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Friday, October 16, 2009

DOGS: stray dogs howling in the dark - Episode 4 [END]

Finally! The last episode! And it's based on my favorite chapters of the manga!


Anyway, it wasn't bad, but not that great either. Or maybe my expectations had been too high because it's based on my favorite chapter and had my top favorite characters in it. But still . . . oh well, at least it wasn't horrible. Still a nice job, david production!

This focuses on the series' main character: Haine (I'm more used to that spelling). It also showed how he met a supporting character: Nill.
At first he didn't give a damn when he saw her because he thought that she's just one of those escaped prostitutes that he sees often. But he thought of saving her when he sees that she had wings.
They had an awkward moment at the apartment they stayed in. It was so cute to watch Haine trying to socialize with her (he's supposed to be the anti-social type, haha!). Then he realizes that she actually can't speak. So she's one of those genetically modified beings that will possess something not normal to humans but something will be taken from them in return, like him. Though I'm not yet sure what exactly Haine's defect is, but he's definitely a genetically modified being like her . . .and he had been like that since he was a kid. When he was thinking of this, the girl tried to comfort him but he shoved her away because he has phobia on women. Though he has such a phobia, there's actually a girl whose memory pains him so much. In the ongoing manga series it had been shown that Lily was also like him, but how exactly her loss left him on such a trauma isn't clear to me yet.
Anyway, unfortunately, the bad guys have tracked them (shows that Haine's not that skillful in hiding. Haha! Ah well, as if he'll have to worry about dying anyway). He was shot dead and the girl was taken away.

Afterwards, Haine had like risen from the dead. He changed clothes, took weapons . . .and Badou as well! Haha!
He went to rescue the girl like a knight in shining armour~
He was supposed to be defeated again, but with his regeneration abilities, the other dude didn't stand a chance.
So the girl was saved and she was brought to the lolicon bishop~ Haha! Too bad it wasn't added in the anime that though she won't be with Haine, he'll still be visiting her form time to time. That's how close they've become~ Ohohohoho~

So about Haine . . .

I believe one of the reasons why this was entitled "DOGS" is because of the collar-like thing on his neck. Such a nasty looking one . . .

And about the girl . .

Her name is Nill and she looks pretty in this episode BUT NOT AS PRETTY AS THE MANGA!!! WHY???!!! And what have they done to her character? I don't recall her fainting . . . and she SHOULD have had a strong and angry expression at the dude who claims to own her after what he had done to Haine. She is a strong girl but they amde her some damsel-in-distress!!!! Uuuuugggghhh . . . . good thing I've read the manga first. I would've disliked Nill if I saw her this way first. Roar . . .

Anyway, they're not exactly my favorite couple but they're so sweet together:

Haine is now okay being touched by Nill, even though she's a girl. Since he now feels easy with her, she now tries to tell him her name through his hand. For someone who can't speak, fortunately she had learned how to spell.
Starting from this they have been suuuuuuuuuuper close and touchy-touchy (oh they hold hands when just walking around, she places her hand on his cheeks to comfort him, and so on~)

And for the crack in this episode:

Oh I freakin' love this duo~
Badou had been complaining to Haine for his lack of sense of teamwork. Then Haine forced him to help him claiming that it's "teamwork". He even took the cigarette for Badou to be pissed enough and get his gunfighting talent out. Haha! Poor Badou . . .so abused~ He had been funny in the end too, asking if he can go home already. Haha!

The twisted part in this episode:

Giovanni's a unique individual like Haine, and they've know each other for a long time. Giovanni has some creepy obsession with him though (reminds me of Black Cat's Creed, but Giovanni's still creepier~). He's also been urging Haine to join the underworld. And then he disappears. So wtf. Haha!

Now about this episode as a whole:

I have nothing to complain about the story even if I put the bias aside, because it's just that cool~ But I'm not that please with the anime changes (I'm fine with the parts they didn't include since this arc has been longer compare to the first 3, but not the changes! What have they done to Nill's character!!! Uggghhh).
With the animation, some looked cool, some looked weird.
The animation directing was actually good, but I'm not that pleased with the action parts for some reason . . .
I'm also not that pleased with the voice acting of Haine's and Nill's seiyuus . . . not that they're horrible . . . but still . . . compare to the drama cd version, the level difference is just too big. The drama cd version of this story was so much better! So I'm very surprised why the anime voice acting didn't seem as good if the seiyuus are actually the same. What the hell . . .

Still, I've been satisfied with this episode, though I have to admit I'm quite disappointed. Of all episodes that will be ruined, why the best one?! Uuuggghh . . .

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