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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Blue Literature - Episode 1

Why is this series too neglected???!!! The other shows that came after it already have videos up, but this one still doesn't! And if the raw would take time (if ever there will be), then the subs might even take longer . . . or it might be as delayed as Mouryou no Hako . . . or something worse like it won't be subbed at all!

Darn, I prefer to cover this by arc and also that I understand what they're saying. However, since it lacks love, I want to spread more of it. Hopefully I've been helpful even if I didn't understand much of what's going on. I don't know if I'll be able to do this weekly though.


So the episode started with this guy. Whoever he is, he's the one who's introducing the series and is also giving us some trivia like about the novel's author.

So about the episode:

We see the main character first in some gathering. Some dude is doing some dramatic speech. The main character missed the cue so he had to repeat his line. When the main character finally remembered, he does his role as well. He did some drama act . . . he mentioned something about his sister.
Well, they're obviously pretending. Their actions have been too dramatic, and the two of them have a script. It was amusing to watch the main character realizing that it's time for him to act a little late. Hehe.
So whatever they're doing, they seem to be tricking people and making them sign in some list. Perhaps they're also getting some money from the people they're tricking.

Though the main character is involved in buffonery, he doesn't seem to be that poor to go to that extent to gain money since he's being financed and he's being called "young master" so he's got to be from a rich family.
But then again, he's into vices. Perhaps he's just playing around, even if he doesn't exactly have money problems.

While him and his accomplice are in the toilet, the cops invaded their place. The two of them were able to escape through the window.

Outside, before they got separated, his accomplice asked for some money from him. And then they got separated.
They didn't know that the two cops were able to track them.

While walking, the main character seemed to be having delusions of his father. Whatever his father said to him, he did a maniacal laugh then ran as fast as he can.
I don't know how the hell he was able to figure out that someone's tracking him.
The cop chased after him but he was able to get away. He went inside some cafe.

In the cafe there was some prostitute who doesn't enjoy being with her customer. Upon seeing him, she goes to him, saying to her customer that he's her younger brother.
I don't know if they actually know each other but they're definitely not siblings.
If ever they really don't know each other, it appears she had become interested in him. When the cop was in the cafe, she covered for him.

It looks like she's an actress like him.
The cop was suspiscious of her, and he has an idea of where might the main character be . . . but he still left.
How he was able to hide?
Underneath her:

"How long do you plan to stay there"
Yeah, he hid underneath her skirt. And his face was on . . . you know.
It wasn't his idea though. It was hers. And it was amusing when she had tried to hide him:

His face! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!
Okay, fine, I get amused even with such little things . . .

So anyway, they walked outside and had a little talk. She had been saying that he was cute. She might've been infatuated with him just because he was cute.
However, the cop spotted them!

She stopped the cop and told the main character to ran away. It took a while to process that message to his head. Hehe.
He ran anyway, and he ended up in different place. We also get to see some flashbacks with his childhood:

It's creepy though that when he was a kid, the female servants seem to be molesting/raping him.
What's more disturbing is that he seemed to have enjoyed it.
And back to present, he went back to the woman who was beaten up by the cop for letting him escape. He asked her why she had done such a thing . . . and then what was it . . . she sort of said that she's happy that he's safe. Then the response she got:

Whoa, it was fast. Mature romance sure are . . . fast.
And what happened afterwards:

Yeah, it's you know what. And it was explicitly shown, sort of . . .in the dark, but as if I could take a screencap of it. Someone at 2chan already did though, and it was in high quality! Whoa . . .
Ah well, they had a pretty long talk during and after than scene. I didn't understand what they were talking about unfortunately. *sobs*
And then we get more flashbacks of the main character's childhood:

Aside from the rape, he seems to have some family issues as well, more in connection with his father. Which I don't get.

And back to present, at the end of their conversation, the main character suggest the two of them to die together. I don't get why, but she agreed.

Early morning the next day, they went far away. They took a train, crossed a desert(?), and then on a clearer place they took some pills, and then they were by the cliff of a seashore.
The girl was getting ready to jump, but shockingly:

The main character PUSHED her. They didn't commit suicide together, but he killed her.
And what's disturbingly twisted was that after her shock, she was actually smiling after he did it. And when he realized what he just did, he was horrified like he wasn't conscious when he did it.
It's strange though, because the main character is the suicidal one in this story.
But anyway, it seemed that he had jumped as well, because his body was found by the seashore.

The woman was found dead but he is alive and is being taken care of at the hospital.

After that, there's some surreal presentation of the events that have happened, and also those that have yet to come (because I saw some unfamiliar scenes). It was pretty cool!

Oh I love this episode! Usually, if I'm already so pleased in watching something even if it's raw, most likely I'll be even more pleased when I see it subbed! Yay! I'm happy that this series didn't disappoint me~
I can't judge by the story, but about the art, it's not that catchy to the eyes, but they're still very good. It's a serious series anyway. It doesn't aim to make you stare at the pretty faces of the character, but to make you concentrate on the story instead. The leading character's pretty cute though.
And for the music, the ED bored the hell out of me. I wish they used the characters instead of just a book. That type of ED theme bores me to death. I couldn't listen more of the song either. It wasn't pleasing to the ears. I hope the OP would be different.
BUT THE SOUNDTRACK SEEMED AWESOME!!!!! It fits the setting of the story and it sounded very cool~ I really really like it~

Okay, looking forward to the subs and the next episode!!!


selia said...

Oh, my...!!! Thanks for your review of the first ep. Now, I understand some things better, but I wish some group would pick it up soon, it seems to be such a good series! The first ep. amazed me as well, even though I don't know japanese either... :/
I also like your blog very much! I love that you're always well informed, and it seems we have similar taste in anime/manga :)

wingstodust said...

there's something about this that reminds me of mouryou no hako... Hence, I'll try it out whenever the subs come out. =D I'm trying to not get my hopes up about this though, since this fall's anime has been a big fat disappointment for me... le sigh.

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ selia
Glad to be helpful~
I also wish a group subs it already ;_;
Thank you! And cool that we have similar tastes~ Yay!

@ wingstodust
this and mouryou no hako both have serious yet wonderful stories and have some dark themes but even if the character designs are by famous mangaka, they don't get much popularity ;_; *despair*
I'm worried if this will even be subbed. the raw took a while =_=

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