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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Dhurarara - Promo and Voice Cast!

It already is a very interesting story by a great author, and it has an excellent staff working on it, and what's more: it has a powerful voice cast!!! Could this series get any more . . .PERFECT???!!! Hahahaha!


~ Watch it at the official website ~
The promo video had been really good! The characters already seem so fun (You should have noticed the Baccano and Spice and Wolf references/appearances there! Haha!), and we see a lot of action and bloodshed going on already~ And that background in the music!!! It wasn't as catchy as the one from the Baccano trailer, but it still captivated me so much~ Ohmygod . . . my Baccano nostalgia~


(The one with the kitty mascot isn't supposed to be double. I just felt like doing it so that . . . the image would look nicer. Haha!)
It looks like we'll be having a pretty diverse set of characters from this series~ Here's the full cast (or more complete) list:

竜ヶ峰帝人: 豊永利行
紀田正臣: 宮野真守
園原杏里: 花澤香菜
折原臨也: 神谷浩史
平和島静雄: 小野大輔
岸谷新羅: 福山 潤
門田京平: 中村悠一
遊馬崎ウォーカー: 梶 裕貴
狩沢絵理華: 高垣彩陽
矢霧誠二: 堀江一眞
矢霧波江: 小林沙苗
サイモン: 黒田崇矢


Mikado Ryuugamine: Toshiyuki Toyonaga
He looks like your average kid who isn't exactly average~

Masaomi Kida: Mamoru Miyano
Miyano Mamoru voicing this dude makes me think he's the more humorous one compare to the main character~

Anri Sonohara: Kana Hanazawa
I don't think she's the typical megane girl. She seemed a little enigmatic from the trailer. Just a little.

Izaya Orihara: Hiroshi Kamiya
I think I just spotted a favorite~ He looks awesome~ I look forward to Kamiya voicing this type of character~

Shizuo Heiwajima: Daisuke Ono
Punkass dude with glasses~ Add Daisuke's voice, double the punkassness! Yay!

Shinra Kishitani: Jun Fukuyama
I totally love it when FukuJun voices psychos! Awesome! Awesome!

This anime will be premiering in January 2010! I am totally putting this on the top of my to-watch list when the next anime season arrives~