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Friday, October 9, 2009

Quick Impressions: ft. Darker Than Black 2

I checked out most of the shows from this season, most through spoilers though. But still, it's my way of giving them a chance. Anyway, since I've been doing so, why not post spoiler impressions about them? Hehe. I can only cover a maximum of 3 series however, so I won't be posting more of these shows after their debut in the "Quick Impressions" posts. Hopefully xtine06 or ninjovee could~

Anyway, whatever I will feature with a screencap would be the one I actually watched while with the others I didn't bother to watch anymore...

[ Darker Than Black: Ryuusei no Gemini - Episode 1 ]

I wasn't that pleased with the trailer because I find the leading girl very annoying . . . to my surprise, now that I've watched the first episode, she wasn't so bad after all. And my bias has activated after knowing that she cares for her twin brother, and I believe so does he. Twins . . .twins . . .squee~
The story in this episode had been fantastic! It had been intense and entertaining at the same time! I like the cute love scene at the beginning . . .but so sad that it ended like that *cries* What tragedy! Oh the story had been very interesting and impressive~
I like the characters that had showed up in this episode! I especially like the fast dude . . . he amused me! Haha! And yay for Hei who has longer hair and has a beard! Hahaha! But where's Yin???!!!! I want Yin . . .
The animation's superb as expected from Bones. I really loved the music too!!! Oh the OST is definitely something to look forward to . . . and I can't wait to see the OP!
There was some loli fanservice though . . . but not perverted enough to disgust me or make me puke. I just spotted a sequel worth watching this season! Yay!

xtine06 would be covering this series. Please look forward to her posts~ Yay!

Seen screencaps, skimmed summaries, and seen the OP and ED themes (if available)

= Natsu no Arashi 2; Setokai no Ichizon; Tentai Senshi Sunred 2 =

= Natsu no Arashi! Akinai-chuu =
I saw people impressed with the first season, so why not take a peek on this sequel even if I haven't finished the prequel, hehe.
Sadly, it's yet one of those typical beach episodes and I saw faservice . . . fanservice, and fanservice. I don't think I'll last long. I won't bother anymore.
And about the OP theme (I can't find an ED theme, maybe there isn't yet), I like the song and the scenes seem creative and cool . . . I just don't see the necessity of the women being naked. Uggghh . . .

= Setokai no Ichizon =
I have manga background on this so I already know what to expect, but I sure didn't expect that . . . the anime seems to be better than the manga for some reason.
But still, well, I do agree that I'm impressed that the characters aren't exactly stereotypes, but they're still the annoying type. And I find the story or the parodies it tries to show pretty dumb, and oh gawd that fanservice. So sad, the leading guy is really really cute!
As for the OP and ED themes, I think they suck. Well, the OP's so-so . . .while the ED tries to be oh-so-cute but . . . I dunno . . . it looks stupid. And the song got me annoyed.
Nah, I don't think I'll bother to watch it at all even if it might not give me as much headaches as the manga had.

= Tentai Senshi Sunred 2 =
I'm honestly very surprised that this actually got a sequel. Firstly, it's not popular, also, the art style isn't the type of the majority. But anyway, I don't particularly despise its prequel, but it really isn't the type I would be addicted to see more of.
But I still took a peek, and it seems that it's pretty much the same as its prequel. For the OP and ED themes, the ED is okay . . . as for the OP . . I like it!!! It's pretty cool! I love the music! Hehehehe~
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