries to reach for it. He was already so close but when the other two came; Frau had saved Teito but Hyuuga got the Eye.

Of course I did not enjoy Mikhail's last conversation with Teito because it means bye bye to my Mikhail in Teito's body fanservice . . . Waaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!!!!

Teito prefered that the Eye was taken instead of him. He wants to kill Ayanami a.s.a.p. But well, to the ones close to him, his safety is the priority. They are very grateful that he's alright.
Teito's seriously huggable~ Two hugs in a day . . . daaaaaaaaw~

Then we have more Teito flashback . . . sort of. I find it cool when young Teito had sort of seen the present him.

Teito recalls a song . . . and sings it~ Frau recognizes it, saying it's a song from Raggs, but the friend of his who used to sing it is already dead.
Teito reveals that he used to be able to control Eye's power while being conscious. But he also sealed it himself in order to not be used by the Empire.
Teito asks Frau about Bastien . . . then Castor and Labrador showed up. They brought a plant that's somewhat related to Bastien, and Frau had it planted in their favorite tree~

Teito finally changed clothes (no longer his mourning ones). Not that he had forgotten Mikage, but he is taking an exam with a friend now. That made Hakuren so touched. Then Frau has blessed them.
Later they meet a new bishop that had taken Bastien's place. His name is Lance and he's now in charge of the examinations~


Next episode seems awesome as usual~ And I wish they put more Lance crack~ Hahaha! I need more laughs, because this one's mostly serious . . . hehe.


I like the black wings on Mikhail thing! It must've been so cute to see him not being able to control his wings while in the air~

As for the others . . . maybe I'll add them here tomorrow . . .

My beloved had been so cute and awesome in this episode. I love him~ And if that is not yet obvious, here are some scenes I took of him~

first time he showed up in the episode~

oh his voice~

he looks cute here~

he looks cute even if how he's drawn is kinda weird~

I love his surprised face~

manga looked cooler though, but still . . . Mikhail~

I love bloodshot eyes . . .with tears~

oh the way he lands is sexy~

he looks younger here~

he's cute in whatever facial reaction~

you cannot threaten him~

whoa! dark stuff in his hand!

it's out of control!

trying to hold it . . .

he did

I think his eyes got brighter in this shot

troubled Mikhail is so cute~

I don't get why he checked up on the guy with that expression

but he looks cute so no complains . . .

noooooooooooo . . .

Mikhail's real appearance~ I wish he was not like just in status form, but like how the manga did . . .

oh those eyes~

eye power!!!!

yay for cleaner version of the previous one




But no more Mikhail after this . . .
*laments* . . . *depressed* . . . . *anguish*
Unless the anime can catch up on the part with Mikhail in chibi Teito . . . .

Oh my darling angel . . . I'll miss you~

As for the others . . . I got lazy . . . this is the last episode with Mikhail this season . . . let him have the spotlight.

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