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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

New Flavors: Those Who Chase the Ageha

Those Who Chase the Ageha
( Ageha wo Ou Monotachi | Those Who Chase the Butterfly )
by Yagami Yu
Ageha Shiraishi has been sentenced to death as she was suspected of murdering her four roommates. In her prison cell as she awaits her execution to be processed, she tells her gatekeeper, Kyousuke, that she is innocent and that she did not commit murder. Kyousuke does some research, but finds that she is still guilty. Upon his return, he finds his superior tied up and stripped. After setting him free, he finds out that he has been tricked, and it was Ageha in disguise. He is surprised to find Ageha can impersonate anyone to the finest detail, whether it be hair color, habits, or even voice. Ageha becomes the first fugitive of the Talsis Prison and she declares that she will find the real culprit. Kyousuke now only has one clue, which is the Ageha (swallowtail butterfly) tattoo on Ageha's back. The chase between the characters involved begin as they move to grasp the truth! (Baka-Updates)

The plot seemed very interesting. I got a little worried when I saw ecchi in the genre though, but after seeing the raw it seemed like the ecchi stuff were just for comedy (and it's not disgustingly perverted) and a certain . . . skin-revealing scene had been necessary in the story. Before it was scanlated, I already knew that I'm going to love this because when I saw the raw, I saw . . . .BUTTERFLIES!!! And the leading lady is associated with the butterfly (for having a tatoo of it on her back and they appear when she's around). It's obviously my kind of thing, yes? Haha!

I'm very very happy that the story's much better than what it seemed. The leading lady was accused of murder, but she claims innocence, however evidences point out to her so much and she's also known for her acting skills. When she was imprisoned, there seems to be somethign supernatural going on because at one part she seemed to be talking to another person (or another side of her) and she becomes very determined to find the real murderer. What really happened is a mystery at the moment. Anyway, the coolest part here, in my opinion, is how she escaped. I don't know if it's realistic, but she was able to make disguises with simple materials. And about her acting skills, she's not only good in pretending, but she can do total impersonation. As in, she can not only copy a person's looks, but she could also imitate their voices and mannerisms. Wow, she's like a female version of Detective Conan's Kaiout KID for me. Awesome. And obviously, I'm so impressed with Ageha; and she has become my favorite character. Too bad she cut her hair short in the end. She was really prettier with long hair.

This manga had been very intriguing and amazing to me, but fun too! The hilarious prison guard (or former prison guard rather) is the one providing most of the comedy. It really looks like this series has a very interesting set of characters; can't wait to meet the others. I'm excited to see what will happen on the next chapter. This had been really really good!

Sapphire Pyro
READ: 1 chapter out of 1 scanlated chapter of a new ongoing manga
VERDICT: Totally Following (But I'm not very sure if I will be blogging it by chapter, but if not, it's definitely under Triple Delight)
The story's seems really really good! I'm so awed with this manga. One of the most impressive leading ladies I've ever known~
And she's a butterfly woman. BUTTERFLY. I'm a huge sucker for series with butterflies. It's totally my kind of thing. Ohohohohoho~